It’s time for African and Caribbean Leaders to wake up!

I’ve been reading a lot of articles about China’s moves to cement their presence and control across Africa and the Caribbean. While it may be necessary for these under-developed countries in the Caribbean and Africa to reach out to a super power like China for help, because of the history of white imperialism across the globe, it’s also imperative that these black leaders understand that they cannot afford to have an inclusive society with these people. As a matter of fact, there’s no such thing as an inclusive society in any African and Caribbean country. Reason being, these people bring with them their bigotry, prejudice and racism to use against the black natives, and they often create their own society to control the general population, economy and government. In addition, they also bring the danger of creating subgroups through race-mixing, and these people usually believe they are a notch above the black people because of their mixed blood. I’ve traveled enough around the world, and witnessed enough situations to understand the Chinese are following the blueprint of colonialism set in place by white people. We can talk about the development of Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya and many other nations across Africa, where the Chinese are lending a partnering hand, but we must also peel the layers to see at what cost are these Chinese offering help to the African and Caribbean people. It’s too much of a one-sided partnership. No black person should be discriminated against in their own country by fucking foreigners.
Desperate situations sometimes require desperate measures, but African and Caribbean leaders should not be so desperate to invite the Chinese to re-institute a new form of slavery or colonialism on African and Caribbean soil. Our societies cannot be inclusive for many reasons, but the first reason is the fact that Chinese or white people don’t respect African and Caribbean people enough to deal with them as business partners, and they don’t see these black leaders as their colleagues or peers. When you are in need of infrastructure, while you have the resources these other countries need, these people see you as lacking ingenuity and the intelligence to develop your own country and manage your own resources. Africa is not poor, because it provides enough resources to the rest of the world, where everyone knows it’s the richest continent in the world that keeps everybody else’s economy intact. However, black people have had a problem respecting their own talent for so long, they basically neglect to look in their own backyard to develop their own talent. We tend to put Chinese, white, and any other group of people on a pedestal, and we respect their intelligence far more than we do our own.
African and Caribbean leaders have not taken the time to select certain geniuses (bright minds) from their own population to send abroad to be educated in technology, agriculture, economy, business, community development, social development, healthcare, education, and everything else that a society needs, in order to build the infrastructure needed to keep Africans and Caribbean people at home. The most ingenious Africans and Caribbean people outside of Africa and the Caribbean, have all assimilated to the place where they migrated to on their own. Nobody’s going back to Africa and the Caribbean to teach their knowledge to other African and Caribbean people. These black governments are not giving incentives to the Black people in the diaspora to return home. When you rely on foreigners so much, you have no choice but to become a puppet to their rules and regulations.
When the Chinese or white men come to your country to help you, it’s automatically assumed that you are beneath them, and they are there to control your people and the projects they are running. We should be very mindful of their intent, and the reasons why they are offering help to African and Caribbean countries to begin with. There’s always more for them to gain. Get that “goodwill” bullshit out of your minds. These people don’t give a fuck about Africa or the Caribbean. The narrative for most African and Caribbean nations is always poverty. When somebody thinks your poor in spirits and finances, they’re more likely to think less of you, and they’re more likely to treat you like a beggar, instead of a colleague. These African and Caribbean leaders don’t understand that their resources are needed, and these people are coming to them, because they are easily bought. There isn’t enough patriotic leaders across Africa and the Caribbean who put the needs of their people and country first. These leaders often think about fattening their own pockets, and whatever crumbs that’s left after squandering the resources of the country, go to the people, which continues an endless cycle of poverty, and control by outsiders over their people. In addition, when you allow these people to stay in your country, they can assassinate your character as a leader at will, and create a civil war where your own people are gonna want to revolt against you.
I’m in no way advocating that African and Caribbean leaders should not deal with the Europeans, Americans, and Chinese when it comes to infrastructure and development of their countries. However, they should put in place their own young minds from their own society, to learn the ropes from these foreigners on an apprentice basis, so that these African and Caribbean countries can eventually rely less on the ingenuity of foreigners to help build their own land, and more on their nation’s brightest minds, which can create a better cycle of independence and the passing down of knowledge and education.
I’m completely against allowing the Chinese or white people to remain in any African or Caribbean nations after they complete their task of helping to build infrastructure. These people should be kicked out, and their contract should outline the fact that they are there to perform a duty, and teach young African and Caribbean engineers, doctors, economists, agronomists, IT people and other professionals the ropes, so they can take over after their contract is over. Too many outsiders or foreigners are dominating or running African and Caribbean societies. These people usually band together to maintain control of the economy, while putting a stronghold on the people and their efforts to come out of their dire situations. They’re always cohorts!
As black people, we must do better, and we must study the nature of all those people who come to us under the false pretense of helping. There’s no value in trading, if a foreigner can come into your country to steal and control your resources. Black leaders must also let go of their personal greed and selfishness, in order for any black nation to thrive. All black leaders around the world must be held accountable for their actions. Corrupt leaders should not be able to rob the coffers of their country during their tenure in office without any consequences. This behavior is rampant across Africa and the Caribbean, because the African and Caribbean people have not held these people accountable for their actions. While these African and Caribbean leaders are stealing money to hide in a Swiss account, giving the Swiss access to more money to develop their own society, the African and Caribbean people are suffering. When someone steals millions of dollars from their own government and place that money in a foreign bank, they are giving that foreign country access to more money to lend to their people, and to develop their country further. In addition, a lot of these thieving assholes are also purchasing homes overseas. Whose economy are they boosting? A lot of African and Caribbean thieves posing as leaders are imbeciles. They’re not even intelligent enough to understand that white and Chinese people are hip to their game and their greed. They are easily bought and sold, but too often the people they govern suffer the consequences. In addition, they all want to be president for life. That shit needs to stop!

