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Urban Romance

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Cater to Her ISBN-13: 978-0978637354 $15.00


Cater to Her

Release Date: March 2008 What happens when a woman's devotion to her fiancee is tested weeks before she gets married? What if her fiancee is just...
Meeting Ms. Right's Whip Appeal ISBN-13: 978-0976927709 $15.00


Meeting Ms. Right's Whip Appeal

Malcolm is a wealthy virgin who decides to conceal his wealth from the world until he meets the right woman. His wealthy best friend, Dexter, hides...
Sexual Jeopardy ISBN-13: 978-0976927785 $15.00


Sexual Jeopardy

Ronald Murphy was a player all his life until he and his best friend, Myles, met the women of their dreams during a brief vacation in South Beach,...

Jamming Cell Phones and GPS Equipment is Against the Law
A cell phone jammer is a device that emits signals in the same frequency that cell phones use
After I installed cell phone jammer in our office, basically to interview people say I do not need to turn off the phone again reminded.
Knowledge: mobile phone jammer in some countries is within the exclusive tool, most people can not be used, is that legal constraints and security constraints. Only some institutions have the right to use.
How to Find and Buy Cell Phone Jammers Let us first preface this article by saying that cell phone jammers are not legal in all jurisdictions