Be aware of their master plan.

I’m gonna make this as matter of fact, and as truthfully I possibly can.
White people have made the world their oyster for the most part. They can backpack anywhere in the world; live a decent life anywhere in the world; create chaos anywhere in the world; establish peace anywhere in the world; steal properties, land and resources anywhere in the world; control governments anywhere in the world; impose governments anywhere in the world; create conflicts anywhere in the world; create a safe haven for themselves anywhere in the world; become rich anywhere in the world; act racist anywhere in the world; treat people like shit anywhere in the world; tell the world how other people ain’t shit anywhere in the world; marginalize people anywhere in the world; exploit people anywhere in the world; they can feel supreme anywhere in the world; they can bomb any place in the world; and still face no repercussion for their actions.
All black people are just living in the world created for them by white people. Whether in America, Africa, Canada, the Caribbean, South America, and wherever you can find black people, they are living in an environment created for them by white people. Some of you might want to question my statement and how true it is, right? Well, let me explain… Most of the leaders in any black, third world, or minority country(sorry for using the term “minority,” because we all know that white people are the minority in the world. They even want to control that truth, too.) around the world, cannot go against the best interest of America, France, Britain, and Canada. If they do, their fate is usually handed to them in a box that takes them six feet under. We can go from Kwame Nkrumah who was the president of Ghana, to Muammar Gaddafi of Lybia, Sadam Hussein of Iraq, and all the other presidents they assassinated, removed from power, attempted to assassinate and so on, the script is always the same, white people want to control how we live and there’s no repercussion for their crime. They removed Aristide from power in Haiti, attempted to assassinate Castro over 100 times in Cuba, they imprisoned Manuel Noriega (president of Panama), they murdered Patrice Lumumba, and a long list of assassinations and removal of African leaders orchestrated by the CIA. Who’s going to hold these white murderers accountable?
The best way for us to live, according to them, is in poverty. They must all be rich, and the rest of the world must be poor. In addition, they must live in peace, while the rest of the world live in chaos and despair. They must have all the resources, while the well of the rest of the world runs dry. They must be judge and jury against the rest of the world. When are we gonna say enough is enough?
I know as Black Americans, most of you probably believe you somehow benefit from some of the shit America has done to the world because of your birthright, but really? Let’s see… when black folks decided to pull themselves by the bootstraps to become financially independent, and they started to prosper in Rosewood, Florida, Tulsa (Black Wall Street), Oklahoma, Durham, North Carolina and many other wealthy black communities across America, white folks came and burned those cities down. Even today, Prince George county in Maryland is one of the wealthiest black counties in America, but white people have a problem with the fact that these affluent black parents have children that are graduating from high school and heading to college. Wouldn’t a country be proud when all its citizens are prospering? Not really. America only wants to see white people prosper. Around the world, they don’t want to see any African or brown country prosper.
One of the main reasons why white people are trying to prevent so many black countries from thriving, is because they want to maintain their stronghold on black people, not just in America, but around the world. They want to limit the options of black people, while their options are limitless.
Imagine if Liberia was thriving economically, on par with America and the rest of the world technologically, jobs in abundance, peaceful, prosperous future, stable government, secure, fully developed, and education was great, how many of us would migrate to Liberia? I’m using Liberia as an example, because it was established by former slaves, but the same can be applied to Haiti, Jamaica or any other black country of your choosing. Where do you think black immigrants would migrate to if they had the option to choose a thriving country in Africa? Where do you think all the talented black people in America would go to in order to escape racism? You think they would stay here and face white people’s bullshit on a daily basis, and deal with a glass ceiling in every aspect of their lives? Hell no!! First of all, don’t believe the hype! There is a glass ceiling. Jordan is part of their plan, and so is Oprah. They don’t even make up 1% of the top 1% in America. We must look at the bigger picture, and see the tactics that white people have used to maintain control over us for so long. It’s not that they’re smarter than us, we just accept the environment they create for us, and the guidelines they have established to keep us marginalized around the world.
The great awakening is not going to be easy. In fact, it may not even happen in my lifetime. However, it will happen. Because there will be millions of people like me, who will question the motive of white people in the world, and they’ll finally come together to put a stop to their mission, and stop them once and for all. Right now, the white agenda is universal, and white people work collectively to maintain control of the world. They create their own Oasis at the expense of everybody else living in hell. We must recognize that. Every great civilization crumbles at one point in time, but black folks must not continue to wait in vain much longer. We need to start opening our eyes to their demagoguery sooner rather than later.

