The great awakening will happen!

It’s no secret that many of us grew up in a household with single moms, Jesus, grandmothers who raised us, blended families, or families where an evil stepparent almost forced some of us to catch a case. Whether we see our situation as dysfunctional or normal, most people certainly weren’t too happy watching their single mother struggle to make ends meet. No one wanted to be raised by a grandmother who was forced to take on the role of parent for their grandchildren. Even more people harbor ill feelings for not knowing their father, or having a father figure in their lives altogether. Having said this, why do we have such a difficult time righting the wrongs in our lives, so our own children won’t repeat them?
There’s plenty of blame to go around when it comes to black family dysfunction. We can start by putting it all on the colonizers who split the black family during slavery for their own benefit. Black men never developed a sense of commitment to their family, because white people would purposely make certain the family unit was broken, because a strong family unit instilled fear in many white people. There were male slaves who stood up for their “baby mama’s” (they weren’t allowed to marry) and children. Many black men lost their lives while defending their families during slavery, which is why the family was often broken to create detachment. Even more women stood up and risked their lives for the men in their lives. Some even allowed massa to continuously rape them, so they could protect the black men they loved. Anyway, highlighting all of this information makes no difference, because a lot of black people are still waiting for Jesus to come back and save them. It’s as if Jesus pulled the wool over his eyes for 400 years, while black people were in bondage. In addition, black folks see absolutely nothing wrong worshiping the same God as their colonizers. We have so many racist assholes in the Christian church telling the world Trump was god sent, it’s almost unbelievable that 100% of black people in this country have not turned atheist since Trump’s election. If Trump was God sent, according to these racist bastards, you all need to run as far away from Jesus as possible.
Anyway, I say all this to say that we need to do a better job evaluating ourselves, condition, and our situation. Otherwise, we’ll continue to live in a cycle of poverty, dysfunction, destruction, puppetry, foolery, exploitation by others, darkness, and anything else that you can think that would limit the growth of the black family.
Black men know that most of their single mothers struggled to raise them alone, but they grow up repeating the same mistakes that their absent fathers did. They get angry at black women for getting pregnant, and some of them don’t wanna take on the responsibility of being a father to their child, and help support their child’s mother. Black women also know what it’s like for a single woman to raise a child alone, in addition to knowing what it’s like to not have a father in their lives, but yet, many black women grow up to allow themselves to get pregnant by men who don’t want to be with them, or be around for their children. The best thing you have working for you is time. Time always reveals the true character of everyone. Furthermore, a lot of black women are allowing certain men to make them one of many baby mamas without any financial or emotional support for them and their children. You can’t blame anybody but yourself, if you end up being baby mam # 4 or 5. We have to address these issues. It’s not a blame game, it’s reality. We have to look at our lives and see what it is that made it good or bad. We must take the good for what it’s worth, and discard the bad from lingering into our family tree for generations. All bad cycles must be broken, but it takes personal responsibility to change that. We can’t get mad about issues that adversely affect our lives. We have to deal with those issues head on. When a mother tells a young boy, “you’re just like your bum ass father,” that boy will most likely believe his behavior is inherited, and he’ll try very little to try to change that behavior. We must be conscious of the things we say to our kids. No little girl is born “too hot to trot,” but people often refer to little girls as that, because of the possible behavior of their mothers, as opposed to trying to curb that behavior.
There are a lot of bad habits we have not dropped since slavery, and the colonizers capitalize on them, because they enforced those poor values into our forefathers. Christianity was beaten into our forefathers, but most of us can’t seem to shake off Christianity. If the Christian God that loves all people continue to allow white people to do what they’re doing to black people around the world, you need to start questioning your Christian God. It’s just commonsense. Whenever I meet someone I feel who’s intelligent, starts talking about Jesus, I often think it erases everything that I held in high regards about that person, not because they are stupid, but because they are blinded by a God sold to their forefathers years ago by a group of con artists who wanted to dominate them at all cost, which erases their logical sense. We have to put a microscope on the problems that we face in the black community, before we can come up with solutions to for them.
Jesus is not even proactive when it comes to protecting his black followers who pray to him and whispers his name every chance they get. They even call out God in the bedroom, when a man is making them feel proper. It’s all out of habit, though.
No killer should be able to walk into a church to murder 9 people, if almighty God is really mighty and stronger than all forces. 4 little girls should not be killed in a church bombing, if almighty God has all the power that white people have sold you that he has. A Christian reverend like Dr. King should not be shot dead by an assassin’s bullet if his Christian God was proactive and protective. Most of us are raised in a dysfunctional way, with dysfunctional habits, but too many of us are allowing these functions to become the norm. We must question things and start changing our situation. Who benefits from religion? Take a look at religion on a global scale, and ask yourself, how do I benefit from this shit? Check out the Vatican’s net worth and other Christian organizations and pastors, tell me who really benefits from the bullshit they’re selling to you? White people made “Thou shall not kill” one of the 10 commandments in the bible, but these assholes murder people around the world everyday. If you’re okay with hypocrisy, go ahead, continue to pray to their fictitious God. However, if you’re an intelligent human being with a mind of your own, you will question why they have sold you on so many religious bullshit that they don’t even practice themselves.
I’m not saying religion has not salvaged some souls, but that’s only because those people have no personal willpower. No one but you can change you. No book written has the power to change anybody. However, when you start looking within for the answers, it’s very easy to change your path to benefit your self-growth. A drug addict most often lacks willpower and self control, so he believes a therapist can be trained to control his mind to stop him from using drugs. It’s all bullshit, but it works for the weak-minded who lacks willpower. How can somebody else teach you to stop a destructive behavior? How many praying mothers lost their children to gun violence? Jesus couldn’t prevent those murders from happening to begin with, especially when the cops are wrong? When 2 boxers step in the ring and get on their knees to pray before a fight, does Jesus pick the one with the stronger prayer? Hell no! The most skilled fighter always wins, even when he doesn’t pray. How many praying victims we saw step in the ring with Mayweather? As a matter of fact, he beat the living Jesus out of Manny Pacquiao who’s a pastor.
Black folks, we simply need to wake up.

Black people like to talk about change, but they don’t really want to fight for the change they want.

