A Defining Moment In Our History.

We can use Ferguson as a defining moment in our history, in our community, and in this country. This is the time to take the steps to use this situation as a teaching moment for our children. Let’s teach them civil obedience, not civil disobedience. Let’s teach them how to be civil to themselves by empowering them financially. Fiscal responsibility is the key to changing America and to earn the respect that is due to us as black people. Certain sacrifices have to be made in order for change to occur in our lives. This is the time!

It is a slap in the face when it’s rumored that ABC paid $500,000.00 for Darren Wilson to sit down with George Stephanopoulos for an exclusive interview. This man showed no remorse for killing a young black man, and in addition, the powers that be are making sure he’s financially set for the rest of his life? Never mind the fact that a bunch of racists came together to raise another $500,000.00 for this murderer. So now, killing a black man can render a racist a millionaire? We already know about the flawed prosecution process that McCullough presented to the grand jury to ensure no indictment for Darren Wilson, something that has been deemed unprecedented by every prosecutor in this country. The time for change is now, and we need to attack on all cylinders.

People like McCullough are held to a higher standard. They decide the fate of thousands of people every year. Many men and women are jailed by prosecutors for crime that they sometime don’t even commit.  The innocent Project has proven how many of our men and women are justly imprisoned. They’ve gotten quite a few of them freed, but with conning people like McCullough, we don’t know how extreme it can be.  However, in this case where the prosecutor used laws that were overturned by the Supreme Court and presented them as facts to a grand jury, that prosecutor needs to be held accountable and charged for violating the law.  It is up to us to go to our congressmen to make sure they write legislation that would punish overzealous prosecutors with special interests in cases on either side of the law.  McCullough violated his oath as a prosecutor, and he should be removed from his position. Furthermore, thee federal government should prosecute him for his role in ensuring the freedom of Darren Wilson.

Next, we can address the addiction our children are developing to retail. The retail industry has told us time and time over that our buying power is over a trillion dollars. We play a vital role in stimulating the US economy every year, but our buying power is exploited, because of our own ignorance of economics. Let’s make them respect and appreciate that power. Let’s hold on to those dollars and make better sense of our situation this holiday season. Boycotting black Friday is a wonderful accomplishment, but how about we make it monumental? Let’s boycott holiday shopping for the entire holiday season. Let’s not give the retailers our money until the new year. Let’s see if we can destabilize the economy. Stimulating the economy has rendered us victims of institutional racism and racist practices for the last 200 years. It’s time to change that!

If you must shop, try to spend your money in your community and with businesses that reinvest in your community. Let’s stop all that marching, begging, getting arrested for no reason and staying the victims. We can enact change collectively. I’m asking everyone to be selfless for one Christmas season. You can use this situation to open the eyes of your children, not just for their own benefit, but for their safety and livelihood as well. We need to save our children, and the only way to do that is to show them financial responsibility and their financial power at a young age. Let’s not stop at Black Friday. Let’s take it all the way to the new year. The bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama, lasted over a year. We can boycott the retail sector for a couple of months. Let’s do this together!

Teach your children how to use their hands and creative minds to make gifts this holiday season. Let their gift be a token of justice. We can do this, and we must do this. Aren’t you tired of crying over the same situation?

This is the movement we need to create, and it needs to catch fire quickly. Spread the word. Keep the black buying power in the black community this season.

Please share this with your friends and anybody willing to listen. I’m really trying my best to come up with solutions, but I need your diligence to help implement them. See you on the other side of justice!blacklives

White People Need To Recognize They Are Despicable!

