Why Men Cheat With Less Desirable Women

Today’s Freaky Friday and I would like to talk about some of the undercover freaks like Arnold Crush-a-maida and a few other men who have cheated on their wives with women that aren’t even worth the trouble.

I’m finding most of the time when men cheat, they cheat with women that are either working for them or close to their family and are in a subordinate position. We can go back to the Clinton-Monica Lewinski debacle and see how easy it is for a man to become attracted to a woman that’s less desirable financially, intellectually and even physically than their wives sometimes. Too many wives feel that their husbands are more inclined to go after a desirable bombshell when they want to cheat. That’s rarely the case, and even when it is the case, the relationship with the bomshell bimbo is usually shortlived. However, that plain Jane looking woman that your husband may be around all the time, gives him easy access and control.

First of all, it’s not hard for a man in a powerful position to make a plain Jane feel desirable. All it takes is a subtle compliment. The plain Jane is usually envious of the beautiful, glamorous wife, anyway. So her best weapon of revenge is to sleep with the husband. It’s vengeful because Ms. Plain Jane will keep their secret while holding in her laugh in the presence of the wife. Also, these men tend to find the less powerful women easier prey because they figure they can control them emotionally, and most of the time, financially also. Just imagine how that maid felt when Gov. and Mr. Arnold “I’ll be back, movie star” Schwartzeneger responded to her flirtatious ways the first time? She no longer felt like a second class citizen in the presence of Maria Shriver. She wanted to be number one in his heart and the way to do that was to drop her panties and let him have it any way he wanted, especially raw. The lady herself was married, but her husband couldn’t even hold Armold’s jockstrap, as far as she was concerned. These men are dumb enough to think they have the situation under control because of their powerful position. Who would’ve thought John Edwards was cheating on his wife? Why would a president allow an intern to give him a blowjob? An intern? It’s because these powerful men think they can control the situation when it involves a subservient person.

The fact that these men don’t even care to use protection while cheating, only reaffirms the belief that they are invincible. Strauss-Khan is going to find out the hard way about his invicibility as the woman he allegedly raped has been allegedly diagnosed as HIV positive. If Clinton had gone further with Monica Lewinski, I’m sure there would’ve been a lovechild there as well. Monica was too happy about the blowjob, so she blew her chance to take it to the next level. She was young, excited and couldn’t keep her mouth shut, literally.

The fact that when men like Arnold, Clinton, Jesse Jackson, and even the IMF Chief Strauss-Khan who allgedly raped a maid in Manhattan, are defended and supported by their wives in the media is very disturbing. Arnold has a history of groping women, Clinton has a history of being naughty with other women, Jesse Jackson has had affairs in the past as well, and Strauss-Khan has a history of forcing himself on women. However, the common fact in all these cases is that these women chose to ignore these behaviors from these men because of their powerful positions in society. That type of behavior is not curbed because it’s often overlooked by the wives, even before they decide to marry these men.

I know most women want to be with a powerful man, but there’s a price to pay when you marry a powerful man. The maid may be laughing at you, the nanny may be clowning (ala Jesse James), the secretary may be jestering you and the personal assistant may just know that you have no oral skills or rythm in the bedroom. These women are not as undesirable as you may think. They might just have one up on you.

Is beauty all you need to take it there?

As a man, I know how important aesthetics can be when most of us look at a woman. Beauty is usually the first thing that draw us to a woman. However, beauty doesn’t necessarily have to be a beautiful face. For some men, the body is more important than the face, but nonetheless, a beautiful body is part of the beauty package. Most men won’t think twice about marrying a beautiful woman no matter how intellectually challenged she may be. Most of us would find ourselves excited by a woman’s beauty alone. Of course, there’s an exception to every rule.

Personally, if a woman lacks intelligence, she won’t do it for me. I’m easily agitated by stupidity. I don’t want to be in the company of an imbecil, because at the end of the day, frustration is always waiting down the road. You can’t just have sex without having somewhat of a conversation for the rest of your life. I can only speak as a man and for myself.

Women tend to be a little different than men. Substance is usually key for most women. A good looking man can get them riled up, but most of them can’t get past the lack of intelligence from a man. However, there are still women out there who just want to be with a good looking man.

To me beauty is not limited to the physical. A person with a beautiful mind add sassiness to the equation. Furthermore, when a woman is intelligent, she tends to be a notch above the rest. A smart woman/man can help you get ahead in life, while somebody who’s intelletually challenged might be an extra load to carry.

Can you stay interested in a realtionship by beauty alone? Is beauty all you need to make a decision regarding a partner?

The Dominican Republic’s dirty secret

Since today is Flag day in Haiti, I decided to write this in our honor.