How far can our greed go?

Nobody is content in this world anymore, because most people are following the blueprint of greed created by white people. White people have tried everything in their power to steal resources from every country in the world where resources exist, leaving those people without anything to survive on. If you’re a president of a country and you want your resources to vanish, just let white people know about it. They’ll create reasons to invade your country, just so they can take over those resources.
For a long time time now, the narrative created by white people about Haiti is “The poorest country in the western hemisphere.” That’s the narrative the entire world hears about Haiti whenever Haiti is mentioned. However, the minute this white US government and the Canadian government heard that oil and gold reserves are found in Haiti, and they’re worth over 120 billion dollars, what did they do? They set out to steal the resources from a country they continue to proclaim to be the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Shouldn’t the oil and gold discovered be their way out of poverty? Why are white people trying to steal the country’s resources?
You have to understand white deceit, in order to comprehend their action. First of all, white people are never satisfied with anything that they have. They weren’t satisfied with Europe, so they set out to steal North America from the Indians, and conquer as many territories illegally as they could. They are innately greedy, jealous, envious, conniving, and controlling. The basic word for that is theft. White people are fucking thieves! White people don’t give a fuck whether you’re poor or suffering. They want to make sure they keep you poor and suffering. I used Haiti as an example on the world stage, but we can look at Black Wall Street in Tulsa, OK, as a national example of white greed and jealousy. For years, white people kept telling the world that African-Americans couldn’t thrive because of their laziness, inability to govern themselves, and lack of will to succeed. A lot of very stupid and fucking dumb people bought this shit. However, when black people started to thrive in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which became known as ‘Black Wall Street,” because of financial prosperity created by black business owners, jealous ass, controlling and envious racist pieces of shit white people burned it down. It was bombed by the government, in order to maintain the status quo of white supremacy.
Now, let me get back to the original point that I intended to make. Black folks have no idea what happiness is, because we have adopted the mindset of white people, as it relates to greed, jealousy, envy, conniving and control. A black person will tell you they want to be a billionaire, before they even earn their first hundred thousand dollars. Most people who thrive to become millionaires have never seen $250,000.00 in cash. Still, the greedy mindset they adopt from white people is translated as “drive.” How driven does Jay Z have to be? This guy came from the Marcy projects, eating government cheese. He’s now in a position to live a lifestyle that most people only dream of, but it’s not enough. People like Jay Z, P Diddy, LeBron, Dr. Dre and the rest of the black millionaires, see nothing wrong with them hoarding so much money, while the rest of the world suffers greatly because of malnutrition, lack of medicine, poor healthcare, lack of education, and the list goes on. We call it call it capitalism, because it’s an endearing term created by greedy white people. When do we get to happy? How do we get to happy? We really don’t know, because we have bought into the stressors that white people have added onto our already stressed life as black people, where we’re on an endless journey to conquer all that we can in the world, while leaving the masses in dire straits. Most of the billionaires of the world are white. Most of them are unconscionable people who don’t give a fuck about the fact that a family may wake up today without as much as a bottle of water to drink. However, they want to piss champagne, and rub it in our faces. They humiliate the poor as much as they can, because they tell us it was their drive that got them the billions that they have, without once pointing to the fact that poor people are the reason why they’re so rich. Who do you think the record companies advertise Jay Z’s record to? Collectively, the poor hand out trillions of dollars to the rich annually.
How driven is Mark Zuckerberg? He built a platform where people can come and congregate, while using money from investors who believed in his exploitation tactics. Oh, you don’t think you’re being exploited? His platform is now worth 600 billion dollars. How do you think this valuation came about? You have no idea what data is worth then. Where’s his drive? He built one thing that white people decided to put a value of 600 billion dollars on through investments. He now sells data and ads for a living. Who do you think these ads are designed for? It certainly is not for the rich. White people don’t get rich because of their drive, they get rich because of their legitimate fronts on Wall Street, where the masses willingly hand out money to them to build their empires. Black folks still don’t understand the white way of doing business, so most of us tend to try to work hard individually to achieve what these white people have achieved collectively. No one can earn a billion dollars working. It can only be done through investments and by building different businesses that the masses can buy into. Anyway, why does anybody need billions of dollars? What are you going to do with a billion dollars? Just think how selfish a person must be to think he’s entitled to a billion dollars, while some people can’t even get $50.00 to fee their family for a week? We have bought into the white greed and the white mentality, which is why we’re always going to be on an endless quest for a lifestyle that doesn’t even exist. Most billionaires don’t even know what to do with their money. They just want to have it, because they feel entitled to more, just like white people feel they are entitled to resources in Africa, while the people of Africa starve to death.
We need to step back and think about how we have allowed white people to destroy us and the world. Their greed is out of control, and mostly black people are paying the consequences. Their system won’t work without a sprinkle of black people in the fold, because they need to allow a few black people in, to convince the masses that it’s an attainable goal.
I’ll just leave you with this tidbit: Kylie Jenner is close to becoming a billionaire doing exactly what? And working hard when? Still, Forbes magazine never took the time to feature a real black billionaire in Pat McGrath, with a cosmetic line worth over a billion dollars. White supremacy just wouldn’t allow them to feature a real black billionaire who had to work hard to achieve her status. Instead, Kylie Jenner, a woman with a sexually confused father and former affluent tennis star, and an even more affluent mother, is the poster child for a self-made billionaire. Please wake the fuck up!

