Hate is killing us!

It’s difficult to function in dysfunction. So many of us have grown up and gotten accustomed to dysfunction, we have no idea what functional means anymore. “To Err is human,” but too many of us have lived through the errors and failures of our parents and grandparents. Black folks hate to hear the word “failure,” but without acknowledging our failures, we cannot succeed. Failure is often the road to success, because it gives us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. Hindsight is 20/20 and we can’t go back in time to correct our mistakes, so the best corrective action is acknowledgement. Some people still don’t get it, though, as millions of folks repeat the same mistakes over and over daily.
It’s easy for folks to address drug addiction and develop sympathy in their hearts for the victims, even when the victims have succumbed to drugs over and over again. “Relapse” is cautioned and it gives way to redemption in a way that most people have adhered to it as a way to forgive drug users. We’re even able to forgive murderers sometimes, but why is it so difficult for people to forgive love? Once our heart is wrapped up into that special person, we can become so possessive and so guarded, our love can turn to hate at the snap of a finger for the most minute incident.
In the black community, many people are suffering from hate addiction, and most of us don’t even know it. I’m not talking about the kind of hatred spewed by racist white people toward other groups for no reason. I’m talking about the hatred that we harbor toward one another in almost every aspect of our lives. Why do we hate each other so easily? Sometimes being head over heel for someone makes it that much easier to hate them when the flame of that love starts to flicker.
On a daily basis, I hear so many black men and women express their hatred for one another, I’m starting to wonder if the psychological scars of slavery are still playing a major role in the way we interact, treat, and love one another. I’ve seen hatred built from a simple act committed by one person against another in a relationship, after a couple has been together for many years. Something as simple as a missed phone call can drive some people over the edge, and destroy a perfectly loving relationship. Well, maybe not so perfect. I have seen couples who have been together for 20 years or more, grow to hate each other to the point where they can’t even be in the same room with each other. What can someone do to us that is so bad after 20 years of loving them that we can’t stand to be in the same room as them? Think about it, hate is way more powerful than love, because hate always trumps love so easily. No pun intended. A simple indiscretion can send a loving relationship into turmoil in a matter of seconds. It always seems like hate is always lurking, and we get so easily wrapped up in it, we can’t help our reaction to allow certain situations to become hateful.
I’m not gonna act all holier than thou and say I’ve never hated anybody because of what they’ve done to me, but I’m learning to suppress hate and give love a chance. Now, please understand from which perspective I’m coming from. I’m not advocating love toward those people who go out of their way to hate us for no goddamn reason, other than their prejudice and racism. Nah, that shit I will fight fire with fire! I’m talking about not allowing past relationships to affect the way our heart should function in current relationships. I’m talking about making up for those mistakes by becoming a better person to the next person we’re with. I’m talking about letting go of that dead weight that has held us down for no goddamn reason, and allowing ourselves to be the catalyst for anger toward a possible new love. Black folks are in need of healing, or atonement toward one another, if you will. We can no longer allow a past relationship with an ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, ex-husband or ex-boyfriend to determine how we’re going to love a current partner. No matter how painful we perceived a relationship to have been, we must heal ourselves enough in a way that will forgive those people, in order to start anew and give love another chance. We can’t cover hate with love, because hate will seep through and destroy our love again. If a relationship is not built on the foundation of love, hate will easily destroy it.
Even though I’ve written several books that highlight some of the best love stories, I’m usually not one to be talking about love personally and openly. I’m inspired by my daughters and the ability to allow myself to seek love and heal from my past. I have also been paying attention to my behavior and those around me, and I noticed that too many of us have allowed hate to win. We are harboring hatred toward people that we shouldn’t allow to have that much power over our lives. There are tons of people living rent free in our hurting hearts because of hatred. I have no idea what the recipe to overcome hatred is, but I know it feels a lot better to love than to hate. We should not allow white people to pass their inability to love everyone in the world on to us. We’ve seen so much hatred from them, we are subconsciously becoming a product of their influence. However, it is to our detriment that we’re allowing their inhumane habits to influence us.
We’ll never have a strong black community, if we are unable to forgive each other and look forward to love.

