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Urban Street

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Blood of My Brother I ISBN-13: 978-0978637316 $15.00


Blood of My Brother I

Roc was the man on the streets of Philadelphia, until his younger brother decided it was time to become his own man by wreaking havoc on Roc's crew...
Blood of My Brother II ISBN-13: 978-0978637378 $15.00


Blood of My Brother II

Release Date: September 2008 What will Roc do when he finds out the true identity of Solo? Will the blood shed come from his own brother Lil Mac?...
Blood of My Brother III ISBN-13: 978-0981777351 $15.00


Blood of My Brother III

Release Date: August 2009 Phillys vicious streets has forced Roc to reconsider retirement. He realizes that his brothers killer is none other than...
Deceived ISBN-13: 978-0981999838 $15.00



Rahsaan Stink Jones was given a second chance at life when he moved from his slum ridden North Carolina neighborhood to Newport News Virginia to live...


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