At the end of the day, we always end up being their target!

So now Trump is advocating that teachers should carry guns in the classroom, huh? I guess they don’t want to turn the suburban schools into jungles, like they do the public schools in the inner city, by placing metal detectors and armed security at the schools.
I worked at one of the “worse” so called high schools in the Bronx. As a matter of fact, I was not only a teacher, I was also a Dean of the Colin Powell Academy, which meant that I had to deal with discipline and suspension issues. That’s right, Colin Powell graduated from the high school where I taught, that also meant the jungle where I taught didn’t have any animals who would go in and murder 17 people.
Let’s get a clear perspective on this gun violence happening in suburban schools across America: I guess I’m gonna need a disclaimer somewhere here, because we do have occasional shootings around the inner city schools, but very rarely does someone get killed inside the school at the hands of another black student. That shit may happen after school during a fight, away from the school, but no black student has ever been animalistic enough to walk into a school and start shooting and killing people indiscriminately. That animalistic behavior is part of the “affluenza” suffered by the young white terrorists in the suburbs, a situation that the white media won’t label correctly.
Anyway, let’s look at the so called plan for teachers to carry guns into our schools; again, I must point out that I’m a former high school teacher and Dean at one of the so called worse schools in New York City. I don’t think my worse student ever committed murder, much less mass murder. I digressed. Suburban White boys seem to have more mental issues than black boys, even though they don’t endure half the shit the poverty stricken black boys endure on a daily basis. Black people’s mental capacity is judged by the color of their skin, not their exploitation in society. That’s neither here nor there. One group is seen as criminals, and the other is labeled mentally challenged, for the sake of white supremacy. Still, the “criminals” are never mass killers in this instance, the mentally disturbed ones are always. This kid in Florida has an inheritance that can last him for the rest of his life without ever lifting a finger to go to work. Black boys only wish they had a situation like that. Excuse me, but I digressed again. Anyway, to arm teachers in the classroom, is to prepare the young black population for genocide.
First of all, over 80% of all public school teachers are white, just as 80% of inner city cops are white. Having said that, “the fear for my life, or my life was threatened” excuse, will render many dead bodies at the hands of teachers, and most of these teachers will be transferred to other schools for murdering our young black children, just as the cops usually receive a slap on the wrists for murdering unarmed black people. In our jungle schools in the inner city, we have metal detectors, as well as armed police officers, to deal with our black kids on a daily basis. I guess that is way too much to ask white people to do in the suburbs, because the dignity of their children means so much, even though they are being randomly murdered by “mentally disturbed” characters on an “isolated” basis. Please excuse my sarcasm, because isolated incidents for white people is when the same incident has occurred over a hundred times, and many innocent people have been killed. This humiliation of metal detectors and armed police officers in the hood seems to work fine for black kids, because there has never been any reported mass shooting at any schools in the inner city. However, arming teachers will not only raise the level of fear among teachers, but it will instill fear in the students who are aware that some of their teachers have racist tendencies. In addition, black students will also come to the defense of their black classmates by possibly throwing a chair at a teacher who’s trying to shoot their classmate, in order to save them and save themselves, which in turn may end up being a mass shooting by a teacher who may feel his life is in danger when a group of students are trying to protect themselves, and might lead to the teacher shooting the entire class. You think I’m exaggerating? You don’t know white people. Don’t take my word for it, I’m only a black guy who attended inner city schools most of my life, with mostly racist white teachers who didn’t give a fuck about their black students, and were always happy to call the cops to get one of us arrested or removed from class over bullshit, because they feared for their lives. Somehow, these teachers managed to come to work for 30 plus years with this fear, until they retired…unscathed. Now, handing these teachers a gun will just make a jolly day for them to come to work, especially the racist ones who can’t seem to land a job in their preferred suburbia. You know who else benefits from all this? White supremacy. The most racist gun advocacy white supremacist group is the NRA. Encouraging teachers to carry guns, will only increase their bottom line. This is going to be an entirely new market for handguns, and the NRA will cash in like fat rats. Fuck Trump!
You see, even when white people commit crimes against other white people, the legislation they want to pass will indirectly and directly affect us. We are marginalized, subjugated and expendable, and nobody gives a shit about that! One thing for sure, though, we are resilient. Despite attending schools in the jungle, Colin Powell and many of us have managed to achieve success, without ever having to commit mass murder, and be labeled a criminal. Perception and reality are two different things.

There are real black heroes in the world, you know?

