Are we allowing television shows to have a negative impact on our lives?

Reality shows have been the rave lately, and too many people have gotten hooked. Shows like Housewives of Atlanta or Bastketball Wives have become big money-makers for cable television. Of course, in my opinion these shows should be called, “The Jump Offs,” because there’s hardly any wives on these shows, well, good wives, anyway. These shows are more about a lifestyle than they are about substance or the true reality of the participating “actors.” Fabulousity is what the networks are trying to sell and too many people seem to be buying into it.

Where does the average man stand when women are dreaming of a lifestyle that only an ignorant professional athlete or a foolish, superstar rapper can provide?  I ask this because I highly doubt that Grant Hill’s wife would appear on that show. Juanita Jordan, although divorced from her husband, has too much class to participate in something like this.

Where does the average woman stand when they are being protrayed as canniving, heartless and cunning on television?

Nobody wants to have class anymore. Everybody wants to be fabulously ghetto.

The most important element missing on all these shows is love. It seems like everyone on these shows is chasing a lifestyle and if they can’t find it, they’re gonna keep looking until the right “baller” comes along to provide it. 

Are we being manipulated without knowing it?

Why are so many professional black women single?

The divorce rate in America has gone up in the last decade like the space shuttle shooting into space, but one group in particular has been affected by this problem more than any other, the African-American community. Personally, I have met so many successful black women that are single that if polygamy wasn’t illegal, I would be tempted. LOL! Of course, my perspective with these women is totally different than a regular guy who’s interested in more than friendship with them. These assertive, beautiful, independent and successful sisters can’t seem to catch a break, but what I also know about them is that their expectation for a mate is sometimes ridiculous.

There’s this long list of requirements: College Degree, 6ft or taller, no kids, professional job, home owner, car owner, handsome, sexy, super bedroom skills, and the list goes on and on. What these women don’t realize is that they are in their mid to late-thirties and soon they will start running out of excuses as to why they can’t find a decent man. It seems as if some of the beautiful sisters who are earning 75k or more a year want a man who makes professional athlete money. However, the brothers making that kind of money will not compromise their attitude. Your thoughts, ladies and gentlemen?

Do women encourage deadbeat behavior?

It is my belief that a man can only get away with so much because women allow that to happen. If you have a child with a man, it is only fair that you make him contribute emotionally, spiritually and financially to that child’s life. Whether you get the court involved and you decide to have an adult conversation with your man, you need to make sure he’s involved.