Understanding white bullying…

Black folks have a long way to go to understand how white people are the natural bullies of the world, who will push our will to the brink of destruction. We can go all the way back to slavery to better understand how the minds of the bullies work. During slavery, black people were captured, raped, kidnapped and enslaved, while the African nations they were captured from did absolutely nothing about it. We have never protected our women and children in the same manner that white people have rounded up posses to go look for black men to hang, because some white woman screamed rape. As a matter of fact, we have stood by and watch the raping of our women and the murder of our children, without doing a damn thing to protect them. White people see this as black people lacking valor and the determination to stand for themselves. After all, slavery lasted as long as it did in America, because black folks didn’t stand up to fight them as a unit. Modern day black folks are full of excuses, as to why our forefathers didn’t fight slavery collectively. Of course, I’m not going to overlook the psychological game that white people played with our forefathers during slavery, by purposely making sure there were language barriers that kept us from communicating. Still, the common issue was our bondage. That alone should’ve united us, and no slave-owners anywhere in America should’ve been alive long enough to benefit from slavery. White people had done so much to us, it wasn’t until after the Haitian Revolution that they started to figure our there were some values in our valor. They kept the slaves in America from hearing about the revolt that took place in Haiti. Furthermore, they made sure reading and writing was forbidden, so that American slaves couldn’t find inspiration in what took place In Haiti. Nat Turner was the exception to the rule, and he was inspired by the Haitian Revolution.  It took over 60 years after Haiti became independent, for white people to allow black people to join the Union army, and only when it benefited them. Now, just think about it: these white people gave our forefathers guns and trained them to fight against southern white people, but our forefathers didn’t use those guns on them after the war to exact revenge for all the sufferings they had caused them. That pretty much gave white people a psychological edge over us. It’s no different than a donkey who’s tied to straw chair that it can easily gallop away from, but remains there nonetheless, because it has been psychologically trained to its own bondage and restrictions, that escaping is unimaginable.