Let’s do a better job interacting with one another.

Black folks,

I’m gonna need y’all to do a better job greeting one another when you see each other on the street, at work, or anywhere that you come into close proximity with your brothers and sisters. Some of y’all are quick to greet white strangers or your white co-workers at work, but when you see a fellow brother or sister, you wanna start mean-mugging them like they’re your enemy. Who turned us against each other? Why does your scowl disappear at the sight of white people?
I noticed most of the guys at my gym would just look at me like they want to fight or something, so I started reaching out and greet them. I had to take that scowl off their foreheads. We can’t live in harmony, if we don’t get along with each other. We have to stop acting like we are enemies.
Black dudes, especially, have problems with other black men for no fucking reason. We fear one another, we want to intimidate one another, we don’t talk to one another and it’s always a stare down contest among black men, if they happen to make eye contact. Other times, they just ignore one another. That shit needs to stop. We can’t keep talking about unity, when we can’t find it in ourselves to greet one another.
Now, as for the black women, you don’t have to look so mean. Sometimes we only want to say “hi” to you. That smile you share with the white boys, try sharing that with the brothers as well. Some of you be looking mean for no goddamn reason. The scowl on your faces have turned to wrinkles, because it’s almost permanent on your faces around black people, but quick to smile for white folks. We just can’t keep on like that.

My African and West Indian brethren, you all need to stop looking down at some of your African American brothers. Y’all need to stop assuming all the stereotypes you have ever heard about black men in America. In the south, black people are a little more cordial, but in the north, these Negroes look like they’re in fighting mode all the fucking time. Ready to unload and looking as mean as they can possibly front. Nobody’s gonna do shit to you. The way to break down somebody’s wall, is to greet them. All that mean mugging will just disappear. Half these dudes ain’t even as hard as they pretend to be. And half of you aren’t even as scared as you wanna be. There’s no reason to be afraid of each other.

My African American brethren, you all need to remove all the prejudices in your head about black immigrants. They didn’t come here to take your job, and they are not your enemy. How can somebody take away your job when they had to travel over 20 hrs from Africa on a plane to get here? If you wanted the job, an immigrant from another country wouldn’t have access to it. You’re already here. That bullshit makes no sense. Take your anger and frustrations somewhere else. Believe it or not, some of the brothers and sisters from Africa and the West indies can use your guidance and support, because most of them are coming from countries where there are few white people. The assimilation from process is not easy for them, in addition to the language barrier for many of them. Black unity cannot happen until we shed all our prejudices toward one another. Unfortunately, most black immigrants tend to see white people as more friendly when they get here, because most of them don’t get to interact with white people on a daily basis. They usually settle in a black neighborhood or ghetto, so their only exposure is to the harsh ghetto life of African Americans. We must do better, and come to a point of respect for one another, in order for all black people to thrive. You can learn a lot from a black immigrant. All of them are from countries where you have to pull yourself by the bootstraps. There aren’t any government subsidies, projects, or food stamps. They can teach you how to get away from the traps set by the racist system in this country.
At the end of the day, we can all learn from one another. I’ve been lucky enough to understand both sides of the spectrum as a Haitian-American. Oddly enough, some people believe I’m more African-American than I am Haitian, and African Americans think I’m just Haitian. I’m Haitian to most of you, but I’m black to every white person who sees me. They don’t differentiate between Haitians, Africans, or African Americans. Don’t get it confused, your accent is not going to stop a cop’s bullet. Ask Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, Sean Bell, Abner Louima,Anthony Baez, Ousmane Zongo, Malcolm Ferguson,Alberta Spruil, Eric Garner and all the other dead black victims who came from all over the world. I’m not confused about their confusion. My balance is rare, but my prejudices are less. I have friends from all backgrounds, and my business associates come from all walks of life. Until black people understand the common denominator is our African heritage, we’re not gonna be able to use that as a stepping stone to build better relationships. I’m on a course of unity and to build a better image for us all. I can’t do it alone. You all are gonna have to participate and help me. Church shouldn’t be the only place you greet other black people!

