Celebrities and their public defenders

I believe celebrity is the worst weapon sometimes used to protect/defend deviant antisocial and criminal behavior. For some odd reason, the public often feel they know a celebrity intimately and personally, and for this reason, many celebrities used their status to victimize and silence their victims, not just with their money, but also with their celebrity status.

A couple of years ago, I wrote about Cosby’s deviant sexual behavior and his rape of women, and I couldn’t believe how many women came to his defense, as if they lived with the man and knew him personally. So many people don’t realize that everything in front of a camera is scripted and well coordinated to show that image to the public. Unfortunately, Cosby started to delusionally induce his Dr. Huxtable persona once he left his television set to deal with the black community at large. He was America’s favorite dad, and we bought into his fictitious bullshit. He became the voice of reason and the morality compass for how black children should be raised. All the while, his own daughter was a drug addict and a drop out at Spelman college, his son was murdered, and his other children barely have a relationship with him.

Cosby is the most dangerous kind of predator, because he has defenders, plenty of them. He had earned our trust. Men and women alike believed he was Cliff Huxtable. Meanwhile, plenty of young women were suffering in silence at the hand of this predator, because they didn’t have the courage to fight his clean image as America’s favorite dad. They got abused and paid a few dollars to keep their mouth shut when they wanted to let their voice be heard. In order to spare themselves public embarrassment by this “great man,” they all took the money. After all, nothing was truly going to mask their pain. Perhaps a few dollars and a better financial position in life could help them cope better. Who knows? With greedy lawyers willing to make a buck, they never have the victims’ best interest at heart. Settling a case allows everyone to get paid.

Often times, people who live in glass houses tend to have the loudest voices. However, when that stone come rolling down the hill, it usually turns out to be a boulder. Cosby’s voice was more than loud in our community. We need to stop empowering these celebrities, because we don’t know a damn thing about them other than their portrayal of fictitious CHARACTERS on television and on the big screen. That is their job and the only thing we know about them is their work. Like Cosby, Darren Sharper, the former New Orleans Saints player, drugged and raped many women, but because of his good looks, community service and the image created by him and his people, he was able to get away with his crime for a long time, and gathered many victims along the way.

It’s not a coincidence when 13 rape allegations have been brought against Cosby and he’s managed to settle with all of his victims to avoid prosecution. We can’t continue to enable people like Cosby to victimize their victims once with their celebrity, and twice silencing them with their money. I have a daughter and my job is to raise her to feel that her voice matters. When the public stands with a celebrity to take away the voice of the victim, we are creating a society of victims. I don’t have any ill feelings toward Cosby, but I despise rapists, and because I have a daughter, I will make sure that a rapist’s despicable act is exposed.

Let’s not be defenders of deviant behavior, let’s be defenders of truth and high morality. After all, we don’t even really and truly know our own spouse, not unless we grew up with them and have been around them all of our lives. People are great at constructing the image they want people to love. Always search for the truth, not what’s been sold to you as the perceived truth. How many times have you been shocked that someone you thought was a nice person committed a heinous crime?