The backbone of white supremacy are the police!

Becky, Patty or whatever the hell you wanna call them, they’re doing what they’re doing, calling police on black people for the most petty white piece of trash reason, because the police department is their personal protective service against black people, even when there’s no danger. We’ve had quite a few incidents that have gone viral so far regarding white women and white men wasting tax payers’ money and time by calling the cops on frivolous bullshit against black people. These people are able to do what they do, because they understand that white privilege is protected by the police, and when the cops show up, they’re automatically seen as the victim against black people and other minorities. It’s not just Becky who called about black people grilling in the park, and Patty who placed a phone call against an 8 year-old girl for selling water, it’s other racist assholes at Starbucks who can get 2 young black men locked up for doing absolutely nothing wrong. It’s racist pieces of shit at Waffle House who feel they have the privilege to call the cops and have a young man who just took his sister to the prom thrown to the ground and arrested for no reason. It’s also the assholes at a different Waffle House who understand that white privilege gives them the ability to decline to show a receipt to a black couple after they requested one, but had it clear in their minds that the cops would arrest the couple for no reason when they showed up. White cops are more than happy to find reasons to criminalize black people when they are called. These racist degenerates are only qualified to serve as police officers, because their GED or high school diplomas restrict their ability to see any further than law enforcement. Often times, these assholes can’t even pass the basic test to become officers, but nepotism is rampant among white rejects. Few people have paid attention to the behavioral patterns of white people like I do. Trump may have forced us to raise our consciousness to certain white behavior, but these people have been acting this way for a while now. None of this is new. These people can be found in every sector of life, and their job is to make the rest of the world miserable, while carrying on this delusion that white privilege is threatened.
Guess what? When white people call the cops, it’s not just white cops who show up with the intention of reinforcing white supremacy. Many Negro cops have been trained to reinforce every white privilege established by white people. For example: A black man, Robert Johnson, was attacked near an elevator in Mesa, Arizona by a black cop, because he wanted him to sit down on the ground. The initial call was for domestic violence by white man, not the brother, but the brother ended up being the victim, because that’s how white privilege and white supremacy work. Do you honestly believe that these black cops have not witnessed some of the murders of innocent black people on their watch? Of course they have, but their whitewashed minds won’t allow them to testify against racist cops, because most of them are cowards. If you’re a cop and you act cowardice toward your own white fellow officers, how are black people supposed to be protected? We have become desensitized to the murders of black people at the hands of police, because these murders have gone mainstream, and we have been programmed to call them, “just another dead N#gg# in the street.” White people have actually trained our minds via social media and the news to believe that murder is just another thing on the menu for the day. Imagine that? Well, it’s no different than these Beckys and Pattys. They’re gonna keep popping up, and soon enough we’re gonna be desensitized to their actions, and black people will continue to feel the wrath of white supremacy, without a doing a damn thing to stop it. Just recently in Roswell, Georgia, 2 white female officers were fired for doing a coin toss before arresting a white woman. Imagine that? They got fired for doing a coin toss for arresting a white woman, but cops can’t get fired for murdering black people. How many marches are we gonna have? We’ve held marches in pretty much all the 50 states regarding the murder of an innocent black people at the hands of police. If it’s not Cleveland, it’s Pittsburgh. If it’s not Boston, it’s New York. If it’s not Milwaukee, it’s LA. And each time, black folks really consciously played in their minds and repeat to themselves that such and such cities are too liberal for this to be happening. It doesn’t get any more liberal than New York City and LA, but those KKK cops are killing black people in those cities as well. Racists and rednecks are not limited to rural America, or the trailer parks. They are judges, attorneys, cops, doctors, professors, politicians, presidents, weed dealers, and so on. We need to remove from our minds that certain people can’t be racist because of their background, profession and demographics.
Trump has emboldened his racist base, and they’re doing everything in their power to make it known to the world that they are seeking control and power. Meanwhile, everyone else will be victimized, because they believe the cops, or the government will be out to protect them. Is it any different than believing Jesus is going to protect you from a white person who idolizes the same Jesus who’s supposed to protect you? Was Jesus asleep for 400 years during slavery? We’re gonna have to figure out this puzzle eventually. I just hope that it’s not too late.

The privileged attitude of Americans!

