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Urban Erotica

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Bedroom Bandit ISBN-13: 978-0978637361 $15.00


Bedroom Bandit

Release Date: February 2009 It may not be Histeria Lane but these desperate housewives are fed up with their neglecting husbands. Their sexual needs...
Mr. Erotica ISBN-13: 978-0981777337 $15.00


Mr. Erotica

Release Date: September 2010 Dave Richardson became hugely popular after the successful release of his first book. His second book catapulted him to...
Sexual Exploits of a Nympho I ISBN-13: 978-0976927723 $15.00


Sexual Exploits of a Nympho I

Tina develops an insatiable sexual appetite very early in life. She only loves her boyfriend, Darren, but hes too far away in college to satisfy her...
Sexual Exploits of a Nympho II ISBN-13: 978-0976927778 $15.00


Sexual Exploits of a Nympho II

Just when Darren thinks his relationship with Tina is flourishing, there is yet another hurdle on the road hindering their bliss. As Darren becomes...

Jamming Cell Phones and GPS Equipment is Against the Law
A cell phone jammer is a device that emits signals in the same frequency that cell phones use
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How to Find and Buy Cell Phone Jammers Let us first preface this article by saying that cell phone jammers are not legal in all jurisdictions