Some of the most heinous, inhumane and despicable acts against African Americans and other groups have been committed by white people. The media is caught up with the rioting and looting that’s going on in Ferguson and around the rest of the country, but those behaviors were adopted from white people. The white race is the only race that would gather  in a square as a mob to watch a human being get burned alive, just because of the color of his/her skin. The white race is the only race with a history of lynching black people without verifiable facts. The white race is the only race that would applaud a lynching in a public square, and bring their little children to witness their vile acts to continue their hateful tradition. The white race is the only race with a history of removing babies from the womb of the black woman while she’s still alive. The white race is the only race who gets pleasure out of castrating the black man because of a white woman’s lie. The white race is the only despicable race that would raise money to defend murderers of young black men.  The white race is the only race that would incite riots just because of the outcome of a sporting event they either like or dislike. The white race is the only race in the history of mankind that has annihilated the Indians, in order to steal their land. The white race is the only group of people that traveled to Africa to capture slaves for their own financial gains. The white race is the only race that has come up with derogatory  terms to refer to every other group on this planet to humiliate them. White people are the only people who make up reason to go to war with other countries for the thrill of killing. White people are the only people who see color and nothing else, in order to justify their hatred. Too bad nobody else sees their color, because if black people and Indian people saw their color first, white people would’ve never expanded their world out of Europe. Africa belongs to the Africans and America belongs to the Indians/Native Americans.

Until white people acknowledge how despicable they are, we are going to continue to have the threat of racism, white supremacy, and world domination by white people. White people are destructive and hateful, and the world needs to recognize that. Only white people can change who they are. Nobody else will be able to do it for them. Only white people can stop racism, because their hatred for other human beings have no basis. Only white people can look in the mirror and say enough is enough, because nobody can force them into accepting their truth.

If white people want to point the finger to the so called savages, the glass house where they reside might as well get hit by a boulder.

The Reason for Rioting and Looting…

The psychology of looting is not often talked about in the media. The media will have you believe that black people are the only people who commit the act of looting, which is a completely inaccurate tale. I can’t believe I’m up at 1 o’clock in the  morning writing this blog. I’m pissed. I need to release the tension from this Ferguson decision. I’m sure there are other ways to release tension, but I’m not in the mood for that.

When you have a prosecutor with a vendetta to prosecute people at all cost, and turn a blind eye to justice when it comes to cops, because his father was shot in the line of duty. There’s a big conflict of interest and justice would never be served. The way this case was handled by this prosecutor was unprecedented. McCullough acted more as the defense attorney for Darren Wilson, while presenting facts to the grand jury to make sure Wilson would not get indicted. There should be legislation introduced to prosecute prosecutors when they violate the rules of law in the courtroom. Too many black  men have been released from prison lately after serving time for crimes they had not committed, due to the determination of overzealous prosecutors. Those prosecutors should be jailed for false prosecution and for breaking the law. McCullough and the governor of Missouri are responsible for the chaos that’s taking place in Missouri. The governor knew long ago there would not be an indictment, which is why he called in the National Guard days in advance. He’s an accomplice in this criminal plot to allow a murderer to walk free. It’s all part of white privilege in America, where democracy is filtered, and through the smokescreen, the practice of apartheid is continuous under this false pretense of equal justice for all.

The media cannot stop covering the looting and rioting that’s going on in Ferguson, but what they are failing to tell us is that looting and rioting took shape many years ago when white people didn’t want to obey the law in Boston. However, they called it The Boston Tea party, not a riot, but a party. White people loot because of privilege, without conscience or  any moral clause attached to their looting. They didn’t want to pay tax, so they looted. Fast forward 200 years, now white people loot when their favorite teams lose or win a championship. They loot after a concert, and they loot because they’re bored. Sometimes they loot and riot just because. Most importantly, they loot and riot because of hatred.