A superficial world!

The truth of the matter is that we are living in a superficial world, and people in general aspire to meet the superficial standards set by those who push that belief.
First of all, attractive people tend to have a higher success rate at a better life just because they are attractive. It really starts from birth. Cute babies invade our televisions, print ads and every place where they’re selling baby products, and then it graduates to toddlers, teens, and adult models. I have yet to see an ugly baby representing a brand anywhere or an adult model being adored for being unattractive. Second of all, those attractive people who know the worth of their beauty, can pretty much live off their looks. They can become models, actors, hosts and a bunch of other professions that are exclusive to looks without any formal education. In addition, if those attractive people choose to do so, they can find sugar daddies and sugar mommies with enough low self esteem to take care of them. Nobody’s ugly baby is getting praised by the world. Let’s get that straight.
It’s not fair or politically correct to refer to someone as ugly, but yet the word has been invented in every language. Ugly people in a superficial world can become desirable by making themselves part of that superficiality by obtaining wealth. Trump is a perfect example of the human desire for superficiality. Any ugly man can become desirable if he has money. There are many ways for superficiality to be expressed. Some people buy luxury cars, mansions, yachts, private planes and other vanity items to feed the desires of this superficial world, while broker people use brand name clothing as a tool to mask their insecurities to survive in a superficial world.
There are different levels to this superficial bullshit as well. Poorer people tend to mask their insecurities with superficiality more than anybody. They clown other poor people for shopping at affordable stores, for wearing brands that are known to be less costly, and for just being poor.
As humans, we tend to hate anyone who shows their superficiality outwardly in a brazen way, but we use humility to accept the same superficiality. An ugly man can be very undesirable to women while walking the street in regular clothing. However, that same man can become instantly attractive to a sector of society if he’s behind the wheel of a Rolls Royce, Bentley or Lamborghini. Superficiality works more to the benefit of men, because more women tend to be caught in the superficiality that a man has to offer. I’m not saying there aren’t any greedy men out there who won’t mind being with an unattractive wealthy woman, but most men aren’t built that way. Facebook and Instagram have helped open the floodgates of superficiality.
Superficiality starts early with most people in society. Some parents, unfortunately, introduce their children to the superficial world as young as a newborn. They start with brand name clothing and toys, which often develop to bigger things that sometimes force their children to do illegal shit to obtain them. Society is also perfectly normal with the superficial. As a matter of fact, the more superficial you can make your status in society, the more respect you get. Superficiality is not just about money and looks, though, it also involves education. Obama became the first black president and was given a chance, because he attended Harvard University. That’s actually one of the most superficial bullshit in society, an ivy league education. However, look at the idiots who received an ivy league education; they include Trump and Bush. Ivy league doesn’t necessarily equate to smart or intelligent.
The more we aspire to become an advanced civilized society, the more superficial we’ll become. People no longer aspire to become millionaires, because billionaires are in vogue. Our entire perspective shifted when branding became part of the American fiber.
I’m not sure where we’re headed, but cosmetically enhanced titties , asses, faces and bodies will be the least of our worries.

It takes all of us to break the cycle!