I was reading an article on the new morning show on ESPN called “Get UP,” anchored by Mike Greenberg, Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose. As I read the article I was annoyed. It stated that Mike Greenberg is earning a 6.5 million dollars a year for co-hosting the show. Michelle Beadle is paid 5 million dollars a year as another host. And Jalen Rose earns less than half of Grennberg’s  salary, at 3 million dollars a year, as the third co-host. Having watched the show a couple of times, I can honestly say Jalen’s analysis of anything related to sport is always the most informative and the most entertaining. After all, he was hired to be part of the show, because he had demonstrated his ability to analyze sports. Michelle Beadle is more like a pretty face added for diversity and a woman’s opinion. I can’t, off the top of my head, recall where she came from or what she has done. Greenberg tries to bring that “Je ne sais quois” from his previous show, “Mike and Mike,” but it’s not working for that particular format. The formula seems disastrous, and I doubt the show will last. With the dismal viewership, it’s on its last legs. Still, I’m perturbed by the fact that Jalen Rose accepted such a low salary, compared to his co-host. Based on experience alone, as a former athlete and a sportscaster since his retirement from the NBA, he’s the most qualified for the highest salary. If this isn’t blatant racism, I don’t don’t what is. It doesn’t matter who negotiated his contract, the black guy has been shortchanged, and he’s accepted it. Whether Jalen was just happy to get a job, I have no idea, but moves like these set the precedence for white companies to continue to exploit black talent. I wasn’t satisfied researching just one particular show, so I dug a little deeper, and went to research the salaries of the talent on a few more shows on television, to see if there was a huge discrepancy between white and black employees’ salaries. Upon further investigation, I noticed, Lester Holt, the host of NBC’s evening news, who replaced disgraced journalist, “Lying Brian” Williams, is actually earning less than half the salary Williams earned, doing the exact same job. Williams earned 10 million dollars a year as the anchor of NBC’s evening news, while Lester Holt is only paid 4.5 million dollars a year.  It’s been 3 years since Williams’ departure/termination from the show, and NBC is still refusing to pay Lester Holt a just salary. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles are now discussing how they can see this form of Racism from NBC, while the execs at NBC who feel protected by white supremacy, see nothing wrong with it. I know the federal employment laws prohibit salary discrimination based on race gender and age, but how come Holt has not hired an attorney to fight NBC on this? It’s just another case of a black man happy that a white company gave him a high salaried job, even though he’s slighted. Here’s another atrocious case that I found; Hoda Kobt has been the host of NBC’s Today Show since sexual predator and deviant, Matt Lauer, was fired by NBC. Hoda Kobt is paid a salary of 7 million dollars a year for her new position as the lead anchor of the morning show. However, she’s being slighted to the tune of 18 million dollars a year, compared to the 25 million dollars a year despicable misogynist Lauer earned. Isn’t NBC being sexist, racist and supported misogyny all at the same time?

I say all this to say, too many black people aren’t willing to fight the system to change things for their successor. As the predecessors for the next generation, they are leaving the door wide open for young black professionals to continue to be exploited by the racist white system. The examples I just gave are of people who earn millions of dollars, so they definitely have the means to file lawsuits for discrimination against their employer. Imagine the number of  black engineers, accountants, managers, and other professional black people with regular salaries that are shortchanged in the business world everyday? I’m sure many of them aren’t saying anything either, because their survival is dependent on the decision these white people make on their behalf, regarding how much they should earn and how much their self-esteem and talent is worth, in spite of their education and experience in their fields.  Now, I haven’t even compared the salaries of some of the garbage white athletes who can’t even compete at a professional level, who earn more money than the black athletes whose skill levels far exceed what a white athlete couldn’t even achieve while on steroids.  These black people who get exploited often accept their fate, without realizing the impact it’s going to have on the generation coming up behind them. Believe it or not, I went through that crap as well before I started my own business. However, I did not take it lying down. I knew my rights, my worth, my ability, my experience, my level of education, and what I deserved. At the end of the day, I realized I was worth a lot more working for myself, than some racist organization who wanted to exploit my skills and talent. I’m not advocating that everyone should do what I did, but I am saying that these cowardice black people should pursue every legal avenue possible to make sure the playing fields are leveled for the next generation of up-and coming black professionals. When you sit idly by and do nothing about a situation that affects your group in society, you might as well have the whip in your hand, and take on the role of overseer for the slave master who handpicked you for your position that you are satisfied with, even though you are worth way more than they’re paying you.

This is not an attack on black professionals, but I’m sounding the alarm for their lack of action to change a situation where they are protected by existing laws, and have the means to go to battle with these companies to remedy a racist practice that will affect the next generation in the worse way. The issues that black people face on so many levels are insurmountable, but if we have so many black folks adjusting to the abuse, and growing content with the crumbs that are provided to them, our great grandchildren will be complaining about the same things, just as we are still complaining about the same issues brought to the forefront by Frederick Douglas, James Baldwin, Malcolm X, Dr. King, W. E.B. DuBois, Richard Wright, Heuy Newton, Eldrige Cleaver, Marcus Garvey, Toussaint L’Ouverture and so many other black leaders. These people put their lives and careers on the line to make things better for us, but now black people have grown so comfortable in their marginalized position by white people, they see no need to fight for the African race anymore.

The insignificance of black people and black lives

As the white imperialists battle for supreme power among them around the world, very little attention or acknowledgement is given to the existence of black people in Africa, the US, Brazil and the Caribbean. Africa is not even offered a seat at the table, because Africans decided long ago it wasn’t worth it to fight white people for validation as their equal. Many of us have no choice but to claim the country or region where our forefathers were enslaved. As I place my magnifying glass on the insurmountable issues black people are facing worldwide, I’m realizing how exhausting it is to be black, but it’s especially exhausting, when you’re black and conscious. At the world summit, African leaders present are just a mere gesture from the imperialists to show the world Africa is taken into consideration. There’s no military might in any country in Africa. Africans can’t defend themselves against Nuclear bombs. They don’t even have the right to have a strong army, much less develop Nuclear weapon to defend their children against white aggression. It’s not as if we don’t know their history toward the continent and black people. The entire continent has been robbed at ‘Whitepoint,” meaning the white vultures from all over the world colluded to squander the resources of Africa, and the African people have to live with the perils of their cowardice and weak leaders who didn’t risk their lives to chase out these vultures. White people are completely against black prosperity anywhere in the world. You see, there can’t be a positive example of black prosperity anywhere in the world, because it will debunk white supremacy.  The imperialists have placed more sanctions against countries in Africa than anywhere else. For every step that Africans make towards economic independence, the imperialists are there to remind them not to move too fast. Rwanda’s president decided he was no longer going to accept reject clothing from H&M, in order help develop the country’s own textile industry, but the US stepped in with threats of sanctions  against the country. Some of you may not know the purpose of sanctions, but they are put in place to cripple a country’s economy and destroy their society. Can you imagine the nerves of these racist assholes? It’s reminiscent of that scene in a gangster movie that I saw, where the character “Dutch,” a white man,  was forcing his black flunkie to bring home a sandwich to his family that he had taken a bite into, and didn’t want to finish, and had the nerve to question the man’s character and pride for refusing to wrap up the half bitten sandwich to take home to his family. The scraps were good enough for that black man’s family, just as the scraps from US companies should be good enough for Africa. That’s just one example of America bullying another country. You can research the other countries that are forced to accept US trash. Yes, they are black, too.