Black people, on the other hand, loot because they have been silenced, exploited and oppressed. Often times, the businesses in the black community are not black owned. The business owners are often rude, inhumane and condescending.  To top it all, business owners in the black community often mark up their inventory 25% higher in price to legally extort the community. The explosion of bottled up anger manifests itself when the system compounds it with injustice toward a member of the community. Lately, the injustice has been unjustified murder. While it’s true that looters often destroy their own community, as is the case with most black riots, however, the losers are usually the white, Asian, Italian and Jewish business owners and the insurance companies who stand to lose money to pay out  for the claims. Of course, Black people suffer the brunt of it as well. I’m not that naive.  Frustrated with an unfair justice system, black people usually have to resort to looting to get some sense of justice. The only way to get back at the system is to reap some kind of financial or material gain instantaneously after an injustice has been witnessed. It’s self-fulfilling for some looters. It’s the only voice some people have. White people riot and loot far more often than blacks. If you look up the history of riots and looting in this country, you will notice that most of the riots and looting committed by blacks have had historical context, whereas white rioters and looters are often doing it just for kicks, or they are out demonstrating their hatred for the black race, which is usually manifested in racist riots with a lynch mob in tow. White people’s looting is often precipitated by a sense of privilege and entitlement, and inflamed by alcohol consumption. They’re easily set off. If a black man gets a better position than them at work, even if that black man is more qualified, they often feel entitled to a riot. If a black city or town is doing better then their town financially, they feel entitled to burn it down, as was the case in Tulsa, Oklahoma(Black Wall Street) and Rosewood, Florida. White people will just fabricate reasons to stir a riot. It’s the hatred inherent in some of them.
The only justice we get to hand out, is to root out the businesses in the community. Despite what white people in the media say, riots and looting send a strong message to the white institution that injustice in the black community takes away justice from those who want to profit and exploit the community. It’s the only solution to injustice for a silent group of people. Their system is not designed to protect us, but they also leave their bloodsuckers in the hood vulnerable. This is the result of a people’s voice taken away from them.

Looting and rioting will continue  as long as America continues to turn a blind eye to injustice. Insurance companies will have to foot the bill for the collateral damage, and white and other business owners will also suffer as a result. It’s in the best interest of all parties to make sure injustice is rooted out everywhere. “Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere,” Dr. martin Luther King Jr.

White injustice affects their own bottom line when looters take to the streets to enact their own justice.


Are Black Women’s Strength and Independence taking away from their femininity?

Since the beginning of time, Black women have always stood shoulders to shoulders with black men. Whether they were in the field picking cotton alongside each other or in the boardroom conducting business next to their fellow black men, they seemed to have shared the workload equally, forever. Unfortunately, white society has burdened the black woman with the responsibility of the black family from the time she was brought to the west from captivity in Africa. Even after slaving in the cotton field for hours, white mistresses would force black women to breastfeed their infants. It was a never-ending workload, and the black woman can be compared to none when it comes to strength, energy, determination, but most of all, the ability to stay strong.

While the black male was being emasculated by the racist plantation owners, it was the black woman who stepped in to assume the responsibilities for the children. Fast forward 400 years, and nothing has changed. Black men are incarcerated at an alarming rate, and their unemployment status is at an all-time high, so that only leaves the black woman to muster the strength to carry the burden of raising children alone and providing for them without the assistance of a partner. She continues to be the head of household. She has no choice. Every parent wants a break from their children every now then, but imagine never having that choice when it comes to financial responsibility and raising children? Without too much thrashing of the deadbeat dads and other irresponsible men, black women have also carried the burden of being mothers as well as fathers, in addition to being sole providers for their children. All of this burden can bring about animosity, but most of the black women I know do this job daily without giving it a second thought. Their hearts are big like that. While most of them are misread by the media as being angry, too strong and too overbearing, the media is missing the most important character trait of the black woman, which is resilience. That’s right, the black woman is the most resilient woman in the world, which is key to her survival and strength. She can’t be broken. Despite all that she goes through,  she can still find it in her heart to love her children, her partner and face the world everyday with fervor. She doesn’t run away when the going gets tough, but everyone needs their soul soothe every now and then. Since too many black men are running away from their responsibilities, black women are left to soothe their own souls.

Without the black woman’s strength and independence, where would the black community be? We would cease to exist if black women weren’t strong enough to carry us through many generations.  It’s okay to get angry every now and then, ladies. You’ve earned that right. Let it out and let the world know that you are the strength of our community and you will not be broken by their stereotypes. No other woman is as sexy as the black woman, and that’s a fact, Jack!