It’s time to reconstruct our image!

I’m writing this to specifically address black people. This is my calling to you to help facilitate something that is very important to the treatment of black people worldwide, and that is our image.
I really don’t care where you’re from, or your background, but as long as you are a black person, this pertains to you. Yes, you are black, too, even if one of your parents is white or other. Don’t get it twisted!
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Linkedin are the most popular social media sites that we use to express ourselves and display to the world what’s going on in our daily lives and our communities. We must be very conscious of how we can use these mediums to help portray the black man and the black woman around the world. For centuries now, we have allowed white people to falsify an image of us using their own power of media and tactics. This image has propagated a negative outlook for black people worldwide. We know that we are the most resilient group of people in the world, but we have not always been the most resourceful. Film, television, radio and the news networks have destroyed our image for so long, it may take 3 more generations for us to reconstruct our image to the world. Whether their propaganda is fixated on handing out Oscars to black people for playing maids, housekeepers, pimps, dirty cops, thieves and other subservient and negative roles that they feel are deserving, to maintain their long hard work of establishing a distorted image for us, or the 6 o’clock news depicting us as drug dealers, drug users and murderers, it has somehow become effective. Though the racists who can’t argue their reasoning for racism are happy to see these images, the media’s tactics have been effective nonetheless. We must take away that weapon! Now, we must understand this is not just a national propaganda to destroy our image and to construct the image they would like to present to the world, but it’s also being done on an international level. In the 80’s, they blamed the HIV virus and AIDS on Haitians(unproven lies). The first person to carry the HIV virus into the United States was a white male flight attendant named Gaetan from Canada. They paint pictures of Africa as an uncivilized jungle without any development whatsoever, and most of you believe that bullshit! They show the hood as a war zone, no matter what the city, but when white people start to gentrify it, they call it diverse, without calling it what it really is, a hostile takeover! We must be aware of their propaganda machine, and we must do everything in our power to revise the image these racists have created on our behalf. There’s no such thing as a liberal media. Don’t believe the hype! Liberal white people enjoy the privilege of our distorted image just as much as the racists do. White privilege does not differentiate between liberals and racists. The seeds have been planted by the entire media, and it’s now up to us to change our image ourselves. We must refer to this as “The Reconstruction Period.” We must undergo this surgery to change our image, and it’s going to take a collective efforts, and we all must become surgeons, in order for the overhaul of our image to work.
Since we’re not all news anchors behind the desk of a major network; we’re not all directors in Hollywood; we’re not all television producers; and we’re not all mayors and governors of major cities and states, we must use the tools available to us to reconstruct our image in the world. What I’m asking is very simple and basic: please help spread positive images and stories about black people on your social media accounts. I’m not saying rachetness does not happen, but we don’t have to push it online for millions of people to see. All you have to do is hit the “block or delete” button when you see rachetness on your feed. Do not share it. It’s not entertainment. It’s the destruction of our image. We can find millions of positive stories daily to share online. Make somebody in your community famous for the good work they are doing in your community. I don’t really care about seeing crackheads, brawls, foul mouthed children, foul mouthed mothers telling off their baby daddies, stupid men fighting or jumping other black men, dumb rappers, naked black women, poorly behaved children, poor parenting, thefts, and all that other bullshit drama that most of you are sharing online. We can’t keep complaining about how they destroy our image everyday, while we continue to add to it.
I’m asking you to please share this post publicly on your page, because we must start this “Reconstruction Period” and shove it all the way down their throats, the same way they have been shoving distorted images of us down our throats and the rest of the world.

They’re never gonna change!

I didn’t write this for debate. Fuck your love for white people!

