A Revolution needs to happen sooner than later!

The loyalty of poor people to rich people is the reason why rich people thrive so much. For some odd reason, poor people just love to admire rich people, without understanding the complexities of how they’ve obtained their riches. Of course, there are many different stages of admiration.
A lot of us don’t pay attention to the fact that rich people cannot become super rich without the help of poor people. Your admiration is most often turned into exploitation. 5% of the world’s population have managed to rule the wealth of the entire world, because the entire world has been admiring these people for too long. A lot of billionaires are now scared that poverty may force an uprising from poor people. Imagine that we have people who sit on gold toilets everyday to take a shit, and some of them even wipe their ass with money, while another sector of society are rummaging through the trash in the street and behind businesses to find something to eat? Even more people are on the sidewalk and park benches at night with a dirty blanket over them trying to catch a goodnight sleep on the hard pavement and benches. We like to call capitalism a fair game, but what’s fair about Walmart paying their employees poverty wages that need to be substituted with public assistance, in order for these people to avoid homelessness, while the CEO’s are earning billions? Disney just approved a 420 something million dollar salary package for their CEO, while forcing their workers to sign a contract for a .50 cents raise, in order for them to receive a $1000.00 bonus that was promised to them. This admiration we have for rich people needs to stop, because the rich don’t admire the poor.
Rich people also understand the only way for them to keep their wealth, is to maintain conflicts among poor people. The easiest way to enforce that, is through racism. Global poverty will never end for as long as people are divisive because of race. At the same time, the division of race has a lot to do with white privilege. No matter how poor a white person is, he wants to feel he’s better than a black man, or any other person because of his white skin. Even in wealth, rich white people want rich black people to know they are better than them. However, once a black person becomes rich, too often they start to believe they are immune to racism because of their money. A false sense of belonging!
Some people in the world are so rich, they can actually afford to live through a nuclear war. They have underground bunkers and enough supplies to last them until the nuclear effects fade, while the rest of the world dies. We’re gonna have to start holding these super rich people accountable, because for every person who creates a new business or comes up with an idea to get super rich, it also creates poverty for millions of other people. Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world. He has taken Amazon to the level where he purchased the Wholefoods chain, and is basically eliminating the cashier position. Your Amazon card is scanned while it remains in your pocket, for every item purchased, the minute you exit the supermarket. That’s not improvement on human conditions, that’s fucking greed! A robot was also created to flip burgers at McDonald’s. These people are eliminating jobs, and the poorest sector of the population is the most affected. Still, most people look at a man like Bezos in awe, because he has so much money, and that’s what most of them aspire to be, rich. What are we doing to ourselves in this world? Capitalism is the reason slavery happened. The queen of England can’t make enough money exploiting less fortunate countries. This bitch is still taxing every country England had ever colonized around the world, in addition to stealing all the gold and other resources she can steal from these countries. France does the same shit. America does it. Spain practices the same bullshit. And so on…
White society has made poverty acceptable, and all of us have become desensitized to it. As a matter of fact, we have taken being poor to greater heights than it needs to be. It’s almost bragging rights to tell someone how poor you were before you made it. White people have normalized struggling stories, in order to make being filthy rich acceptable. They call them “feel good stories” when someone makes it out of the gutter, as if they are not the reason there’s a gutter to begin with. We have to stop all this admiration for rich people. There’s absolutely no fucking reason in the world why a family of 4 should live in a 30,000 sqft home with 40 fucking bedrooms and 200,000 bathrooms. How many shit can someone take in a day? How many fucking hours of sleep do you need in so many different rooms? Some people have upward of 20 cars in their garage, while others have to walk five miles to work and school everyday. This isn’t fair! This excessive living standard that we have allowed white people to push on us, is what’s keeping us poor, no matter how educated we are, or how hard we work. Rich people don’t have student loans, so they force poor people to go to college, to create wealth for them through student loan debt, in order to keep the cycle of their riches going.
Most rich people are arrogant bastards who think the world is their oyster to do whatever the fuck they want with it. They send your poor sons and daughters to war whenever they feel like it. They poison water sources with oil drilling. They rape our women, children and men whenever they feel like it. They shit in our faces without any repercussion, and they buy all the judges to keep them from going to jail for doing anything.
We also get caught up with their philanthropy, because it humanizes some of these rich monsters. No philanthropy would be needed if people weren’t being forced into poverty to begin with. When you take away people’s resources and ability to just survive, you are the lowest form of a living thing. We are worse than animals.
This system of wealth control and dominance is the same in every country around the world. Most countries now don’t even have a middle class. They have extreme poverty and the super rich. The proletarians are always on survival mode, while the 1% are chilling on yachts and flying around the world in their private planes. A revolution needs to happen, but it can only be successful when the 99% start to unite to fight this unfair imbalance in society. Aren’t you tired of seeing your family live in poverty for generations?