Let’s fast forward to present time… For years now, black people have been complaining, comparing and contrasting the way white murderers and other white criminals are treated when apprehended, and the way that unarmed black people are murdered by cops whenever they are confronted in a situation. Children are not absolved from the maltreatment and murder. Black boys can no longer play “Cowboys and Indians” without their lives being in jeopardy. Those fake plastic guns have become life sentences for pubescent black boys, while semi-automatic weapons used by white murderous men against innocent victims, are seen as civil.  Many of you can’t make the correlation to the psychological brainwash that is taking place, because too many of you are too caught with showing white people what they already know; that white privilege is above all else. It doesn’t matter if it’s Dylan Roof being treated to Burger King after murdering 9 black people in a church, or this cowardice asshole who was apprehended a couple of days ago like he had just committed a traffic violation, after stabbing a black woman and murdering another in Oakland. The narrative is always the same, and the psychological experiment continues. White people have maintained a psychological edge over us for so long, because they have managed to train our brains to be docile in such a way and restrict our reaction to the way they treat us so succinctly, we can’t even fathom a violent revolution. We continue to believe dealing peacefully with a group of people with a violent history will yield results in our favor. The only time we’re willing to act violent, is with one another. We burn, riot and loot our own community, because the fear instilled in us by white people, keep us from seeing them as the culprits for our situation. In addition, too many black Sambos AKA “agents of white supremacy,” are quick to place the blame on the black victims. The psychological warfare that worked then, is still working now. So we tend to continue to analyze things from a vintage point, which sets us back to the days where our forefathers were sent to the store to buy groceries, only to return voluntarily to their bondage. Mind you, I’m not trying to make a blanket statement about our forefathers, because the Haitians did stand up and fight back, but their descendants haven’t fought white imperialism in over 200 years, to dismantle this new system of slavery orchestrated by white people daily. Are we as cowardice as white people believe our history to be? Only a handful of us fought back, and Haiti is the only black republic in the world to have fought for their independence. Every other black nation has had to pay white people dearly for their independence. Well, Ethiopia is also an exception to the rule.

White people have been pushing us for so long, and been pulling our strings so callously, it just seems like we are comfortable in our positions as puppets and servants to their needs. They can create legislation to send us to prison to serve as cheap labor whenever they want. They can indiscriminately murder any black person they want without any punishment. The police have the right to arrest, harass, and murder us at will. Judges have the ability to impose long and unfair sentences on us at their discretion. Politicians have the right to introduce bills to suppress our rights as human beings whenever they feel like it. And presidents can call us “sons of bitches” to the applauds and approval of the masses. Really, when are we going to grow a backbone? We can look at our history, and we can look at their history, and judging from where I’m standing, we’re only as human as white people allow us to be, or when we beg them to be. I honestly don’t know what it’s gonna take for black people to stand up to white people in a way that is not detrimental to our very existence. And then again, maybe we need to start showing them that their very existence is dependent on the fact that we no longer give a shit about the detriment to our existence, as long as they are treating us like second class human beings.  That, my friend, requires valor. I’m only one man, and I have 2 daughters. I just hope that my valor is never put to the test, because I’ve been a dead man wandering for a while now. My Dahomey bloodline just won’t allow me to be a coward.

Black People’s Strength Can Only Come From Unity.