I was watching a segment of the news last night that did an investigation on whether or not millennials are less racist than their parents. The verdict….millennials are no less racist than the racists in the 50’s and 60’s. The only difference is, millennials have a platform on social media to display their racism, while the old racists gathered among themselves to spew their hatred and discuss their racism. Facebook is full of private racist groups. A lot of black people are delusional to believe that white people have come a long way. For as long as there was a generation of racists who raised these millennials, the sentiments will always be passed on.
If you grow up in a house where your parents spew hatred toward other people, chances are, you’ll embrace those sentiments and actions. I hate racist white people with a passion, but stupid black people interpret my hatred for racists as hatred for all white people. Half these black nincompoops don’t understand that I don’t have the capacity to be racist. Whose lives and destiny do I control? Whose resources do I hold in my hands? Some of you need a course in racism, and it should not be taught by white people. Truthfully, I care about black people first, and some black folks still have an issue with that. Black folks also like to use Hip Hop culture to make excuses for white people becoming more tolerant. GTFOH with that bullshit! People in the 50’s and 60’s thought Rock N Roll was a “unifier” of all people. They also thought that shit about disco in the 70’s. What happens is, white people usually appropriate our culture for their own benefit and gain, and too many of us are just too fucking eager to roll the welcome mat for them. Motherfuckers like James Ingram, Justin Timberlake, Eminem and many others end up getting rich, because of an art created by black people. However, black people are so fucking desperate for tolerance from white people, they end up misconstruing white people getting rich from our art as tolerance.
Millennials are just as racist as their parents, just as their parents are just as racist as their grandparents. Hatred is innate for most white people. They go around the world hating everybody, and they have a problem with peace and harmony. Wherever there’s peace and harmony, white people always find a way to create conflict, in order to disrupt peace. White people like to starve and kill people for their own pleasure. They’re all caught up with population control. They want to freely roam the world, while forcing others to show they are worthy before accessing the rest of the world. Most French, British and US citizens don’t need a visa to travel to most places around the world, but every other citizen from other countries need to demonstrate they are worthy of a visa. Though we have black citizens in those countries as well, but the intention was never to make it easy for their black citizens to see the world either. After all, few black people like to travel the world, because they don’t feel comfortable doing it. White people treat the world as their oyster. They can fucking backpack almost anywhere. Black folks have to worry about racism and white supremacy everywhere. Whether it’s the Middle East or Africa, white people are behind every conflict and every war going on in those regions. They are financing wars all over the world, because these sick fucks don’t understand peace.

White people have not just manipulated all people to think they are supreme, but they’ve also managed to fool humanity into believing they are more humane. A total fucking fallacy! We can blame the media all day for creating this and that, but when will we look at white people for who they are? Their history dictates nothing but theft, exploitation, hatred, invasion, kidnapping, and violence everywhere they go. Still, white people have managed to psychologically fool people into believing in their goodness. Then again, it’s very easy for the foolish to be fooled. They are great at creating negative propaganda for everything. While white people were in Iraq killing innocent women and children, their propagandists were on the other side showing the US army rescuing and feeding people. For every 1 million people they kill around the world, the media shows the 10,000 they are feeding to maintain their good standing in the world. America is quick to point out human rights violations across the world, but these sick fuckers violate the rights of black people every fucking day in this country.
When you take a closer look at the immigration problems around the world, white people are responsible for all of them. Look at the countries people are fleeing to; they’re all white countries, because those white countries have created chaos in the homelands of these immigrants, and they’ve stolen all their resources. France, Britain, and the USA are top destinations for most immigrants. Those same countries are also the top countries that colonized most of the world. They are still the top countries reaping the benefits of white supremacy and colonization. White people are invaders by nature. Whether they’re invading the habitat of animals and killing them as trophies, or murdering humans indiscriminately, they just get a kick out of destroying humanity. They’re not happy unless they are killing, stealing and controlling everybody’s shit. Those millennials are being taught the same shit. The more things change, the more they remain the same. White people are not ready for change, because their illness must first be diagnosed, and they have to admit to the psychological imbalance that takes shape in their minds. We are dealing with a group of psychos who don’t know how to stop being psychotic.

We need to start embracing Africa.