In the US we try to lean on our political leaders for change, but once elected, they become a mockery of our existence, because they bamboozle us into using the voice we think we have, only for them to take it away when our issues come up for discussion. Bill Clinton is the perfect example of a con man who destroyed the black community with their own votes. The rise of white people to power and the insignificance of black people and black lives around the world, has everything to do with black people accepting the fate that white people have forced upon them.  Everyday we wake up satisfied and content with our position in life, because it takes too much courage, dedication, hard work, determination and valor to fight for something better. As long as the Negro is able to pay his rent, own a car, and buy food, there’s no greater satisfaction in life. If his white employer makes him believe he’s being paid handsomely for doing a good job, he’ll put his life on the line for that white employer. Since we haven’t been able to beat them since 1804(Haitian Revolution and independence), we’ve been trying to join them. Joining them, though, has been very costly. Subjugation, exploitation, marginalization, and oppression are just a few of the words I can find to describe the state of black people, since the assimilation into white society has been on trial. However, they’re not even paying attention to the knocks at the door. Black folks don’t give a shit about the pain of white people. As a matter of fact, they use our pain and plight to their own benefit. Again, please reference Bill Clinton and his wife to understand this shit! The black church rolls it’s welcoming mat to many candidates during national and local elections, because they have the power to help elect all types of politicians who don’t mind kissing the elderly, the sick and the babies. Those same black churches aren’t talking black people into standing up for themselves against tyranny and injustice. Politicians come to the black congregation to get elected. Pastors go to the black congregation to ask for financial assistance when they need something, in addition to collecting tithes every Sunday. However, when the black congregation needs anything, the pastor ask them to turn to Jesus. If that makes sense to you, you’re probably a Christian.  Sometimes I get tired of living in a world where I’m silently being told I better know my place in society. An entire continent is being told this every day. Who took out the hearts of the last African warriors? We didn’t get the benefit of learning what it’s like to be a warrior, because these white imperialists made cowards out of many of our forefathers. We live life at their mercy, and too many black people are fine with that.

Dependence is synonymous with white control and domination, but black people seem to have this fear of independence, no matter how prudent it is for us to be self-reliant. We do everything to help ourselves stay dependent on white people. The other day I walked by H & M. It was full of black people. I drove by a Starbucks, black folks were chilling under the canopy, as if two brothers weren’t arrested for no reason at Starbucks just a few weeks ago. Nordstrom Rack continues to rake in the black dollar, even though a young black kid shopping for prom was profiled, harassed and arrested for no reason there. And then we have the most garbage breakfast food entity in the world, Waffle House, I saw black people sitting at the tables and counter, eating that high cholesterol bullshit they shouldn’t eat, even though a sister was just humiliated and arrested by scumbag cowards with badges for no reason there, in addition to a young man who took his sister to the prom who got pummeled by another scumbag in blue.  We have a long list of places that we shouldn’t patronize, but somehow we can’t seem to overcome this mental disability, where we play a major role in our exploitation and possible demise. One more thing: are we still watching the NFL? Why? When those racist assholes couldn’t come up with a viable solution to show compassion for a cause that involves  70% of their millionaire slaves, I mean players, they decided to place the culpability on the players, by threatening to assess a 15 yard penalty on any team where the players kneel for the anthem. I say all the black players on every team should kneel before each game, but that’s wishful thinking. Black people only show valor against other blacks. They are cowards to the umpteenth power when dealing with white folks.  White supremacy seems to have all the solutions to stay supreme. Black inferiority seem to follow all the guidelines to stay inferior. Yeah, some of you are gonna be mad as hell at my last statement, but go stand in front of your mirror and ask yourselves, “Am I doing everything in my power to make sure I’m not enriching white supremacy?” Here’s a list of questions I have for you: Do you shop at stores where you are followed for no reason? Do you continue to support businesses where black people have had to deal with racism and racial profiling? When was the last time you went out of your way to support a black business? Are you quick to place the blame on black people because of their behavior or what they’re wearing when they fall victim to injustice? Do you find reasons to insult black men/women in your attempt to try to elevate another race? I’m just trying to ask a few questions, so I can help highlight some of the destructive behavior that some of us display daily. We watch our loved ones get shot and killed, arrested and humiliated, beaten and degraded, but we’ve done nothing to change their behavior toward us.  Marching hasn’t worked since the 60’s. Economically, though, we have grown too accustomed to the convenience of white supremacy to even think about an economic boycott. I’m just saying!

Black people are the only group of people who can go from wanting to be in Wakanda, and dreaming about a place like Wakanda, the last couple of months, to wanting to be at Buckingham palace this past week. Wakanda was just a temporary reprieve. I see we’ve moved on. As inspiring some of you claim that movie was, you did absolutely nothing to change yourself after watching Black Panther. Disney is laughing all the way to the bank, though. We have gotten so used to the idea of wanting to be closer to our exploiters, we were just waiting for an opportunity to start clapping again for massa, even if his entire family enriched him and made him a prince by colonizing our forefathers in their homeland. Are we significant enough to take the necessary steps to establish the changes that we seek as a people? Maybe we’re just comfortable being insignificant? Is it the threat of death at the hands of our oppressor that stands in the way of us revolting? Sanctions and the threat of annihilation seem to work well against African countries. My generation has witnessed the assassination of many leaders here and abroad at the hands of the CIA and US government, maybe that’s what it is…

White people are trying to pull a fast one on us again!