Unlike most people who travel to the caribbean for vacation, I try to look into the fiber of the society which I’m visiting. As with any vacation, I was excited about my trip to Santo Domingo for the very first time. So many people had told me about the island, I was ready to have the best time of my life once I got there. Soon after my arrival to the island, the driver who picked me up from the airport to take me to my resort started making small talk and we were soon engaged in a conversation, however limited it was, due to his inability to speak english fluently and my inability to understand his spanish. Nevertheless, we managed with my limited spanish and his limited english. It was kind of odd that Sammy Sosa’s name came up right away, because of his latest effort to transform himself from a black man to a white man by bleaching his skin and added new green contacts to his eyes. Right away I sensed the lack of pride in Sosa, because of the sarcasm in the driver’s voice. This lack of pride also came from a government that reinforced the negativity towards darker skinned people. Not much different from the US, but the Dominican Republic is a nation that’s made up of 90% dark skinned people. The driver himself was what I would call a medium brown skinned brother with wavy hair. That small conversation led to bigger conversation on my part with other tourist guides from the island during the rest of my trip. It was ironic that many of them thought I was Dominican, but not black. LMAO!

I was shocked to learn that most of the Dominicans do not want to embrace their African ancestry, even though most of them are brown to dark skinned people. It was disturbing as the days went on and I started to learn more about the Dominican culture. On one of the tours that I went, the tour guide was proud to talk about his Taino ancestry, a tribe that was annihilated hundreds of years ago. Though apparent in his pigmentation, the blackness or darkness that most of the tourists are seeking under the hot Dominican sun, this man was very apprehensive about letting on that he was part African. It was a good thing that I was forewarned about this inferiority complex by Dr. Henry Louis Gates, the Havard professor who made the documentary called Blacks in Latin America. It was a little too late after I watched the tape because the trip was already booked. I damn sure would have saved my money.

I found that most people in the Domincan Republic to be pleasant, however, it is an insult to them to call them black. To take it even further, it’s even more insulting to think that they have Haitian blood. The irony about this situation is that there would be no Dominican Republic if they were never liberated from the Spaniards by the Haitians. At one point, the whole island was called Ayiti. So, any person with dark skin in the Dominican Republic most likely has Haitian decendants. I also found out players like Alfonso Soriano, Juan Pierre(obvious last name), Sammy Sosa and many more well-known baseball figures in the USA, all have Haitian forefathers and even parents. However, the Dominican government would not grant them a visa to get a contract with MLB if that information is made public.

Furthermore, the Dominican government’s propaganda in the public’s eye is that they have the best interest of the Haitian people at heart, especially after the earthquake, but after visiting the shanty town with slave-like quarters where the people of Haitian decent live, I beg to differ. After visiting a sugar cane plantation where migrant workers are paid less than .50 cents a day to work 14 hrs, I would strongly disagree. After learning that Dominican born children of Haitian parents are not recognized by the Dominican government as citizens, and are kept from attending school because of their ancestral background, I was angry. After learning that kids are sometimes picked up on their way home and decapitated and killed for no reason simply because they are black and have Haitian background, I was pissed. After learning that they openly talked about President Obama being less than human on national radio in the Dominican Republic because his father was from Africa, I was ready to kill somebody.

I say all this to say that if you’re planning a trip to the Dominican Republic, please go spend your money elsewhere. We do not need to support a government that allows people to be ostracized on a daily basis when all they are looking for is an opportunity to work and provide for their family. Unfortunately, I can’t go into too much detail as this is only a blog, but I promise I will follow this up with a detailed book to expose the atrocities going on in the Dominican Republic.

I encourage all people, whether black or white to stop visiting the Dominican Republic because they’re still  violating all the human rights that most people across the world, in America, South Africa, Europe, South America and Asia are fighting for. The UN has had to beg the Dominican government to allow them to build schools to allow these children to attend. I say to my Haitian brothers and sisters: keep your head up because we will rise again as a nation, and people will once again recognize our achievements as a strong people and the first free black republic in the world.

When sex is the deciding factor…

Yay! Freaky Friday is here again!

So you’re in a relationship and things are not going as well as you would like. Your mate is a little abusive, insensitive sometimes and can also be inconsiderate of your feelings. You get frustrated, and even on the verge of walking away to start anew when you feel that that you’ve had enough. Just when you muster the courage to say, “to hell with the relationship,” your mate pulls out his/her secret weapon and before you know it, you’re screaming God’s name in vain as your mate is getting ready to take you to seventh heaven the best way he/she knows how, sexually. Your body language and attitude shift and the high of an orgasm set you on a path to cloud nine and everything around you starts to float. Your heart is pulsating with good feelings, your body convulses with pleasure and your mind erases all the negative experiences for the hour or so you are under your mate’s sexual spell.  You look at your mate and his/her ability to bring so much physical and sexual pleasure to you, and all you can do is smile. His/her body is perfect at the time; his/her smile melts your heart; your toes curl and that person is just right. All of a sudden you’re having second thought about leaving the relationship, because you just know that you will never find anybody else in the world that will satisfied you sexually the way that your thoughtless mate does. All is forgiven after you are properly sexed, but not even a day later, things go right back to the way they were until your next sexual session, again!

Is sex really important to the point where a person should forget everything else that should matter in a relationship?

Are you caught up in that type of relationship?

Has good sex affected your good moral decision to leave a poor relationship?