It takes all of us to break the cycle

I’ve addressed this topic many times in the past, but this on-going phenomenon seems to be a problem that a lot of people can’t seem to resolve because of selfishness.
If you were pissed as a little boy because your father was nowhere to be found in your life, and you turn out to be an angry man because of it, you should try everything in your power to make sure you are the best father to your own children. There’s absolutely no reason and no excuse to be so selfish, as to force your own children to endure the same trials, tribulations, and the experience of an absent father. In addition, you should also be aware of the struggles of a single mother, because you witnessed firsthand the struggles your mother faced, while raising you as a single mother. For that reason alone, you should do everything possible to ease the pain and the burden on the woman who agreed to carry your child/children. Being a father doesn’t mean you have to necessarily be with the mother in an amorous relationship. I understand that people break up sometimes, and relationships don’t work out, but your child is forever. Forget child support, your presence as a man is more important than any amount of money you can contribute to a child’s life. I’m also not absolving men of financial responsibility as fathers. Children have needs! The attitude of turning your back on both, your child and the woman who gave birth to him/her, is absurd, because you should be aware that a woman can never be a father to your child. Having a child with a woman is not a package deal where you get to break up with both over foolishness. Your child came from your loins, and will forever be connected to your lineage. You can be as angry as you want after breaking up with the mother of your child, but you should never let that get in the way of being a father to your child. That mindset is self-serving and defeating to the bond that you need to establish with your child. You must also remember, a woman will most likely harbor more hatred toward you, when you decide to become an absent father to an innocent child who had nothing to do with your adult foolishness. Some men believe, for some odd reason, they’re hurting the woman by turning their back on their children, but they’re really hurting themselves. You are the one who’s going to miss on the opportunity to connect with your child. You are the one who’s going to have regrets for not having been there to see your child develop. You are the one who will be shut out of that child’s life when that child becomes an adult. Most of all, you are the one who will most likely be destitute for having turned your back on your children. Karma usually enjoys those absent-father scenarios.

As far as the women are concerned, please use a condom, choose your men wisely, wait at least a couple of years to get to know someone before you allow yourself to get pregnant, and use your mother’s struggles as single parent as reference to keep from becoming a single mother with child from a bum ass man yourself. It’s not that difficult. The “D” might be good for one night or two, or even a few months, but is it worth all the pain and agony of a child that you’re gonna have to look at for a lifetime? Your anger at the child will not make a responsible man out of his father. The ball is in your court, and you don’t have to get pregnant unless you want to. Please choose better men to have children with. Many of the kids of this generation are sorry, because many of them came from sorry ass parents. As a woman, when you make a poor and selfish decision to have unprotected sex with a “no good man” because of self-pleasure, you are no better than that “no good man.” You become a “no good woman,” because your poor decision will create a life that 2 no good people may not care about enough to settle their differences to come together help raise a well-adjusted human being.

We have to do better!

Why are black folks always forced to run?

Why are black folks always forced to run?