I noticed the Brits have taken a page out of America’s handbook. When America wanted to convince the world they are an inclusive society, they picked a mixed Negro out of nowhere, with less qualification to be president, and made him president. Having spent his lifetime around white people and a Harvard education, they pegged him as an easy sellout. Since he wasn’t full-blooded African, some people would see it as accepting. This Negro was in the white house for 8 years, employing everything that would benefit white people under the sun. Reparations to black people for slavery was not part of the deal they made with him. Improving the socioeconomic status of black people was not on the table for discussion. Reinforcing black dignity was out of the question, because what were those cops going to do when they felt like hunting human beings for sport? Focusing on a higher rate of employment for black people, not a chance, though black women are the most educated group in this country! Now, deporting millions of immigrants, he jumped to that. Making sure Gadaffi was murdered, of course. And anything else that kept black people subjugated further for 8 years under his administration.
You see, the world was getting tired of America’s racist tyranny against them, so they pulled an old trick out of a hat to shut the world up. Obama was nothing more than symbolism, and a Sambo who compromised his dignity for the promise of wealth and history. If you have the time, please check out Obama’s policies toward African Nations and the black Caribbean nations. His dismal record is atrocious.
Now, we all know that people are also getting tired of the Brits and their racist practices, especially Africans, who have maintained a welfare system in England for the queen to enjoy during the last century or so, through forced repayment for decolonization. Imagine somebody coming to your home to rob you? They force you to pay them, so they wouldn’t rob you outright ever again, but they’re still robbing you in a different way by forcing you to pay a ransom every year for not robbing you, with the threat of annihilating your people, if you don’t make the payments. It’s called strong arming someone in the real world, and people go to prison for that everyday. How do you shut a group of black people up? You asked your racist grandson who likes to wear Nazi gear and attend racist parties with people dressed as KKK members, to pull an old US/Obama trick, by marrying a mixed woman who lived her life as a white actress, so she can become the token symbol for inclusion in England. I’m sure you all have seen the comments on social media regarding the new duchess. The N word is about to file charges for abuse and molestation against racist white people.
This is the thing with white people and their chess moves; they like to pull a wool over our heads, because they understand that black people have been living on hope for so long, but the hope that black people mostly live for, is the hope that white people will see them as their equal, whether it’s real or not. Obama won the hearts of black people with “Hope and change.” How real was the change, though? How hopeful have black people remained? Well, hope fuels many of us, so that’s never gonna change. There’s always a Negro waiting on the wing to hustle hope to black people. Jesse Jackson told Black people to keep hope alive back in 1984. I was a kid then, and I bought it. LOL
I’m no conspiracy theorist. I’m simply a man who likes to refer to history, and enjoy reading facts about the nature of white people’s conning ways, and the reasons they do what they do to control the world. Positioned to be the next super power and the world’s leader, is China. It doesn’t get anymore xenophobic in the world than it does in China. That’s one monolithic society. Chinese people even practice xenophobia in the face of diversity. There are Chinatowns across the world that keep people out of establishments owned by the Chinese in their own country. The Chinese are making moves across the world, and they’re setting up shop to take over the world. England understands this, Spain understands this, America understands this, and France understands this. Though the French are not ready to add a black person of power to their government, they threw a white female senior citizen as the wife of a very young racist prime minister. Canada was ahead of them all. They had the first black governor general of all the racist developed countries in the world. I understand that some of you may not pay as much attention to racist shit and the chess moves of white people as I do, but have no fear, because I don’t do it for me alone. My job is to try to open the eyes of as many black people as possible and present to them my argument, not as facts, but as a challenge to white supremacy. You can choose to see things with the lenses handed to you by white people, or you can analyze each situation to understand the poverty state of black people worldwide, and the reason why the richest continent on the planet has the poorest population. I’m not here for any other reason than to open your eyes to the obvious made oblivious to you by white people.
Remember, Meghan Markle can never become queen of England, only his brother’s wife can.

White dominance and the role black people play in it.

Black people made the decision to allow white supremacy, white dominance, and white privilege to flourish around the world a long time ago. By Black people, I mean the African race.  However, black people today, continue to follow those same paths, by continuing to strengthen white supremacy daily. I will elaborate on this a little more. First, let me preface this by saying that deflecting the real issues faced by our race, is not going to magically provide a solution to our problems. How has the African race allowed white supremacy and white privilege to flourish? Well, let’s go back to the 1770’s through 1804 when the Haitians made the choice to live as free men or die. Many of you got pissed at Kanye for saying “Slavery was a choice.” Black people are emotional like that. Though Kanye never took the time to explain his position, so many black people are ignorant to facts, they all jumped on the bandwagon to destroy Kanye without researching the facts related to his statement. This blog is not about Kanye, though, it’s about the cowardice role that African leaders played in the demise, subjugation, enslavement and the marginalization of black people worldwide. Even the black intellectual and black elite are not aware enough of history to understand the capacity in which black people have allowed white supremacy to thrive around the world. In the 1770’s on a tiny island called Hispaniola, known as modern day Haiti and the Dominican Republic, a group of slaves rose up and decided they no longer wanted to endure slavery. Without much military training and military might, but with the heart of lions, these African slaves put their lives on the line, to not only end slavery on the island of Hispaniola, but to liberate black people worldwide. Napoleon’s army was viewed as the mightiest army around the world at the time, as this little racist midget set out to conquer territories for France. Haiti also helped many South American countries to liberate themselves from the grips of the Spaniards. Having said that, why did the Haitians fight alone for their independence? Why didn’t the leaders in Africa send African troops to Haiti to help assist their cause? In addition, why didn’t those leaders in Africa see Haiti as an example to stand up against colonization and imperialism in their own homeland? The white plan was laid out, and the African leaders did absolutely nothing to change the course of their history. They didn’t band together to destroy the roots of white supremacy in Africa. They allowed white supremacy to outsmart them. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, and many other countries in Africa are controlled and run by the white minority economically. For years, they experienced apartheid, and had to appeal to the international community, which is primarily made up of white supremacist countries, to ask for their assistance to help put an end to apartheid. The US government was a staunch supporter of apartheid in South Africa. We have nobody but ourselves to blame for that. Napoleon and his army could not conquer so many regions of Africa, if African leaders saw Haiti as an example of black supremacy.  Some of you are going to dissect this blog by presenting bullshit arguments about the strength of white supremacy, and how we were powerless when it came to our enslavement. To that, I say “bullshit!” Haitians didn’t manufacture arms, but they were tired of living in bondage, and they didn’t want their children to have to go through what they went through, so they stood up and fought back under the common goal of “Liberty or death!” Imagine if all the Africans had stood up with Haiti at the time? They could’ve liberated every African nation from white tyranny.  Haiti will always be the mother of black liberation. Without the Haitian Revolution, slavery would have lasted for another century or more in the United States. The sacrifices the Haitians made were on behalf of all black people, but the white world want you to forget about their great contribution to humanity. Let’s not forget that Haitians also helped the US gain their independence from the British and the French. White supremacy has flourished so much, we are at the point where we’re forced into a powerless position, and we believe we’ll never be able to overcome white domination and white control around the world. That’s exactly how white people wanted it, and African leaders allowed it to happen. Now, let’s fast forward to present time: Black people of our modern time have made absolutely no sacrifices for the future black generation. By that, I mean we have grown attached so much to the conveniences provided by white supremacy, we don’t even see the role we play in strengthening white supremacy. White supremacy is all around us, and we’re empowering them everyday. We continue to shop in stores where we are followed like criminals, without giving a second thought to our contribution to the bottom line of the stores. In addition, we often end up buying items from stores where we are profiled, just to prove to them we can afford what they believe we might be stealing. How does that philosophy work to our advantage? If our money goes to a racist store with a history of profiling black shoppers, how does spending our money in that establishment help our cause in society? We can’t even organize a boycott to stand with our brothers Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid against the NFL. Everywhere we turn, white supremacy seems to be thriving. Most black cops claim they join the police force to make a difference, to give black people a voice. However, those same black cops often stay silent when they witness white officers committing heinous crimes and abusing their badge against black people. Also, in many cases, we have black police officers who have adopted the same racist mentality from white cops, and apply them in the black community. Where is our advantage in all this? If you’re a trained cop with a gun, and you’re keeping silent about injustice you witness from your fellow officers because you’re afraid for your life, how are the regular black civilians supposed to feel in the presence of law enforcement? Do you know how many David Clarkes are out there? This brother is so far gone, I think he’s just waiting to raise enough money to whiten his skin. These dangerous people are worse than white supremacy itself, because they lend credence to imperialism and racism. There’s a long list of things that we do that help white supremacy thrive, but we are so hungry for acceptance and inclusion, black independence is a foregone conclusion to many of us. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many other social media sites, are all white-owned, and we are often suspended on these sites for displaying our black pride, and encouraging black people to fight social injustice and white supremacy. Instead of creating our own social media sites, we learn to live within the constraints and restraints that these white people have imposed on us. We are too terrified to develop our own social media sites, even though we have over 2 billion black people worldwide that we can potentially serve on these sites. Our participation on these social media sites contributes to the value of these entities, and we continue to help make billionaires out of a group of people whose primary goal is to keep us marginalized. We rely on the Huffington Post, The Root, NBC Black, Atlanta Black Star, and many other white-owned news outlets, as reliable sources for black news and education, without understanding how they are appropriating our plight to become stronger, more powerful and rich. We need to wake up and figure out a way to get away from all this bullshit. White people aren’t getting tired any time soon of exploiting us. Don’t be fooled by a system that allows a sprinkle of black people to reach a pinnacle of success that will convince you that racism has vanished. The system cannot work without allowing a few cracks through the door. Please analyze everything!