The biggest problem among black people, is the fact they have all accepted the Caribbean islands, the United States, Brazil, and other drop-off locations around the world that white people enslaved them, over the entire African continent.
We are weakened every time we detach ourselves from the African continent. All white people claim Europe as their motherland, regardless of where they are in the world. Their European ancestry matters to them the most, and they will come together to show the supremacy of Europe against other races. The Africans are still struggling with their identity crisis, because they’re allowing Patriotic pride of where they were enslaved, to supersede their African pride.
Too many of you are quick to say, “I’m not African,” but white people remind you every day that you are indeed African. You can be from Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Nigeria or anywhere in the world, white people will refer to you as African American. Even in America, “African” comes before “American,” to describe black people. European Americans are nonexistent here, because they’re simply American. While they use “African-American” to tell the world you’re not fully American, but also African, you should embrace the fact that your ancestry is African. We’re quick to pay our money, a white company, to tell us where in Africa we came from, but we don’t want to embrace our African heritage.
The unity we seek worldwide will never happen, because we tend to be our own worse enemy, when it comes to African pride. Even Haitians, though they have been independent for 214 years, still need to go to Africa to connect to their roots. Their ancestry didn’t start in Haiti, just like African American ancestry didn’t start when slavery began.
When the racists are angered, they seek out black people to murder. They don’t stop and say, “You’re African American, you can go.” Until we understand how bringing different tribes from Africa to the New World to keep us from uniting helps white supremacy thrive, we’ll never understand why the fight to end white supremacy is endless and continuous. The mental bondage they created many years ago is still effective today. We must break those psychological chains, and come to a point of understanding, in order for us to see how the contribution of any black person anywhere in the world, is also a contribution to the elevation of the African race everywhere. Pele is not just Brazilian. He’s seen as Afro-Brazilian. Every black person in the world who is great, is not simply seen as a citizen of their birth country, if the primary population is white. There’s always a reminder that they are African. We should embrace it, and use it to our benefit to make sure black folks around the world are elevated. Whether you like it or not, our common denominator is Africa. You can’t find the root of a problem, if you don’t know the common denominator. Just because we live a certain way in America, France or Britain, it doesn’t erase from the minds of the racists that we are second class citizens to them. Don’t allow racist white people to tell you that you are different, because you carry African American, French or British citizenship. White people wanna act like they are citizens of the world, while forcing black people to accept just a little part in the world. While you may be laughing at the struggling African, Jamaican or Haitian, white people are laughing and spewing their hatred toward all of us.

The only country that saw strength in Unity in the history of black people,was Haiti. And Haitians are also the only people that can boast true independence, because they united against slavery. Everybody else had to appeal to the “goodwill” of their racist enslavers for their independence. Haitians didn’t ask or beg for it, they took it! Remember that!

When is it ever okay to be black anything?

Most black people talk about being white famous, white rich, white this and white that, because black famous, black rich and black anything is not good enough. There’s even a show called “White famous” on television now. Chris Rock talked about the difference between being black rich and white rich. That’s the problem, though, all we do is talk. We continue to talk about how we admire white people in every way. Black folks can’t wait to make white money. There’s a lot of talk going on about white this and that, which leaves us very little time to embrace anything black.
A lot of black women aspire to achieve white beauty at all cost. Whether it’s the European weave or anything that shields their natural African beauty from the world, they’re all for it. They can’t wait to go praise their white Jesus on Sundays, while wearing their best European outfits. Just a bunch of Negroes who will do anything to get as close to white as possible. When I talk about these subjects, it’s like a punch to the gut for many of you. The truth of the matter is, most of you are white people with black skin, looking for the approval of real white people. There’s very few of us who embrace anything African. Whenever I call white people out for the devil that they are to the world, you cringe and some of you even come out to defend them. “They’re not all racists,” most of you will say, but they all damn sure benefit from racism and the marginalization of black people. Even black people with money follow the same path of exploitation by white people to make their money. They don’t mid being exploited, as long as it’s white people exploiting them.
We are now in 2018, and it’s time for black people to try to be black famous, black rich, and black everything, because white people get white rich off black people. A lot of them get white famous off black art. They get white wealthy off black talent. They get white superiority over your stupid black asses, with self esteem too fucking low to embrace your own beauty and believe in your own abilities. White people get everything because of black fear, a fear they instilled in us long ago. Until most of you wake the fuck up, the fallacy of white supremacy will continue to exist.
All the billionaire team owners are wealthy, because of mostly black talent. The NBA consists of 80% black players. The NFL is 70% black. Boxing has been dominated by black people for centuries now. Africa has gold, diamond and other resources that white people love, so why the fuck should you want to be white rich, when all they’re doing is exploiting your black ass to get their wealth? Black people are fucking cowards in every way, because they need their white daddy to guide them in everything. Jordan was too afraid to build his own brand, so he sold his likeness to Nike for less than 1%. Jordan receives a 90 million dollar check from Nike every year, while the Jordan brand earns Nike 24 billion annually. Do the fucking math! LeBron and every super star athlete that came after him did the same fucking thing, but you’re talking about you wanna be white rich? Negro, build your own shit and own your name! That’s a fucking start! Don’t laugh at Lavar Ball for wanting to create his own shit, applaud him. He can be an asshole, but he’s showing you what can be done. Start your own fucking leagues, since you have the talent. Create your own fucking sneakers, since you’re the talented player with the fame. Build your own fucking community, since you live in the muthafucka. I’m tired of black people doing all this fucking talking, no matter how rich or famous they are. They complain about the fucking Oscars not having black actors represented, but you have a bunch of fucking black millionaires in Hollywood sitting on their money. They complain about exclusion from every fucking thing, but we have the resources to build our own. Black people just like to fucking complain to their white daddy, and show public adoration for him. Until you can stand the fuck up and become an independent black thinker, all your ass will be doing is complaining. Negroes like Obama will have nothing but hope and speeches to offer your stupid asses!
I don’t mince my words, because I don’t give a fuck about your feelings. Take your grown ass somewhere and think about how you can start acting like a fucking adult without your white daddy!