The demoralization of black people at the hands of white people during colonization, continues to be the greatest obstacle that black people have yet to overcome. We will never be a stronger race, until we start embracing our African ancestry. However, that in of itself presents a myriad of problems, because Africans are not monolithic as a race. There is diversity among Africans. White people purposely kidnapped Africans from different tribes and different regions of Africa during slavery to create dissension among those captured. There was a lot of mistrust from the very beginning planted by white people, and they continue to capitalize on that mistrust til this day. Even today, black people still can’t trust each other, because we are bombarded with  images and stories of mistrust by the media daily, and we continue to separate ourselves, based on languages and the different regions we may have been forced to adapt to, in order to learn a new culture. Before most black immigrants even set foot in the United States, they are taught not to trust African-Americans. It’s the same with every other group of immigrants, none of them trust black people altogether, because they can’t even differentiate between us until they hear an accent. So the mistrust and stereotypes established on behalf of African-Americans apply to all of us, and affect all of us, which is why we can’t afford to separate ourselves and fight in subgroups. There’s so much ignorance to overcome in the black communities worldwide, but our ignorance is not exclusive to any specific group or demographic. I have heard some dumb asinine shit coming from the mouths of the most educated African-Americans, Africans, Haitians, Jamaicans, and other black people, about each other. Education alone does not remove ignorance. As a race, we all have our own prejudices, because we tend to be more aligned with the culture from which we were enslaved. Still, African-Americans seem to have suffered the brunt of exploitation and subjugation more, because they have endured slavery and racism the longest under the guise of white people. I can’t talk too much about Afro-Brazilians, because I have no hands-on experience with their culture, but it’s not too far fetched to say they have endured just as much as African-Americans at the hands of white people as well, based on articles and books I’ve read about their struggles. The racist system in Brazil, and the injustice Afro-Brazilians endure on a daily basis, is very similar to our sufferings in the United States. Black people are murdered daily in Brazil at the hands of cops for no reason at all, just as we are murdered here. The propaganda of “Black on Black crime” is used as validation for the murders of innocent black people by white people, both, in Brazil and The United States.  It’s almost as if white leaders call each other every day on the phone to share information, as far as subjugation, oppression, injustice, and exploitation of black people. As a matter of fact, they did share their different tactics and practices during slavery. The French, British, Dutch, Americans, Spaniards, and Portuguese, all followed the same blueprint to enslave Africans. They fought mightily over African territories for control, which is why so many different countries in Africa and the Caribbean, went from French ruling to Spaniards and British. French, English, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish are not African languages. Those languages and religions were forced upon the African people, just like domesticated dogs were forced to become household pets. When people can’t find common ground to worship together in peace, they tend to be at war with one another for no reason. Just take a look at the Muslim and Christian situation around the world. Even as progressive and educated adults, many black people continue to act like pet dogs, because they continue to follow behind white people in the suburbs, instead of strengthening their own community. We can always blame the fact that some of our leaders fought for integration, which created a delusion among our people, where more division was established. We now have educated black people who don’t want to live among the uneducated and less fortunate, as if those people will somehow manage to pull themselves out of their dire situation without the guidance of the educated sector. When every educated black person rushes to the suburbs after graduating from college and getting that professional job, who’s left behind to be the the example and guide for the rest of us in the hood? Imagine if every slave who learned how to read didn’t come back to teach the other slaves, where would we be?

My job is not to judge anybody, but the wheels of white supremacy is a well-oiled machine designed to force us to continue to do the work they started long ago. We no longer need the Klu Klux Klan to march into our neighborhoods with their cowardly hoods over their heads to kill our people. They do it in the courtrooms as judges and DA’s, on the street as police officers, at the banks as loan officers, and at the schools as teachers. They are killing us in ways we can’t even imagine.  However, we also do it ourselves now, and we’re proud of it. Though they provide the weapons and ammunition, we’re still pulling the trigger. The easiest place to get a gun is in the hood. Guess what? After those guns are used to murder people in the hood, the police departments have the audacity to collect those guns through their “gun buy back” programs, so they can figure out exactly how many people were murdered. Those same guns often go back in the neighborhood, because the cops put them back in the streets on purpose. This is not a theory or conspiracy. It’s facts! Last time I checked, there were no gun manufacturers in the hood, but the hood is full of guns. Chicago has become a playground for gun wielding cowboys in the midwest city founded by a black man of Haitian descent. The United States government can send thousands of troops overseas to install peace under the false pretense of democracy, but they can’t even control the crime rate in a city as small as Chicago? It’s all done by design. Then again, the US has yet to have a peace mission overseas that ended peacefully. They always leave behind more chaos, because white supremacy thrives on chaos. The best way to maintain peace around the world, is to prevent white people from setting foot in your country. Having said that, Chicago will never see peace, as long as white people continue to run the city. In order for us to change our situation, we must all find common grounds to come together for the benefit of the entire race at large. The entire continent of Africa will not be strong without the unification of Black people worldwide. The African-American community will not be strong without the unification of all Black people. Haiti will not come out of its misery if all black people aren’t united. When we are willing to fight among ourselves, and create division based on countries of citizenship, we have lost the battle, because African-Americans are not supposed to unite with Africans or Haitians, and Haitians are not supposed to unite with African Americans, Jamaicans and what have you, according to their plan. They use our own division against us, because united we would be a force to be reckoned with. In addition to the nationality difference white people created on our behalf, we can also add religion, language, colorism, education, and so many other variables of control that most of us fail to acknowledge on a daily basis. Still, we have black people who blame other black people for their own oppression and exploitation, because white supremacy has allowed them limited access to opportunities, so that only a few can be used as the examples of us getting in our own way. White supremacy would not work, if white people didn’t create a way for black people to believe they are responsible for their own demise. Sheriff Clarke, Ben Carson, and many other sellout black people wouldn’t think the way they do, if white supremacy didn’t design their plan to make us believe that the opportunities some of us receive are available to all of us. Can you imagine if all of us were like LeBron? When we look at Jordan and LeBron, we’re supposed to believe that opportunity can be afforded to all of us, but who’s benefiting the most from the likeness of LeBron and Jordan? They build these people, so they can reap the benefits, though LeBron is a different beast who’s smarter than every athlete known to mankind. He’s been able to use his position to elevate so many people. Every black child athlete should follow his blueprint. It’s hypocritical of Forbes magazine to call Kylie Jenner a self-made billionaire, but white supremacy is based on hypocrisy. Self-made is a term used when someone started from the bottom without any help whatsoever, not a privileged child with more than a cushion from an affluent family on both sides. Her father has had the privilege to call himself a woman, and earned the title of “woman of the year,” while still carrying his male anatomy. That’s how twisted white supremacy can be. Now imagine how screwed up they designed it for us?