Narcissism has become the norm in American society!

We live in a society that makes normal people with normal accomplishments feel like they’re nothing. Everybody wants to be front and center for attention for the most mind boggling nothingness they can display to the world. It all started with the Kardashians becoming famous for having done absolutely nothing in the world, and for having absolutely no talent worthy of acknowledgement. Unless, of course, you believe having sex with a C list celebrity on video has become the way to fame for the common person. We have shifted from being private citizens to forcing ourselves to become as public as possible for the attention. From the time we wake up in the morning, the world needs to know what kind of toothpaste we use, if we use any at all; what kind of soap we shower with, if we practice good hygiene; which brand of toilet paper we use to wipe our ass, if we aren’t too filthy to take the time to wipe our asses properly. Some people are so desperate for attention, they often neglect the filth captured in the background of their picture. And sometimes the filth is sitting in the foreground right in front of them, but they’re so occupied with their selfie, they don’t even realize that they’re displaying to the world how filthy they are. Clean your goddamn bathroom, and stop stepping over piles of dirty ass clothes in your room, just so you can take a selfie for the world to see your filthy ass. Social media has forced us to move away from being normal human beings. Nobody really gives a shit that you’re eating a 3 course meal at a 5 star and sometimes zero star restaurant. Nobody but you care about the reaction you’re gonna get from people after getting dressed for an outing. We have all fallen into the habit of displaying to the world our every move, while the world now cares nothing about humanity. What the fuck is an Instagram model anyway? Any pretty girl who throws on some salacious outfit now refers to herself as an Instagram model, because 10,000 or more thirsty people are clapping for her. Other than buying and paying for your own clothing, how the fuck are you earning a paycheck as a model? Are you sponsored by the big companies to wear their clothing? Every kid now wants to to be a sensation without having anything for us to sensationalize. Some people will go to extreme measures to create a sensation for the benefit of attention. Being normal is the new stupid!

I remember when people used to respect the hard working parents who brought home the bacon after working long hours at a respectable job. I remember when doctors, lawyers, teachers, accountants, nurses and other professionals were held in high regards. I remember when kids used to aspire to become a great lawyer, doctor, nurse, teacher and other worthy professions. Nowadays, every kid is looking to social media to make it big. 50% of the black male population are aspiring rappers, even though too many of them have a 3rd grade level vocabulary and lack of understanding of general subjects. We tend to build up those people that we hardly know, while tearing down those people that are accessible and close to us. Our narcissistic values rely on the approval of strangers, and because of it, we tend to support the efforts of strangers more than we support our own. If the neighbor down the street from us decides to launch a clothing line, we’ll most likely clown him for his efforts. However, when a celebrity we have never met decides to go on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to post about the launching of their next venture, we want to be the first one to share it and help it spread like wildfire. We don’t do the same for the people building businesses in the community. We don’t support the people from our community who are putting the effort into changing the lives of our people daily.  I really don’t give a shit if Gucci or any other high end fashion designer is launching a new line of clothing. I care more about the person in my neighborhood opening a bookstore, or another entity that will serve the community to make it better. We promote racist brands that want to destroy us on a daily basis, instead of standing behind the brands created by our own people. Narcissistic behavior has much to do with the vanities of the world, and black people are all caught up in it. You can’t be caught with things that will bring about your financial demise. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the finer things in life, but we should not allow that to become the very air we breathe every minute of the day. In addition, we need to start acting our wage! Enjoying the fruit of our labor is only just and right, but we shouldn’t push our lifestyle on other people, and belittle those who can’t afford to keep up with the Joneses, or the fake lifestyle we’re struggling to maintain.

We have developed this sense of entitlement, where we believe we should own things that we can’t even afford. Our children want to wear $200.00 sneakers at 10 years old, while our light bill is delinquent. We are living backwards! This all has to do with narcissism. We’re raising a bunch of narcissistic children who will grow up to believe they are entitled to shit that they can’t even afford. President Trump cares more about ratings than being president, because as a narcissist, he needs to feel that he has an impact on everything around him. His behavior is no different than the normal folk who constantly seek the approval and adoration of others online. For some reason, we believe impacting the daily lives of others with our clothing, food, homes, cars, and anything else we own, by posting pictures, will remove our insecurities. Anybody online can become whatever they want. It’s ego-driven and it has no purpose.

White women are the number one reason why white men are empowered!