Understanding the black immigrant

I wrote a post yesterday out of anger about Trump, but in retrospect, it should’ve been about those buffoons in the Haitian government. I’m still saying, “Fuck Trump,” but I must also attack the catalysts for his venom.
Most Americans have no idea what it’s like for a person to leave their homeland in search of a better life elsewhere. The only references they have, are those romanticized television footage of Europeans invading Ellis island and the stories of white immigrants coming to America to help build this country, and to create a better life for themselves. Wrong! America was already built by the enslaved Africans. The Europeans came over to reap the benefits. Don’t believe the hype! By the time the Europeans landed on the shores of New York, the African slaves had built an oasis for them, while they were still living in hell and bondage themselves.
As a kid, I always wondered why my father left his homeland to come to America. I didn’t process his explanation until I became an adult. Nobody wants to leave their native land to move to a new country to be humiliated and adapt to a new culture, unless they are forced to do so. I believe Papa Doc Duvalier was still president of Haiti when my father embarked on his journey to America. It was no promise land when he arrived here. He was barely earning minimum wage at the ripe young age of 25, when he was still full of potential. America would take away all his potential and dream, because he was forced to assimilate into a new culture, learn a new language, and work a menial job that he wouldn’t otherwise work in his homeland. My father was a trained accountant back in Haiti, but due to his race and a language barrier when he first arrived to America, in addition to the American school system not recognizing his credentials from Haiti, he was forced to wash dishes and accepted other menial positions, in order to support his family that were back in Haiti. He’s a proud man, and always earned his due. He has worked hard and received as many training as possible, in order to achieve his dream of owning a home, and to provide for his family. By the time my father reached his mid 30’s, he had worked hard enough to bring his entire family to the states legally. As a matter of fact, every single member of my family has assimilated into American society and they are all now American citizens. In addition, my father had plenty of American born children after getting married and settling here. Among our family members, there are plenty of productive college graduate professionals, including myself.
Most Americans don’t understand the struggles of newly arrived black immigrants in a country that is already racist against its own black citizens. It’s a double whammy, because sometimes the fellow black brothers and sisters are no less racist toward black foreigners than the white people. We all have had to endure prejudice and racist behavior coming from our fellow black men and women, in addition to the white racist system. Immigrants are not in this country by choice, it’s usually a forced decision to escape destitution forced upon them by the western world in their own country. Of course, they always have cohorts who work with them to enforce their white supremacy. Those sellouts need to be shot! America is responsible for the hunger that’s been going on in Haiti and across Africa. These people are bloodsuckers who like to suck the blood out of a country, and then turn around to expose to the world their destitute state. America has destroyed the livestock industry in Haiti. They have destroyed agriculture in Haiti. They have influenced infrastructure in Haiti in the most negative way, and they have taken away the social fiber that instilled pride in Haitians.
The ignorance of Trump is also the ignorance of most Americans, black and white. Unfortunately, we also must hold accountable those Haitian puppets in Haiti that are part of the government, placed in power by the US government. In the last 60 years or so, no Haitian leader ran Haiti without the approval of the US government. The one and only elected Haitian president, Jean Bertrand Aristide, was removed, when he went against US policy toward Haiti. I didn’t mention Aristide to give him props or acknowledge his great efforts. He walked into a corrupted system backed by the US government, and he didn’t have the IQ to rearrange that system and create a balance that benefited both, the poor that supported him, and the rich who have been running the country to the ground. Chess is not his forte, so he turned to stealing for himself as well. Having said that, the US government has been there in every step, and their role has always been to humiliate Haiti, while in cahoots with the French, the British and the Spaniards, because Haitians long ago embarrassed them and defunct their claim of white supremacy.
When the “earthquake” or US HARP program, targeted Haiti, the first people on the ground to steal from the Haitian people were the Clintons. They ravaged Haiti financially and left the country in total disaster, while making their family super rich. The Clintons are part of that white supremacy machine that also destroyed black America through legislation Bill Clinton introduced specifically for the destruction of the black family. The prison industrial complex was created by Bill Clinton. These private prisons relied on Clinton to keep them filled to capacity, because the Clintons invested heavily in private prisons filled with black people. Why did Haitians even trust the Clintons? White people always want to fix their mistakes with a simple apology, while black lives have been destroyed. Not withholding the truth, Haiti is in a devastated state, due in part because of a former crackhead imposed on the people to be president by the US government. That said crakchead, known as Michel Martelly AKA “Sweet Micky,” has stolen more money from the coffers than any Haitian president in history, without having done nothing but sell the riches of the country to America and Canada. I’m still wondering why that asshole is even still alive. Haitians have never been cowards, but somehow and someway, the difficulties of their daily lives have forced them to cower, and always in search of a place to run for a better life.
The complexities of being Haitian American is not easy to explain on a blog, but understand that Haitians have never sought white compassion. We are a determined people and nothing that is thrown at us can shake our resilience. I’m proud of my heritage and all Haitians should walk with their heads up, because we are the liberators of all minority people in the free world. America was stolen, but Haitians were Africans stolen from Africa and forced to call Haiti home, and also made it the most feared island in the entire world. Remember that, jack!

