The backbone of white supremacy are the police!

Becky, Patty or whatever the hell you wanna call them, they’re doing what they’re doing because the police department is their personal protective service against black people. We’ve had 2 incidents that have gone viral so far regarding white women wasting tax payers’ money and time by calling the cops on frivolous bullshit against black people. These people are able to do what they do, because they understand that white privilege is protected by the police, and when the cops show up, they’re automatically seen as the victim against black people and other minorities. It’s not just Becky who called about black people grilling in the park, and Patty who placed a phone call against an 8 year-old girl for selling water, it’s other racist assholes at Starbucks who can get 2 young black men locked up for doing absolutely nothing wrong. It’s racist pieces of shit at Waffle House who feel they have the privilege to call the cops and have a young man who just took his sister to the prom thrown to the ground and arrested for no reason. It’s also the assholes at a different Waffle House who understand that white privilege gives them the ability to decline to show a receipt to a black couple after they requested one, but had it clear in their minds that the cops would arrest the couple for no reason when they showed up. Few people have paid attention to the behavioral patterns of white people like I do.  Trump may have forced us to raise our consciousness to certain white behavior, but these people have been acting this way for a while now. None of this is new.

Guess what? When white people call the cops, it’s not just white cops who show up with the intention of reinforcing white supremacy. Many Negro cops have been trained to reinforce every white privilege established by white people. For example: A black man, Robert Johnson, was attacked near an elevator in Mesa, Arizona by a black cop, because he wanted him to sit down. The initial call was for domestic violence by white man, not the brother, but the brother ended up being the victim, because that’s how white privilege and white supremacy work. Do you honestly believe that these black cops have not witnessed some of the murders of innocent black people on their watch? Of course they have, but their whitewashed minds won’t allow them to testify against racist cops, because most of them are cowards. If you’re a cop and you’re cowardice toward your own white fellow officers, how are black people supposed to be protected? We have become desensitized to the murders of black people at the hands of police, because these murders have gone mainstream, and we have been programmed to call them, “just another dead N#gg# in the street.” White people have actually trained our minds via social media and the news to believe that murder is just another thing on the menu for the day. Imagine that? Well, it’s no different than these Beckys and Pattys. They’re gonna keep popping up, and soon enough we’re gonna be desensitized to their actions, and black people will continue to feel the wrath of white supremacy, without a doing a damn thing to stop it. How many marches are we gonna have? We’ve held marches in pretty much all the 50 states regarding the murder of an innocent black people at the hands of police. If it’s not Cleveland, it’s Pittsburgh. If it’s not Boston, it’s New York. If it’s not Milwaukee, it’s LA. And each time, black folks really consciously played in their minds and repeat to themselves that such and such cities are too liberal for this to be happening. It doesn’t get any more liberal than New York City and LA, but those KKK cops are killing black people in those cities as well. Racists and rednecks are not limited to rural America, or trailer parks. They are judges, attorneys, cops, doctors, professors, weed dealers, and so on. We need to remove from our minds that certain people can’t be racist because of their background, profession and demographics.

Trump has emboldened his racist base, and they’re doing everything in their power to make it known to the world that they are seeking control and power. Meanwhile, everyone else will be victimized, because they believe the cops, or the government will be out to protect them. Is it any different than believing Jesus is going to protect you from a white person who idolizes the same Jesus who’s supposed to protect you? Was Jesus asleep for 400 years during slavery? We’re gonna have to figure out this puzzle eventually. I just hope that it’s not too late.

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