First of all, we must take a look at who’s birthing these boys who grow up to become despicable men. Whether we’re talking about Harvey Weinstein, Trump, Matt Lauer, or any of the other white sexual deviants in society, white women must shoulder the blame for raising these sick bastards, and continue to support them as adults. I can applaud and stand by the “#metoo” movement, which was started by a black woman, but white women have managed to empower these sick demented white men by remaining silent, and allowing these predators to prey on more victims.  It’s not really about when they’re ready to come out, but more about what they can get until they are in a comfortable enough position to come out. Meanwhile, more victims are preyed upon, as some of these white women build their careers, and allowing these white sexual predators to become invincible with the judicial system. Predators understand who they have to forge relationships with, to remain powerful. When your inner circle is made up of judges and politicians, it’s very easy for a person to believe he’s untouchable. Most of America’s political influence can be bought, and even judges have their price, so a predator relies on those relationship to maintain his predatory behavior. White women allow that behavior to be refined and mature when they keep quiet long enough to get out from under the predator. Practice makes perfect, so they say!  When a sexual assault victim chooses to remain silent because of career, it basically means you don’t care about the other women coming behind you in the same career path, who also have to deal with the predators who abused you. Harvey Weinstein’s list of victim is way too long, and took too much time to build. Most of the women on his list are white women who became successful in their own right, while pursuing their acting careers in Hollywood. Their path to success was through Weinstein, but why didn’t they stop him in his track? They continued to empower a rapist, because the rapist was the path to their success. These sexual deviants are made stronger, because so many women choose their careers over their pain. We all know that white men have a history of raping men, women and children across the globe, and some judges have managed to normalize that behavior by handing out light sentences to these predators. Some of the most influential men in America have been accused of rape. Many of them have raped children and served less than 3 years in prison for their heinous acts. We can go all the way back to Africa to dissect the dichotomy of rape, as it was brought to the continent by the white man. If Africans were “naked” or wore very little clothing around one another and there was no rape issue, where was that behavior learned?  Many black women committed suicide to avoid being raped by these sick bastards during the voyage from Africa. The raping of black women didn’t start on US soil. Many African women never set foot on their slave ships, because they opted to take their own lives, instead of allowing a white man to rape them.  Even more committed to being forcibly raped for the protection of their children and their husbands. White men see rape as a power trip, and they even sodomize men, because it gives their weak asses a sense of strength, since they know they are truly the weaklings of the world physically.

I’m sure Weinstein’s circle is full of rapists, because white men like to boast about their deviant acts. Whenever someone condones the act of rape, they might as well be a rapist themselves. White people even want to go as far as romanticizing the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his rape victim, Sally Hemings. It was never a romantic relationship, it was simply an arrangement for rape sessions at Jefferson’s will. He was a rapist, because he never recognized any of the children that Hemings bore for him. Jefferson was no different than Harvey Weinstein. He abused his power and took advantage of another human being, because he knew there were no consequences to his actions. Weinstein’s actions, however, remained inconsequential, because his victims chose to remain silent, in order to attain success in their field of acting.  Sarah Hemings and many other black women had no choice. White men ran rampant, raping every back woman they could, without without any repercussion for their action. This behavior has carried over for many centuries now, but not once did these white women stand up against their husbands, to make sure they were not raising a bunch of rapists who would unfurl on society. Certain despicable behaviors are passed on through DNA, and we know that there aren’t anybody with pure African blood left in the western world. In addition, certain behaviors in society are learned and practiced because of exposure. Since white people like to claim that Africans walked around naked in the jungle, let me point out that rape was never an issue prior to the white man’s presence in Africa. Sexual predators have been normalized to the point where the White House is occupied by serial sexual predator #1. In addition, these sick bastards are trying to also normalize pedophilia. What kind of sick world are we living in? Who’s birthing and raising these psychopaths? Again, we need to go to the root of the problem, because these men didn’t birth themselves. White women aren’t raising white men to respect anybody in society. They raise them to feel they are superior to everybody, including their own mamas. We need a feminst movement because white women aren’t doing their jobs as mothers. Unfortunately, some black women are following suit as well. Certain behavioral issues should be tackled in the home, but white women aren’t tackling rape and other deviant behaviors, as it relates to their sons.  I can’t speak for the fathers, because they were most likely raised without respect for women, so they can’t pass on to their sons what they don’t know. However, we must hold white women responsible for the despicable behavior of the white men they raise.  You have to start teaching your sons to respect you and other women!

If the first woman who was raped by Weinstein went to the authorities right after it happened, he would’ve been stopped in his track, and he wouldn’t have been able to continue to go on a raping rampage where hundreds of women are victimized. In addition, a network of rapists wouldnt’ have been able to get off the ground, because the first rapist would have been exposed soon enough. Again, we can all act like these women are victims without responsibilities if we want to, but they are, and were, responsible to protect the young up-and-coming actresses from predators like Weinstein. Let’s shine the light on the entire white society, not just the portion where we want to show compassion to the victims, because they were silenced by a powerful magnate. In the greater context of history, Trump is not the first man to have had abused women sexually. Thomas Jefferson was also not the first president to repeatedly rape his slaves. Sally Hemings is the only recorded case we know about, but I’m certain there were plenty others. Stop accepting the history white people like to dictate to us. Look at history in its entirety, in order for us to understand how to remedy their sick behavior.

Ladies, be careful how you play the “sucker” game!

