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Urban Erotica

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Bedroom Bandit ISBN-13: 978-0978637361 $15.00


Bedroom Bandit

Release Date: February 2009 It may not be Histeria Lane but these desperate housewives are fed up with their neglecting husbands. Their sexual needs...
Mr. Erotica ISBN-13: 978-0981777337 $15.00


Mr. Erotica

Release Date: September 2010 Dave Richardson became hugely popular after the successful release of his first book. His second book catapulted him to...
Sexual Exploits of a Nympho I ISBN-13: 978-0976927723 $15.00


Sexual Exploits of a Nympho I

Tina develops an insatiable sexual appetite very early in life. She only loves her boyfriend, Darren, but hes too far away in college to satisfy her...
Sexual Exploits of a Nympho II ISBN-13: 978-0976927778 $15.00


Sexual Exploits of a Nympho II

Just when Darren thinks his relationship with Tina is flourishing, there is yet another hurdle on the road hindering their bliss. As Darren becomes...


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