When will we stand up?

It’s no longer a myth. It’s a fact that black people are cowards!

When I look at the conditions of black people around the world, I wonder if white people would allow their leaders to force them to live like animals, as these black people have. In the United States, the ghettos have not changed since they were created for the marginalization of the poor, ostensibly that became mostly black. These ghettos are a revolving door for crime, drugs, ignorance, destitution, hunger, illiteracy, unemployment, injustice and poverty. The ghetto has not mattered to American society since its inception. However, everyone profits from the ghetto. The plight of the ghetto is featured in books written by some of the world’s well known authors, in television by some of the world’s most prestigious journalists, and wherever it’s exploitable. As a matter of fact, many people earn their living off the ghetto. Whether it’s public speakers, psychologists, politicians, rappers, singers, businessmen, fake activists, pastors, or any hustler on a “get rich quick” scheme, can use the ghetto as a platform to build wealth.
Around the world, we see the same thing but not in as similar fashion as the ghettos of America. In America, the ghettos appear to be habitable places to the foreign eye, without them realizing what really goes on behind that veil of deception. When foreigners see tall buildings, they think of prosperity, unfortunately. We can go from Brazil, to South Africa, to Haiti, to Zaire, Jamaica, and many other black countries, and we’ll see the huts where black people are living under inhumane and unsanitary conditions. The rest of the world see their plight, but the best they can do is profit off it. There has never been a permanent solution offered, and the conditions continue to worsen around the world for black people. The unsanitary conditions of those people living in ghettos across the world like Tivoli Gardens in Jamaica, Cite Soleil in Haiti, Soweto in South Africa and the ghettos surrounding Rio in Brazil, are usually the subject of those who wish to create a name for themselves in literature, television, and other professions where ghetto folks are marginalized, in search of their own personal and professional gain.