Recently I’ve been reading about the insane behaviors of many men in the black community here in America and abroad. A lot of women are being harmed because they think they can get away with abusing the kindness and goodness of certain men. Of course, there’s absolutely no reason why anybody should be murdered, especially a woman at the hands of a man, but we must also keep in mind the emotional state of someone when they commit murder. Most often when a mother is murdered by her baby’s father, the father is taken to prison for life, and the child suffers for the rest of his/her life as a result. No one wins! We can blame the abuser all we want, but at the end of the day, none of us know how insane someone can really be, given the circumstances. Driving someone to the point of insanity with your action is never a game. I need to preface this in a way, so that people don’t start chastising me, because I’m trying to shed light on the possible psychological state of a person who has been wronged. First of all, I have 2 daughters, and my job as a father is to make sure my daughters respect themselves, and figure out their own way to become independent. I’m always going to be there for them emotionally, financially, and if they need me to whoop somebody’s ass physically. However, I must also make my daughters understand that people sometimes act irrationally, and they must always take people’s feelings into consideration before they think about using a person for their own personal benefit and gain, and to watch how they talk to the men they want to date. Having said that, I’ve also been a victim of someone’s lies and deception. I think most people have been at some point in their lives. There are people out there who live for the thrill of getting over on other people.
Now, getting back to the subject of women who have been murdered at the hands of insane men, because these women think they can toy with a man’s emotions. For some reason, a lot of women tend to believe some men are suckers for providing for them, and being upstanding in a relationship. When a man is emotionally invested in a woman or a child, there’s no telling how he might react if the woman starts to be disrespectful toward him, and treats him like shit. In the case of a video that I saw, where a man murdered his child’s mother, the man was very calm, as he explained to witnesses that he was with this woman for 14 years, paid for her to attend nursing school, paid for her housing since they met, and took care of her and his daughter financially since they met. I’m not saying she’s a bad person, because I didn’t know her, but she didn’t put herself in the man’s shoes when she told him she could no longer be with him, because she was a nurse now, and needed to be with a doctor. That would be a hard pill to swallow for any man who paid her way through college and took care of her for 14 years. It’s one thing if you no longer want to be with somebody, but to belittle the person while making your point, is despicable! Again, her murder is not justified at all, but in the heat of the moment, some men might react emotionally different to situations. After saying that to the man, he grabbed the nearest weapon he could find, which was a knife, and proceeded to stab her to death. He, himself wished she had just talked to him when he requested that they talk, and it would’ve never gotten to that point, so he said. It’s not my business to understand their situation, because only his side can be heard, but I want to warn women to stop using men for their own gain, and then turn around and disrespect them, because they now feel they are above them. Too many women believe it’s about them. They seldom see the danger they put themselves in by talking any crazy old way to a man. Yes, you can always call the cops on your abuser, but the cops are never next door, and they never show up in 10 seconds. There’s always plenty of opportunities for a man to hurt, or even kill you. We have all these feminists out there fighting for women’s rights, but none of them are making women safety a primary issue, by advising these women to keep their mouth shut, and not to escalate situations by disrespecting a man in his own house when you’re alone with him. Unfortunately, too many black women didn’t grow up with a dad who could give them advice on certain situations when it comes to men.
First of all, using a man for your own financial gain, especially if your intentions are to just take advantage as long as he cares about you, can lead to deadly consequences. If a man voluntarily chooses to be a sugar daddy to you, that is his choice, but at the same time, you must recognize that he still wouldn’t want you to disrespect him because he’s providing for you. Unfortunately, a lot of females are attracted to bum ass men who have nothing to offer them, and try to clown the responsible men who want to be upstanding in a relationship with them. I have seen some of the most docile men become violent, because they have been betrayed by a woman that they have invested in financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Emotional investment in a woman is one thing, but when a man cares enough about you to send you to school to make you a better woman, you must respect that man, and you must be honest and upfront with him about your intentions. A lot men have thrown their lives away because they don’t know how to control their emotion and reaction. No one would plead “insanity” in court, if insanity was not just cause for certain reaction. Calling a man who has done everything for you, ” a sucker, a punk, a bitch ass Ninja, or a lame,” can lead to your demise. I understand what the feminists are doing to your minds, but please understand no matter how soft a man might be, there’s always something that can drive him to insanity, and you’ll be shocked when he reveals what he’s capable of out of anger. Stay out of harm’s way by keeping your disrespectful comments to yourself when you’re confronted alone with a man. It might just save your life!
Again, murder is never justified under any circumstances, but women need to smarten up when it comes to the games that they play with men who fall for them, and invest in them financially and emotionally. If somebody made you, the least you can do is respect them, because they saw the potential in you, and thought highly enough of you to invest in a better future for you. Being disrespectful when you’re alone with a man, is always going to work against you. If you don’t respect a man who will dedicate his hard earned money to give you a better life, then you’re just a scumbag who should just be by yourself. There are plenty of better women out there who want a good man, but too many skeezers are aggressively turning the good apples to bad apples. This is not a game! You’re playing with your life!

Delusions of expertise

It’s unfortunate that society created so many obvious double standards that white people refuse to acknowledge, and some black folks continuously deny. Lately, Kanye has been in the news for throwing his support behind Trump, and for not restricting his genius to music, while at the same time, offering opinions on subjects that he’s obviously completely ignorant to. Is Kanye to blame for understanding that his genius as an artist has no boundaries within the realms of society? I Would say “no.” I would not blame him completely, because society tends to create egomaniac monsters like Kanye. We even elected a pathological lying egomaniac and narcissistic asshole as president. Well, not black people necessarily, but white America, for the most part. How did we come to the point where we believed that Trump had enough talent to run a country? Well, because he faked his genius in other ways, and succeeded at some of it by lying to the world. To this day, no one has been able to confirm Trump is actually a billionaire. He managed to make the Forbes’ list of billionaires when he was only worth 5 million dollars. He conned his way into the heart of America, and a lot of people bought it. Trump is the epitome of “fake it until you make it.” In the case of Kanye, it only took one album for his ego to balloon to the sky. He was that breath of fresh air that everyone was waiting for in Hip Hop, and we solidified his genius by supporting his ego very early on in his career. Rapping with his mouth wired shut, while in a hospital bed was genius, especially since he used the old school hook “Through The Wire.”. No one had been so up front and real about a life situation before in a debut single. His antics, though, went from extreme to overly extreme. When Kanye told the world that president Bush didn’t care about black people, he instantly became a self-righteous independent thinker and cult hero. No one dared stand on television to talk to a president like that in the past. Kanye broke grounds and we loved him for it. His popular hit “Gold digger” resonated with many men, but he managed to swoop his way through the hearts of black women as well, by simply adding a one-liner talking about a brother who has made it, only to leave a sister for a white girl. That song was almost self-inflicted, and therapeutic for a man who didn’t know how to handle his public genius persona. Well, we can call Kanye whatever we want, but we helped make him who he is today. He was even able to charge his dumb fans $125.00 for a plain white T-shirt. They bought it like hot cakes. His $300.00 sneakers became a staple for bragging rights. Why wouldn’t he have an inflated ego? All his super fans who didn’t restrict his genius to music, are responsible for the egomaniac monster he has become. Kanye was given a platform beyond music, and along the way, his ego jumped out and politic became his aspiration, among other things. He announced he might run for the presidency in 2020. His ego had blown beyond the point of inflation. This is a guy who priced his homeless looking clothing like at hundreds and thousands of dollars. People went out and bought it all, which solidified his overgrown ego. As for slavery being a choice, as he thought he eloquently stated, don’t be too quick to get mad at him. In greater context, Kanye may actually have a point. I’m not here to advocate for Kanye or to agree with him wholeheartedly, but I’m sure he might’ve read about the Haitian revolution, which might’ve inspired his statement. The Haitians didn’t wait for the white man to decide when slavery was going to be over. They made the choice of “liberty or death.” You don’t have to agree, but we all have the choice to live in bondage or die as free men. Perhaps Kanye could’ve made his point without wearing a “MAGA” hat a couple of days prior, and after showering Trump with public affection, love and support. Delusional Trump is now crediting Kanye for a fictitious spike in support from the Black community. The ego is a hell of a drug! Kanye’s statement still resonates today, because many of you are slaves who don’t even know that you are slaves. However, that is a choice you choose to make. There’s always “Liberty or death.” How many innocent black people that must be shot by the cops, before black people start shooting back? That choice is all ours.
Having said all that, let’s not forget we made a relationship expert out of Steve Harvey, just because of his ability to make us laugh. His genius was not restricted to comedy either. Never mind the history of his failed marriages, the mistreatment of his kids’ mother, and the history of his current wife having had children for 2 family members, whereas the children can be related in more ways than one(cousins, brothers or what have you), we still gave Steve Harvey the ability to exploit the black community financially and intellectually, by supporting his opinion on relationships, and making him a spokesperson for how black relationships should be. So many women wanted to practice his 90-day rule, and so many of them bought his book, because he’s now a relationship guru certified by the black women who bought his bullshit! It was as if fictitious Jesus himself came down to school these black women on relationships. Do you still wanna blame Kanye for who he has become? This is exactly what we do to celebrities, especially in the black community. We allow most of them to build brands that they have no business building, just because of their celebrity. There’s no way in the world Steve Harvey should have become a best-selling author, writing opinionated books about black relationships and the proper steps to take, based on his personal failings as a husband, and the morally corrupt woman he married. We can guess that her beauty played a major role in their union. I can’t blame her for having enough game to get her a trick. It’s difficult to avoid the fact that Steve Harvey’s wife has children by 2 drug dealing cousins, and we made this guy the relationship guru of the black community? Remember not too long ago, Steve Harvey was standing with Trump as well. Black people make these men, and then they want to turn around and be mad at them for being themselves.White people just want to enjoy the opportunity to use these men to exploit and destroy the black community. A white publishing company gave Steve Harvey a book deal, and another white film company financed and distributed the movies based on his books. They marvel at our social ills. We have to stop creating these monsters, because fame and money tend to have an adverse affect on black men. Too often they become delusional, and don’t know how to stay in their lane. For years, no one really gave a damn that R. Kelly was going around urinating on little girls. Some people even blamed the young girl for acting too grown, or should not have been around a grown ass pedophile who took advantage of her. The support for his music never waned. He became untouchable and invincible, as more pubescent girls fell victim to his sexual deviant behavior. We should’ve stopped him at Aaliyah, but we didn’t, so this man developed delusions of grandeur to the point where his pedophilia got out of control. We, as a community, must stop building these celebrities up to the point where they start to believe your love for them makes them indestructible and untouchable. We are, in essence, creating these delusional monsters, and we must accept the responsibility for the role we play in it. At the end of the day, any famous black person with money can be made a leader, even when they don’t have leadership qualities. We tag them to become the mouthpiece and the voice for our community for every situation and subject. As long as we like something about them enough that we feel warrant a leadership role, this person is often tagged our next leader. Our thirst for leadership must come to a halt, because the true leaders among us might get discouraged, because they are not given a chance to flourish.