As a college educated black man, I was taught to feel superior than anybody who didn’t achieve my level of education. They also taught me that my self-determination set me apart from the rest. If you believe that bullshit, you are more than just a fool. In addition, my lessons in college came from a white perspective, which taught me white values and white superiority, while making me feel inferior. By inferior, I mean that being as close to white as possible is supposed to be the ultimate goal, because nothing less will do. My job was to be on an endless quest of acceptance by white supremacy through the different jobs that I may get at their mercy, and the experiences they would allow me access to until my death. However, I also learned a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Once people have control of your mind, you then become a puppet to their plan of subjugation, exploitation and oppression. White people have forced the world to work tirelessly and endlessly to get as close to the white standard of acceptance as possible. When we create our own slang, it’s not properly accepted or respected, until white people come along to give it validity. Then it becomes mainstream and acceptable language. However, while black people are the only ones using that language, it is seen as demeaning. Imagine that? Big butts and big lips weren’t part of the beauty standards around the world, until white people started injecting their flat asses and thin lips with botox and other lab manufactured bullshit.  They have even elevated their level of greed, and expect us to follow suit. A lot of black people strive to be white famous, because black famous is not enough. They want white wealth, because black wealth is not acceptable. They want to speak like white people, because our dialect is frowned upon. Imagine someone calling you out about speaking a language you were forced to learn?  The more you start to think about it, the easier you will realize it’s part of your structure. When a person is structurally built to act and think a certain way, that person also loses their identity and connection to their heritage, because they will continuously try to attain something that is unreachable. We can be billionaires, but we can never be white. We can be famous, but we can never be white. We can be intelligent, but we can never be white. Once black people realize their personal achievements don’t shield them from white supremacy, they’ll be on the road to recovery from Stockholm syndrome. As long as black people are willing to accept who they are, we’ll be able to accept all black people in our circle, and form the unification necessary for us to overcome the obstacles we face worldwide as a group. They always unify to destroy us, so must unify to defeat them.

Black folks, can we talk?

Lately, I’ve been trying my hardest to figure out how to address certain issues that we face as black people, but my vision has been blurry, because there’s a myriad of issues that need to be addressed. I’m learning on the news that a black man who was mauled down to death by a vehicle driven by a white man, will see no justice, even though the white man took to social media to brag about murdering the black man. He’s not going to be charged for the murder of a man he mauled down. That’s just one of many things that I’m struggling with right now. I’ve also had to deal with the chaos that’s going on in Haiti, which is another thing. Black lives are lost here daily and in Haiti, and those lives can never be returned. We are becoming expendable worldwide as a race, but we’re not paying any attention to the decapitation of our morale. We are slowly and surely growing accustomed to being hunted down and murdered by white people, while standing back without doing a damn thing about it. Waiting for the justice department to hand out justice, is like waiting for white people to develop a conscience. That’s never going to happen from a people with a history of being unconscionable.