We need to wake up from our coma!

Black Panther became the most successful film ever made with a mostly black cast, because it’s the most nonthreatening black film against white supremacy ever made. Not once in Black Panther did they address the issues that black people face, because white people have put different racist systems in place to exploit them. If I’m a white guy, I’m walking out that movie clapping, because Black Panther even provided a white hero to make me feel good. My white savior syndrome lives on!
Now, we can take a look at other films about the black struggle that directly addressed the white racist system, and you’ll notice they barely broke even at the box office. When a movie with an all-black cast and black director makes over 50 million dollars at the box office, we call it a success, because the restricted budget of less than 10 million dollars given to most black directors doesn’t give them the latitude to be great in their films and showcase their true talent like their white counterparts. Few white movies are made for less than 50 million dollars. The most garbage white movie you see at the theater commands a budget of at least 50 million dollars. As many movies that have been made about Mandela, Dr. King, Jackie Robinson and so on, none those movies have ever even cracked the 100 million dollar mark. I understand that Marvel Comics is also a brand that a lot of people are familiar with, but that’s not the reason Black Panther is so successful. Black Panther is successful because white people and all people around the world, have been curious about what a black superhero would do, if they had special powers. Most people are satisfied now with a black superhero, even black people, because the black superhero doesn’t pose a threat to the status quo. He’s not using his super powers to go after anybody who has wronged black people. As a matter of fact, he managed to find a nemesis within his own family, which continues the narrative and legacy of Black people being responsible for their own demise. They’ve already told us that Black people were selling their own children into slavery, so why not have them kill their own nephew, first cousin and what have you on the big screen.
The movie, Malcolm X, was an afterthought, not just to white people, but also to black people. Some people figured they already knew the story because the “Autobiography of Malcolm X” was written long ago, as if many of them had read The Black Panther comic series recently. Who knows what kind positive movies Spike Lee could’ve been writing and directing, had he had the kind of support of black people for his film that black people have shown to Black Panther, to earn even one tenth of what Black Panther earned at the box office? When white people review our work and they tell us it’s worth seeing, we go out in droves to support it. However, when white people tore into a great film like Malcolm X, and told the world it wasn’t worth watching, black people listened to their white daddies. I’m sure many of our people have seen Malcolm X more than once, but I’m almost 100% sure they didn’t pay to see it more than once at the theater. It earned 47 million dollars during its lifetime. I see people bragging about seeing Black Panther 7 times or more, and all the family members have made it a “must see” film, but none of the significant black films in our lifetime have ever grossed over 50 million dollars, excluding those slave narratives. Lest we forget, Spike Lee is solely responsible for most of the great actors that black people love in Hollywood. From Denzel Washington, to Halle Berry, Samuel L. Jackon, Wesley Snipes and so many more, and John Singleton is responsible for the rest. Without Spike, there’s no Ryan Coogler, Ava Duvernay, Antoine Fuqua and many other black directors and filmmakers in Hollywood.
A campaign was created against “Birth of A Nation” before the movie was even released. While Trump is in the white house for having raped dozens of women, which is perfectly fine with white people, poor Nate Parker had to deal with his name being defamed by white people for something he was not found guilty for, years ago in a court of law. Black women jumped on the white bandwagon to destroy Nate’s credibility. We couldn’t go out and support a movie that would change black people’s mind about revolutions. Nat Turner is not to be recognized or acknowledge by us. Danny Glover has been fighting for the last 20 years to bring a true black hero to the big screen, but Hollywood will not allow him to make a movie about the Haitian Revolution. Disney can throw 200 million dollars at Black Panther, a fictitious character, but the Haitian Revolution movie will not be financed. Can you count how many movies you’ve seen about the Iraq invasion alone, which only took place about a decade ago? White people can be heroes whenever they want, but the Black heroes have to be determined by them. Can you count how many war movies that have been made since you were born? You know how many times white boys go into Vietnam, Korea, Somalia and other places and be depicted as saviors of the world in films? I can’t count either. I’m usually not interested in the heroics of white people, especially when they are under the false pretense of democracy for American occupation.
Sometimes I realize that Black people are in a serious coma, as it relates to the courage and vision needed to change their stance in society. We are so proud of Black Panther, we can’t stop talking about it. Collectively, the black cast, director and crew for Black Panther earned less than 50 million, while Robert Downey Jr. alone earned over 50 million dollars for Iron Man. I read somewhere he’s slated to earn 200 million dollars for the next one. Yeah, Black Panther made a billion dollars for the most racist film company in America, Disney. What are we celebrating? You see, black people are sold on the idea that when white people give them the green light for a project, it means there’s no prejudice and racism coming from the white company. That’s like closing our eyes to the fact that these racist bastards had black housekeepers, black cooks, black maids and black slaves, while still attending lynching of black people in public squares. They even raped many of their slaves and servants. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never understand the mental illness of white people. Only they can explain how they can hate a group of people, but want to forcibly and heinously have their dicks in black women at the same time. At the end of the day, white people will do anything to make themselves rich, even allowing Negroes to make a movie about a nonthreatening black hero. I don’t have a problem that Black Panther was made, but I just wish Killmonger and Black Panther would’ve finally found a way to unite, and use their superpowers and strength to finally fight white imperialism. The movie was written and directed by a black man, right? My bad, there were conditions to the movie being made.
A lot of black people like to conveniently refer to the movie as “simple entertainment,” whenever permissible in an argument, but they’re running around wishing Wakanda was a real country and rocking African garbs like they just received their DNA results back from Africanancestry.com. It’s almost the same as referring to black people as “murderers, thieves, drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes” as simple news, every time we turn on our television. We pay very little attention to our sub-conscience, and few of us are able to decipher the controlling methods that white people use to keep us in line, and in the dark. Yay! We made history….for Disney.