As much as the media focus has been on ICE’s deportation and arrests of illegal immigrants under the trump administration, the Obama administration deported far more people during his years in office. Let’s get one thing clear: A lot of hypocrites are coming out to show outrage at what’s going on with ICE under the Trump administration, but those same people stayed quiet under the Obama administration. What I find ironic are those black people that are so disgusted with Trump, but those same hypocrites thought, and still think, Obama’s immigration policies were better than Trump’s. Having earned the nickname “The Deporter in Chief,” Obama deported more Africans back to Africa and more Caribbean people back to their Caribbean countries than any other president, in addition to more Hispanics. I didn’t see nor hear any outrage coming from black people in support of those black men and women who were forced to abandon their families here. It was okay because Obama’s half black, right? GTFOH! This bullshit hypocrisy and mentality adopted from white people by black people, speak volume of the level of ignorance that black people display in their daily lives.
Black folks are no better than racist whites, as it relates to immigration. Back when I was a kid, anybody with a strong foreign accent was told to go back to Africa, no matter where they were from. Children said it to other children, and grown ass fucking adults said it to other adults. Mocking people’s accent in the hood was the most convenient joke, and still is the most convenient joke for a lot of ignan’t ass black people. We’re screaming, hollering and going out of our minds over Trump’s abhorring plan of separating children from their parents, but the same thing took place under Obama.The children may not have been placed in cages, but their parents were removed from their lives. There are many fathers across Africa and the Caribbean who have not seen their children in years, because they were deported by Obama. I didn’t hear any cries then, and I don’t want to hear your fucking cries now. Black people may not be in a position to be racist, but some of them are the most ignorant fucking prejudice assholes on this planet. Black unity will never happen because the brainwashed minds of these “white people” in black skin, will never allow black people to unite. On too many occasions I have heard and witnessed black people from foreign countries berated by Black American assholes who feel they are privileged because they were born in America. These scumbags are no better than the most vile racists. When you think calling someone “African Bush Boogie, Fucking Haitian, Fucking Jamaican, or what have you,” is funny because of their accent, you are no fucking better than a white person calling you a “Nigger.” We make fun of Mexicans, too, because it makes us feel better to believe the Mexicans are here to take jobs away from us. Well, the avocado industry in California is struggling because they can’t find workers due to new immigration policies. The same shit happened under Obama. How about you go and show up the Mexicans who were willing to do that work? GTFOH with your prejudice bullshit about foreigners taking jobs away from you. Over half of America, whether black or white, aren’t as hardworking as foreign workers. And most of you wouldn’t do the jobs that Mexicans and other foreign nationals will do. Farmers in this country have lost billions of dollars in the past few years, because they couldn’t find anybody to pick their fucking oranges, tomatoes and other crops that you lazy fucks are too lazy to do.
Trump is grandstanding on the overall morality of most Americans. Too many of you think you’re fucking better than everybody else. Those same children that most of you are showing compassion for publicly now, are the same children who would be in the field with their parents picking oranges and other crops at a young age, and most of you have kept your mouths shut about that. GTFOH with your pity for these kids. You never cared about anybody but your privileged American asses. Black people are upset that white privilege treats them like shit, but many black people can’t wait to use their American privilege to treat other foreigners like shit. You all are a bunch of hypocrites with fogged up mirrors that prevent you to see the real person that you are on a daily basis. Yeah, Trump is a fucking asshole, but so was Obama, and millions of you who treat immigrants like shit every day, and blame them for your failures, because your lazy asses aren’t willing to do the job that they put their pride aside to do, in order to secure a better future for their families. You can learn a lot from the immigrants, but you must get off your high horse first!

Trust and Loyalty…

What do most black people know about trust and loyalty? Basically nothing!

Please allow me to elaborate… All relationships are built on trust and loyalty. Without trust and loyalty, there’s also no unity. As a race, black people have been duped so much by white people in every capacity and aspect of our lives, we never get a chance to experience trust and loyalty. White people have never been loyal to us, and they have violated our trust from the beginning of time. The police are supposed to protect us, but they murder us for no reason. The banks are supposed to help make our lives better by giving us the opportunity to purchase a home and provide security for family through hard work, but they only offer predatory loans, so they can take our house back after a few years. The justice department is supposed to hand out justice in a fair way, but there’s a discrepancy in sentencing and honesty in black arrests and convictions. All those things that white people supposedly claim they provide in a fair and balanced way, is undermined by white privilege. White people have screwed us royally and psychologically to no end. Our demise as a people started with slavery when our forefathers in Africa didn’t stand up to white tyranny.   How can a group of people unite when they don’t even trust one another, and have no loyalty to their own race? We can trace this predicament all the way back to slavery when white people pinned black people against each other, by kidnapping different tribes from different regions in Africa who couldn’t communicate with one another, because of language barriers. That’s just one aspect of it. We can also look at the House Negro versus the Field Negro, established perfectly by white people. We still have house Negroes today who feel that Trump is a great president. Kanye is not as much of an anomaly as most of us would like to believe. Sheriff Clarke and many others who aren’t as popular, support Trump privately. This stigma of “blind Negro syndrome” has very much to do with religion as well. However, I don’t want my blog to be about the way  white people have masterfully destroyed the black family and the black community. I want us to be aware of the changes we need to make, in order to build trust and loyalty among ourselves.