I understand that many of us are destitute, hungry, frustrated, desperate and lack the basic necessities, but tearing ourselves down is only creating a bigger hole to crawl out of. We can’t afford to dig this hole that we’re in any deeper. The mentality that black people use, to stand up against oppression and aggression from white people, was ingrained into our brains by them a long time ago, because it instilled the fear of white supremacy. What are we afraid of? At this point, what do we have to lose? Have you ever asked yourself those questions? Let me just point out what many of our black leaders had to lose, but they made the sacrifice for their people, because they were thinking long term and unselfishly. Can we be as selfless as them? Let’s just take a look at the fact that Dr. King received his doctorate, had five children, a wife, and other extended family that depended on him during a time where it was harder for black people to even go to school. This man managed to go to Boston University to earn his doctorate after attending Morehouse College. Most of you would take that resume and head straight for the suburbs after getting a job from the white man, and you would try as hard as you can to assimilate with white people, so you can provide a better life for your family. That’s what most of us selfish people would do. However, Dr. King was not selfish. He understood that death was part of his plan, and the great possibility that his children could grow up without their father, and his wife without her husband. It doesn’t get any more selfless than that. We can also talk about Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Malcolm X and so many other accomplished black men who were selfless, because of the state and condition of black people. The sacrifices they made weren’t just for us, but they were also for humankind. Many of us are afraid to stand up for anything, because we have a menial job earning $10.00 an hour, while the white man who owns the business we work for is on his yacht enjoying life. Our addiction to a material life has taken away our dignity. That selfish mentality is keeping us in a state of enslavement, where white people will continue to benefit from our sweat, tears and labor.

As for my Haitian people, coming to the United States, being able to work 2 jobs to attain the American dream, as it is sold to you by white people, it’s all a fallacy. These white people force you to come to their country to work 2 jobs to survive, because they don’t want you in your own country to help build it. You see being able to work 80 hours a week, while completely neglecting your children and family as opportunity, but white people see it as nothing but exploitation and slave labor. The white workforce in most European countries work an average of 30 hours a week. A lot of white middle class families can afford to have one parent stay home with their children. Black people don’t have that luxury. In addition to them pitting us against each other, they created a system where black women are quick to run to them, in order to get help on how to deal with the black man. How do you expect your “enslaver” to help you deal with your head of household? Once the head of household is decapitated, the strength of the family is gone, but that’s another conversation, because i would have to address my brothers as well. If we did right by our women, they wouldn’t need welfare and a system established by the white man to destroy the black family under the false pretense of helping the black woman. White people in America who run corporations work even less than 30 hours a week, and that’s if they work at all. How many times has Donald Trump gone to his resort in Florida to play golf since he became president? That lazy bastard doesn’t even understand a hard day’s work. They spend the majority of their time with their family to help strengthen their family, while they force us away from ours to help weaken our family. The black family is so dysfunctional, because black people are forced to spend most of their time on a white plantation, giving their all to white people, leaving their children to raise themselves, and establishing more dysfunctions than we can handle. One of the main reasons I created my own opportunity to work for myself, is because I grew up in a household where both parents were absent from the home. They were always busy working to provide, and it was never enough. Dysfunctions run deep in my family, but that shit stopped with me. My children are home with me every day, and they get to be reared in the most loving way that I can provide. They’re not going to be forced to act like adults while they’re still teenagers. How many black children are raising themselves while their parents work? How many of you have children and family members in the home alone at 12-14 years old? You have no choice but to trust these children will do the right thing, but what happens when they don’t? Every child needs proper guidance, in order to be well-adjusted, and become a productive adult citizen. When some of us can’t cope with the situation handed to us by white people, because they know how harsh they make it for us, they make available to us, drugs that would destroy our community further. The crack epidemic created by Reagan should never be forgotten. He’s a pillar to most white people. Bill Clinton broke up more black families than any other president through mass incarceration, and even black people want to turn him into a martyr. Imagine loving your enemy? Black people do that on a daily basis, as long as their enemy is white. Not only are we psychologically fucked by them, we also elevate them and applaud our own subjugation daily. Mass incarceration was applauded by black people, without them paying any attention to the ramifications.