The falsification of white supremacy!

When will black people realize that white supremacy doesn’t give a fuck about our comparisons to their situations? The only thing that matters to white supremacy is racism and domination over other people at all cost.
We’re forever comparing white situations to black situations to juxtapose how the justice system is unfair, and how white people’s attitude differ, as it relates to Obama and Trump in the white house. We already know Obama would’ve been impeached had he committed one third of the heinous acts and crimes Trump has committed in a little over a year in the white house. However, it’s not about comparisons. It’s all about racism and white supremacy. Too many of us forget that white supremacy is built on lies and false history. Nobody is more pathological than Trump when it comes to lying, but white people have no problem with it, because that is part of white supremacy’s culture. In order to make yourself look supreme, you must falsify everything about your culture and denigrate everything about somebody else’s culture. There’s no fairness when it comes to racism, imperialism and white supremacy. It’s winning at all cost for them.
Of course, we’re going to see a black man sent to prison for 25 years for stealing clothes at a department store, while a serial white rapist who was handed a 300 year-sentence for rape gets a chance to walk out of prison after a couple of years. We’re going to see a black man who unjustly served 43 years of his life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, not get compensated for his unjust time behind bars. Do you honestly believe the prosecutors didn’t know that all these black men they have unjustly put behind bars were in innocent to begin with? These prosecutors and district attorneys are protected by white supremacy. The lies that they make up in court to convict innocent black people are protected by white supremacy, which is why they are able to do it. If white supremacy wasn’t based on lies and a false impression of reality, 80% of the district attorneys in the country would be in prison, disbarred, and their licenses revoked indefinitely for lying in court.
White supremacy is all about establishing a double standard, in order to continuously humiliate a particular race. We see it every day in our daily lives. People would often talk bad about another person, just to make themselves look good. That behavior is adopted from white supremacy. There’s no reason to talk bad about another person, in order to make yourself look good, but white supremacy make most people believe it’s effective, so a lot of people do it.
In the beginning, black people were not good enough to do anything that white people were doing. They kept us from learning how to read and write; they kept us from playing basketball, football, baseball, and boxing, because we weren’t good enough to play against them, or fight them; they kept us from joining the armed forces and the list of the things we were prohibited from doing was endless. However, when we kicked the doors open and we started to exceed their expectations and surpass them in almost everything athletically, they had to reconfigure their plan to maintain white supremacy. When they couldn’t keep up in football, basketball, baseball, and boxing because we were more dominant, the white athlete became more intellectual, while the black athlete was only physical. Still, their intellect was never enough to overcome the dominance in any of the sports that are now dominated by black people. It was just a lie. We didn’t have the intellectual capacity to become doctors, lawyers, scientists and what have you, according to them. However, when we start to perform open heart surgeries, invent medical procedures they had never seen, win cases at the Supreme court level, become astronauts and so on, they said only few of us have the capacity to reach those heights. They made up an exception to the rule. Another lie!
When you start to peel the layers to see what white supremacy is really all about, you’ll start to understand all the lies they have created, starting with Jesus and everything else that affirm a false claim that has been debunked many times over, but so many white people have refused to accept as truth, that all humans have the capacity to become great in anything.
If the situation with Trump in the white house doesn’t convince you that white supremacy is all about lies and false history, then you are just a delusional fool who has made up his mind to live foolishly for the rest of your life.