In personal relationships, we all become vulnerable at one point in time, because we are often meeting a stranger, and most often we have no idea where the stranger is coming from, or his/her intentions. You can’t trust somebody without becoming vulnerable first. In rare cases, many of us have managed to develop loving and amorous relationships with people we’ve known all our lives, who also grew up in the same community with us. That used to be how most couples met. The marriage rate was also much higher then, in the black community. We’d find a girl or a boy in the neighborhood that we start developing a crush on during our pubescent years, and if she/he feels the same way, a relationship usually ensues when we get a little older. The high school sweetheart most often ended up being the wife back then.  Those relationships with someone you grew up with, stand a better chance to last a lifetime, because we have been there all along to watch that person develop and grow in a way conducive to the reasons why we want to spend our lifetime with them. Still, it doesn’t mean that loyalty and trust aren’t tested in those relationships either. Too often couples outgrow each other intellectually, professionally and morally. Nowadays, we have even more of a difficult time developing relationships, because we are often attracted to strangers who move from one city to another, or one state to the next, and once they get there, they have the opportunity to create a new identity. By creating a new identity, I don’t mean that someone necessarily has to change his/her name, but there are certain characteristics a person can change about his/herself to attract the opposite sex that they couldn’t do around people who know them well. Most people move around nowadays, so that also gives them an opportunity to start fresh. The neighborhood dog or slut could become wholesome again in a new city. When you take into consideration online dating, there’s always potential for total failure in a relationship. There are so many fake characters on social media, sometimes I laugh when I see someone I know displaying a persona that I have no idea where it came from. It’s social media and everybody gets to become that person they always wanted to be, even when they’re not.

It’s bad enough that white folks created a wedge among us that has kept us from uniting for many centuries, but now we also have to deal sometimes with narcissistic people who can’t live up to the persona they have created, in order to gain someone’s love, trust and loyalty in a relationship.  Do people lie in general? Of course! However, there are plenty of people who have become so comfortable with lying, their pathology is accepted and normal to them. Trump lies on a daily basis, and millions of people have accepted his lies. Obama lied as well, and many of the other former presidents lied. From the time I was a kid, there has always been some kind of security threat against the US, but I have yet to see a security breach on US soil, except for the one orchestrated on 9/11. We have invaded many countries under the false pretense of security threat, and millions of innocent people have loss their lives. The US government has been lying to us since the beginning of time. Most Americans tend to rally behind them whenever they decide they want to murder a million people or two, under the false pretense of security threats. Our young men and women, whether black, Asian, Hispanic or white, are just too eager to join the Armed Forces to show their patriotism. They go overseas to risk their lives for a bunch of rich assholes who continue to drive the false narrative of National Security threat. You see, we have grown so much to accept living with the lies that shape our daily lives, we decided to elect the ultimate liar in Trump. Clinton also swore he never had sex with that woman, until Monica Lewinsky gave the world her dress stained with his semen as a memento. It is what it is. Many leaders around the world have been decapitated and assassinated under false pretenses and lies. I’m still baffled by the fact that Americans feel the Middle East is a threat to our country. We created Bin Laden, ISIS, and every other group that this government has told us is a threat to our national security. We funded, armed  and trained most of them. Many of us know this, but we don’t stand up to do anything about it. If all this is taking place around us, how in the world are we supposed to build trust in our personal relationships? The failed marriage rate is high in the black community because of lies, mistrust and disloyalty. You noticed I didn’t say divorce rate, right? That’s because there are just as many failed marriages in the black community as there are divorces. Many black couples never divorce, and they accept to live in a dysfunctional environment, sometimes for the sake of their children, and other times for financial reasons. Their children often grow up with those dysfunctions they are exposed to, and manage to normalize them in their own lives as adults. There are thousands of married couples living under the same roof that are dating and sleeping with other people.

Here’s the kicker, though: Black folks tend to associate money with happiness, a better upbringing, honesty, trust and loyalty. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You really believe a successful doctor or lawyer can’t be crooked? How do you explain so many of them behind bars or getting disbarred for doing illegal shit? Morality has nothing to do with intelligence. There are plenty intelligent people out there who lack morals, just as there are plenty high moral people out there who lack intelligence. Black people, though, face the most difficult obstacles when it comes to building trust and loyalty in a relationship. We don’t even trust our own enough to support them in business, clean up our own neighborhood, demand more from the teachers in our schools, and to make sure our politicians are held to the job they are elected to do on our behalf, and that attitude is often carried into our personal relationships. At night, while walking in any black neighborhood, if we see a group of young black people, we are often scared for no damn reason, and are usually looking for escape routes in our minds, way before a confrontation even takes place. We grow suspicious of one another so much, it takes away the energy needed to build trust with each other. Most of us, at one point in our lives, have experienced a broken heart, where someone violated our trust and was disloyal when we didn’t think it was possible. That one experience and situation alone can scar us for the rest of our lives. Some people develop insecurities that usually build them into the most pathological liars. And some people just want to be able to trust and let go. These are all difficult situations for people, but where do we start to develop trust and loyalty in the black community? I’m asking, because I don’t have the answers.