The oppressive practices we see in the United States, are also prevalent in France, England, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, Brazil, across most of Africa, the Caribbean and the rest of the world, wherever black people are found. Whenever I visit Haiti, my home country, all I see is despair created by the oligarchs with their feet on the throats of the people and country. These oligarchs are not African or Haitian, and they follow the racist blueprint created by white people to put a stranglehold on Haitians and the Haitian economy. My Haitian family has been forced to assimilate into American culture, because my parents didn’t have a choice. Most of my siblings have never set foot in Haiti, because they are all US born African Americans. Can you imagine that shit? My fucking family is from Haiti, but white people decide to change my fucking identity to African American. Even black people here whose forefathers they enslaved aren’t considered just Americans. This distinction of African American instead of just Americans, is to let us know that we are not full citizens of this country. Some of my siblings are in their forties, and they have never set foot in their homeland. In essence, they are forced to be African Americans, just like our forefathers were forced to accept citizenship wherever the slave ships dropped them off. White people forced our identities on us, just as they did religion, language and family names. Being born in America does not remove the fact that somebody’s Haitian, just like it doesn’t erase our African heritage. African Americans became African Americans, because white people kidnapped their forefathers in Africa and brought them to America. Haitians become African Americans, because white people have purposely made it their mission to destroy Haiti for the last 200+ years, because Haitians stood up to white supremacy and fought their imperialist ideals. No black person or immigrant is here voluntarily. We are living among white people by force on their part. By force, I mean they have taken away all the resources we need in our own homeland and continent, and forced us to seek their shores for survival. If American policies against Haiti weren’t as stringent and racist as they are, 99.9% of Haitians would be living in Haiti to help create a better Haitian society for their children. If white people decided to give African Americans their duly reparations for slavery, which would amount to about half a million dollars per slave descendant, most African Americans would pack up their shit and find their place back to Africa. The same can be said about the Haitians who found their way to Haiti, because the slaves were brought there from Africa. White people are quick to scream, “Go back to your country,” but their lazy asses couldn’t even build their stolen country. They are only doing it to reassure themselves they are secured here, and we’re not gonna rise up one day to cut their fucking throats in the middle of the night, because we have had enough from them. Nobody wants to live among a cancerous fucking race like the white race. However, this fucking cancer has spread across the world like wildfire, and most of us don’t have a choice but to try to assimilate with their neanderthal asses. White people thrive on destruction and greed, which is why they aim to own all the resources of the world at all cost, while the masses starve to death. There isn’t one thing on the planet that white people don’t like to kill, and there isn’t a resource they don’t like to steal.

We must elevate our minds and meet them at their juncture. We can’t continue to be passive against them, and destructive toward our own people. They have managed to use our hunger, destitution, desperation, and despair against us, by dangling the mighty green carrot(US dollar) in front of some of us. We cannot continue to allow white people to use other black people to destroy our countries, communities and our leaders. Our loyalty has been for sale since the beginning of time, and white people have used their money to turn us against each other. How many more black leaders can we stand to lose at the hands of another black man? When we destroy our own community and we kill our own leaders, they use that as propaganda to call us savages. The real savages have a history of murdering millions of people around the world for no reason under the auspices of war and national security. Don’t worry, though, because our ancestors’ spirits are gonna lead the way to the next revolution that will ensue in a matter of time. They may be able to stop some things, but they won’t be able to stop everything. The Jesus they sold you has kept his eyes shut to your trials and tribulations for over 450 years. He allowed them to drag you through slavery, kidnapping, rape, humiliation, famine, destitution, incarceration, annihilation, dehumanization and so on, but our ancestors have had enough! A new day is coming, and the most cowardice black man will stand up alongside his black woman to revolt against their oppression and the psychological torture we have suffered for the last 450 years! You may not understand it, but the spirits are coming back right where they started, in Haiti! Get ready for a new revolution!

White people are the reason behind the migrant issue worldwide.

The migrant issue is not exclusive to the United States. France, England, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, as many of the other colonizers are dealing with this.
Most people are missing the point that when white people go to other people’s countries and act like vultures and thieves, squandering the resources of these countries, there’s gonna be a migrant issue. White people like to go around the world to murder people for no reason, steal their resources, exploit people, and leave behind nothing for them to survive on, and then their hypocrite asses are wondering why there are migrants all over the fucking world. The white fucking exploiters are the reason people can’t stay in their own fucking country. They use democracy as a false pretense to steal people’s fucking resources. These fucking racist ass neaderthals don’t give a fuck about nobody’s rights. They violate our rights here daily, but want the world to believe they are humanitarians. These hate mongers are fucking thieves who want to steal the world’s resources for themselves. Fuck them and their fake democracy! The world needs to catch up.