It takes courage for a race of people to stand up to fight for change. Yeah, we’ve had the best of hustlers use “change” as a slogan to catapult their political career, while turning their backs on those who believed in their changing game. Change is not synonymous with begging, but that’s exactly what black people around the world have been doing. Through all their begging, though, white people continue to humiliate them and treat them like subhumans in every corner of the world. A revolution of the mind is more necessary than an actual bloody and violent revolution. Black people are too cowardice to change their minds about all things good regarding white people. For some odd reason, most black people continue to believe in the good nature of white people, despite their heinous history throughout the world toward black people. Black folks pray daily to a white god, in spite of the fact that this white god they have been praying to has not taken away their pain, struggles, hunger, persecution, maltreatment, humiliation, exploitation and denigration at the hands of white people. In order for a physical revolution to take place, the psychological reversal of the whitewashed mind must take shape, so cleansing of black people as a whole can take effect. “How long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look?” If you truly believe it’s a part of it, the annihilation of black people is definitely underway!

The complexities of love.

I haven’t written anything of substance that would require you to go beneath the surface of your brain to figure out certain things in your life. Sometimes I get in a zone where my psychoanalytical skills come into play, and something wonderful comes out.
I was just thinking about humanity’s necessity for love and how all of us thrive to be loved by our family, spouse and friends. In this fray of an endless search for love, we very seldom take a minute to examine where that love is coming from. We just wanna be loved at all cost, and there’s plenty of people out there willing to quench that thirst and satisfy our needs.
First of all, we must question our need for love. Do we wanna be loved just because, or is love something that will make us feel complete? Some of us accept pain as part of love. “Love hurts” they say. How can something so wonderful be painful? People in general are great chameleons. They’ll come into a situation and assess the need for love in a matter of a minute, especially when it has to do with neglect. There would be no pimps in the world, and no street walkers, if love wasn’t absent in the lives of those prostitutes that are being pimped. Even in prostitution there’s a search for love. In that particular case, it’s daddy’s love. Don’t worry, you can find plenty of women on the poles at the strip club void of daddy’s love as well. There are plenty of men who lack their mother’s love as well, so they seek it in their partner, forcing their partner to play dual roles of wife and mother in their lives. Love is so broad and it is so domineering, we try to find it in almost anything. Some people love their homes, cars, boat, children or spouse. Shit, we even love the weather. It’s just wonderful to love, right? Meanwhile, some people just love their habit and addiction. Actually, there’s a lot more people in love with their habit than they are in love with their family and children. However, it’s natural to proclaim our love for our children to the world, even when it’s not demonstrated. A crackhead doesn’t love his/her children any less than a functional addict, or a sober person.
We have a lot failed marriages and relationships in the black community, because so many black people never got accustomed to love the way humanity intended. White people took that ability away from us when they enslaved our forefathers. We have had to learn to love with faults. Meaning, “Love me as I am” should be perfectly normal. Nobody wants to be changed, in order to be loved. Mediocrity is accepted, as long as love is relevant.
In 2018, I’m asking to start questioning the love that you are receiving from certain people in your life. If a PERSON is a diabetic, and he/she can’t figure out a way to stop drinking, because his/her drinking affects his/her diabetes and health, that person doesn’t even love him/herself. So, how can they love somebody else? If a person suffers from high blood pressure and they can’t give up salt to save their lives, how can that person proclaim to love somebody else? If a drug addict doesn’t love himself enough to put himself through rehab to overcome his addiction for the love of self, how can he love somebody else? You must love yourself first. We’re over here accepting bullshit shallow love from anybody who’s willing to offer it, because it feels good, but we want to get mad when the person does things that signal that he doesn’t even love him/herself? This is especially true for people with children. You can’t keep boasting to the world your love for your children, but you’re not making sure they have a loving relationship with you and an overall better well-adjusted life than you. It’s fucking selfish! We have to start examining what it is to be loved, and what love means in our lives.

You’d think I have the answers, right? No sir! I have no answers. I’m simply observing the phenomenon of love, and the hypocrisy attached to it.