We need to start focusing on a solution for us!

The internet has become the place where everyone can now voice their displeasure, opinions, and their most painful issues on a daily and hourly basis. Lately, though, it’s been all about the injustice against black people. Everywhere I turn, I’m seeing black people posting cases of black men getting shot to death by white racist officers, while armed white murderers are caught alive. I don’t know if making these comparisons make us feel better, but I don’t think that anybody has taken the time to understand sensationalizing these cases can lead to many people being desensitized to the murder of black people at the hands of racist cops. I’ve done the comparisons myself, but they led to nowhere and no changes. We also talk about Cosby being convicted and facing 30 years in prison for rape, while contrasting it with Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump’s case, our molesting president. Again, I’m not sure what psychological contribution these comparisons have on the psyche of black people, but just because someone did a good thing at one point in his life, it doesn’t mean that they can’t have a sinister side. Admittedly, Cosby has spoken in court about using Quaalude to get women incapacitated. We’re not looking so much at his victims, as we are looking at his rich counterparts who have yet to be prosecuted. The rape victims just wanted justice, just as Harvey Weinstein’s victims came out to seek justice. As for Donald Trump, he was rewarded with the presidency for molesting white women. So you see, it’s a white men dominance thing, because even victimized white women can’t get justice under the law. I get that we want equal justice under the law as black American citizens, but justice has never been equal in this country for black people. It’s difficult to convince black people that white people have heard their pleas, and they just choose to ignore them. The energy we spend online highlighting the difference in treatment of black people and white people at the hands of cops and the justice department, can be used in a more fruitful way to benefit us. No matter how harsh white supremacy treats us, we somehow manage to hold on to this hope that white people will develop a conscience. Your great grandparents waited a long time in the field, while they worked as slaves for 16 hours a day, for white people to develop a conscience. White supremacy has no conscience and racism is not fair. We must get that through our thick skulls, otherwise we’ll spend a lifetime wasting our energy on hope and pointing out things to white people that they are already aware of.
White supremacy is part of the fiber of American, French, British, German, Dutch, Canadian, Belgian, and Portuguese society. We either gonna have to choose to live within a system established long ago to ensure the subjugation of black people worldwide, or we’re gonna have to pack our bags and get out of dodge. Now, getting out of dodge is an entirely different case. Where are we going? What are we going to do when we get there? Some of us dream of moving to Africa, while only a few of us have been to the continent to visit a few countries. Africa is not making any provisions for black people to move back and prosper. They’re waiting on us to come rescue them with our western education and limited wealth, while allowing European scavengers to squander their resources. No matter where we go, we’re not gonna have any resources to establish the ideal life that we want as black people. In addition, white supremacy rules over Africa with an iron fist. A lot of Black leaders in Africa are the biggest sellouts in the world. When a true African leader stands up for his people in Africa, the CIA, the French and British always conspire to assassinate them by using his own African brother against him. This cycle of racism that we face on a daily basis is a global phenomenon, established long ago by colluding white people worldwide. Nobody wants to hear about the inevitable, but freedom ain’t free, or peaceful. Peaceful marches have never brought justice, and a peaceful stance has never brought about peace. White people have created this jungle on earth where they’re forcing everyone to fight for their survival. However, black people are afraid to fight them. Too many of us believe change is gonna come in a peaceful manner. You should tell the families of all the peaceful leaders who were murdered by violent white people how being peaceful is gonna bring about change.
Black people need a revolution of global magnitude, and death should not be a detractor. The will to die brings about change. White people put the lives of their children and your children on the line everyday across the world to enforce white supremacy. Rich white people live in the comfort of white supremacy, while poor white, Hispanic, Asian, and black people are used as their enforcers through their armed forces around the world. It’s ironic that black servicemen are risking their lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and any country around the world where they are commanded to do so, but they won’t risk their lives in America to change their own livelihood. Think about that for a minute…