One of the main reasons why Black people are in Love with Black Panther and the fictitious kingdom of Wakanda, is because most of us live on hope. We are not where we’re supposed to be, and we have not convinced ourselves that we have fought hard enough and stood up to white supremacy to change our situation, so we take any fictional story that glorifies us, in good spirit.
The idea that we have been depicted as pimps, prostitutes, servants, crooked cops and every demeaning character known to mankind on the big screen for so long, has stained our minds, and we are hopeful for change, even if it’s the form of fiction.
We celebrated the exoneration of OJ Simpson, not because we gave a shit about sellout ass OJ, but because the symbolism of justice weighed heavily on our hearts, and we finally got a chance to exhale. I don’t have a problem with black people showing pride for this movie, but why only for a period of time? Why can’t we show pride indefinitely? Why can’t we aim for our own Wakanda in the real world? Why can’t the rich millionaires in Hollywood and the film industry come together to create their own positive films that represents us in a good light?
There’s an inner conflict among most black people that most outsiders won’t understand, because a lot of other races have never been subjugated on an international level like we have. “It’s a black thing, you wouldn’t understand.” Even our music is viewed differently, because society has allowed it to become part of our reality. It’s never just entertainment for black people, like Harry Potter or Star Wars would be to white people. They had taken away that joy from us long ago, because they created the image of a villain with a veil of deception that paints our entire race as villains across the world.
Black Panther is simply a representation of a wish, and the symbolism of the status that most black people would like to achieve. T’chala is fictional and we are allowed to have him, because the most racist studio for the longest time, Disney, is also profiting from the success of this film. Don’t for one minute believe that Disney has shed their racist pretext in regards to black films. The character Killmonger is not a coincidence. I can bet you a million dollars they will never green light a movie about The Haitian Revolution, because history won’t allow them to change the outcome of the truth. They don’t want black people to have real heroes. It took this long for them to allow a fictional one, so forget about the true heroes who defeated them over 214 years ago in Haiti.
You see, history is usually attached to pride, but when your history has been made obsolete in the world on purpose, you can only be prideful when they allow you to be. Wakanda is based in Africa, and we’re out here showing African pride like it’s going out style. I’ve never seen so much Kinte cloth in one weekend. Haiti is also Africa, because before those slaves descended on Haiti, they were Africans, not Haitians. Before the ships docked in America, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, America, we were all Africans. Our history as black people is not restricted to American history, but they have forced us to accept it as such, and many black people are ignorant enough to disown their African ancestry. The pride you display by watching Black Panther, should also be the pride you develop when you read about Toussaint L’Ouverture, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Henri Christophe, Dutty Bookman, Capois LaMort and all those other real heroes who fought for the liberation of black people not just in Haiti, but all over South America and America as well.

Don’t be so quick to limit your pride to a fictional character. We have real heroes, but Haitian history has been rendered obsolete, because white supremacy has done everything in their power to destroy the valor and the supremacy of black people. The more you know, the further you’ll go. Wakanda happened in 1804 and beyond, but white supremacy destroyed it, only to create a fictitious one for you, in order to display pride. Every black person on this planet should own a copy of the “Black Jacobins.”Every black parent should make sure their child read that book. It’s the best book you’ll ever read.

Black Panther and the propaganda continues…

First of all, Black Panther was needed as a film for the black community, because it shattered all the myths that the national and international communities are not ready to support an all-black cast film. Now, maybe they can seriously think about considering Idris Elba as the next James Bond? He’ll definitely be the coolest. In addition, Ryan Coogler has also opened the door for black directors to have film budgets over 7 million dollars, which is what’s offered to most black films made in Hollywood. My degrees are in film and television writing and production, so I’m always happy when a brother breaks the glass ceiling. It gives hope to black filmmakers. There’s a difference between real filmmakers and the jokers who call themselves filmmakers. Bad filmmakers don’t realize they are also closing the doors for up-and-coming filmmakers when they make a crappy film. Ryan Coogler is a very talented young cat. I noticed a few errors with the editing in the movie, but overall, it was great. The movie earned 201 million dollars in the US, which is the highest grossed film ever for the month of February, and 5th overall for all films. We’re making progress. The film earned an additional 169 million dollars overseas, which makes it profitable from its 200 million dollar budget.
Having said that, I also have issues with this film. the underlying message that black people are evil for wanting to help other black people, is endless propaganda in Hollywood. Some of you may not be aware of this, but Ryan Coogler, as a director and co-writer of the film, had to cave in to Hollywood’s demands by making Killmonger’s character (Michael B. Jordan) evil for wanting to help the black folks around the world that Africa has turned its back on. No African leader ever made any demand for slavery on behalf of our forefathers, and no African nation built a strong enough armed forces to prevent slavery from happening again. I digressed. Otherwise, that film wouldn’t have been made without the compromises. The resolution is always the same; build centers, invest in the community, while white supremacy stays intact, and destroys everything we have done to make our community better. White supremacy does not want to see black progress, because it defeats the purpose and reasoning behind white supremacy. Black Wall Street was no coincidence when it was destroyed. Anyway, let’s move on… We continue to sell this bullshit narrative to black people, keeping them hopeful, without accomplishing a damn thing to ease the burden of poverty, injustice and inequality worldwide. This movie was a representation of black people worldwide, not just in America. How many centers are people like LeBron and many other black philanthropists going to build, before realizing white supremacy is the real problem? The point is, we’re not supposed to stand up to white supremacy, because white supremacy controls all that we do. At the end, we must revert to hope and philanthropy, instead of training and developing our own line of defense against them. The actual story is based on true events about the kingdom of Zimbabwe prior to slavery. The fictitious natural resource they’re referring to is actually Gold in real life. Zimbabwe is rich in gold. They used it to trade with some of the world’s most advanced countries back in the day. The female warriors actually existed as they do in the film. It’s always easier to write a great story when it derives from reality. Funny enough, the Zimbabwean leader, Robert Mugabe, did exactly what Michael B. Jordan’s character wanted to do, but they somehow managed to defeat him at 96 years old.
Black people are just happy with anything that’s given to them, without demanding their just dues. 40 acres and a mule were not delivered, because black people made no such demand. They waited for white people to decide what they were going to do for them. Meanwhile, Obama was green lighting millions of dollars for the victims of the Holocaust. And we’re not even in Germany! I’m not telling people not to be proud of the film, but please keep your eyes open as to what these people are forcing down our throats, and the compromise that black filmmakers have to make, in order to please Hollywood, and attain success at the same damn time. There will never be a Wakanda, because white people have made sure of that, but what we can do, is stop being a pawn in their chess game, and peel the layers to understand how white supremacy works and how we can defeat it.