On the surface, it’s easy to blame black leaders around the world for the poor economies in their communities and country, which makes it impossible for their people to survive independently. However, when we take a look at the grand scheme of things, we will learn that white people have designed an obstacle course targeting black people specifically around the world. I’m not saying other groups, such as brown and Arabs aren’t targeted, but that’s not really my concern right now. I’m focused on the struggles that black people face around the world that are created by a white blueprint.
In America, black politicians and black people with social influence, such as pastors and other community leaders, are corrupted with money and threatened on a daily basis, if they don’t follow the racist directives to bamboozle their own people. While many of them tend to personally gain form the decisions they make that affect the community at large, on the surface they seem to be the fighters who represent the community. We see that Jesse Jackson was nowhere to be found on the campaign trail when Bernie Sanders was running for president, even though Bernie had helped deliver a win in Vermont for Jesse Jackson back in 1984 during his presidential run. Jesse’s influence was bought and paid for by the Clintons, even though Hillary Clinton and her husband are the devil in disguise. When electing politicians, we’re always dealing with the lesser of all the evils. I was willing to take my chance on Bernie. The Clintons’ track record here and Haiti (Mass incarceration, billions stolen in donations for Haiti), had proven to me that white privilege was more important to them than anything. The veil of racist liberalism was lifted long ago, as it relates to the Clintons; opportunist cons who toiled with the emotions of black people for their own gain. Jesse Jackson has been a bought and paid Negro for so long, woke black people know he’s a joke now. Having said that, I only use Jesse as an example for the way white supremacy has managed to thrive over the years by putting a black face forward. Historical facts prove that white people are 100% against thriving minority communities around the world. In America, it was Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Rosewood, in Florida and many other cities in the North, West, Midwest and South where black people were forced to run and abandon their abodes, and leave behind all the progress that they had made as a people. Today, places like Prince George’s County is targeted, because too many of their black students are graduating high school. An affluent thriving black suburban community with a high graduation rate, but they ought to be investigated because the children from that community are doing too well in school? Go figure! It still rings true today that all thriving black communities are targets for white supremacy. White people always find a way to destroy a strong black community, because white supremacy is a fallacy created just to soothe the ego of the narcissistic white rejects who can’t handle competition.
When you take a look at a country like Haiti, not only did America not recognize it as a thriving independent country for 60 years after they successfully fought for their independence, they went to Haiti over 100 years later in 1915 to ensure its total destruction through a false occupation. How can you occupy an independent nation? Roosevelt bragged he rewrote the Haitian constitution himself, giving way to white people to buy land that were restricted to Haitian born citizens prior to their “occupation.” For those of you not educated enough in black history, you should know that Haiti was one of the richest islands in the Caribbean, until America and the French banded together to ensure the destruction of that island. Well, the French are like today’s white people who talk a lot of shit, but once they’re getting their ass whooped, they want the police called. The tariff imposed on Haiti by France for recognition as an independent nation, damn near crippled the economy of Haiti after the revolution. We forgive and forget, while they avenge and destroy. I’m just saying. Most people aren’t aware that Haiti represented black supremacy and the humiliation of white supremacy worldwide. White folks wanted to make sure they erased the African pride that Haitian warriors established for black people worldwide long ago. Your history books reflect a Haiti that’s been impoverished for as long as we can remember. It’s all in the plan to maintain white supremacy. When a country can’t sustain itself, its citizens are forced to seek asylum in other countries for survival. You all see what’s going with the refugees from Syria that are running from destruction caused by America, only for Trump to demonize them as a threat to national security and ban them from this country. That is what white people do. They keep us on the run, and we can never stay anywhere long enough to establish anything substantial.
Black folks are forever running from their communities, because of crime, drugs, prostitution and other negative influences that are detrimental to their children and the community at large. However, the minute white people decide to gentrify the places where black people have been forced to run from, the crime rate suddenly goes down, and more effort are put into policing the said community. You still don’t think it’s by design? Do you honestly think people want to leave their homeland to migrate to America? Black people, especially, would stay the fuck away from America, because most black folks don’t like the cold weather. We are not original people of cold climate. Africans turned African Americans are in America because white people were too lazy to build America. The modern Africans want to come to America, because white people have stolen all their resources. You have to get to the root of the problem, in order to understand the significant role it plays in our destruction. White supremacy is a con game of exploitation. There’s nothing humane about what white people have done to others around the world, and there’s no reason we should allow them to set any kind of standard for the world and people to follow. You have to re-calibrate your mind, in order to overcome this brainwashing that has gone on for too long with white supremacy!

Who’s destroying the black community?

Who’s destroying the Black community?

White people have had control over the most influential weapon against our youth for the last 25+ years or so in Hip Hop. The most damaging influence of Black culture has been Hip Hop, and to a certain degree, R & B music as well. If you take a closer look at Hip Hop and R&B, and all the white executives at the helm, you’ll have a better understanding of how the narrative changed from Public Enemy, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, KRS-One, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Brand Nubian and all the other influential rap and R&B artists who weren’t able to pass the torch of edutainment to the next generation. Black artists used to educate while entertaining. We no longer ask the world “What’s Going on?” in a song. We no longer “Fight the Power” in a song. The R&B artists of today go straight to the sex. They don’t even know how to “woo” a woman with words. As for the rappers, most of them act like they came from special education. They’re just recycling the same garbage lines about drugs, women, cars, more drugs, selling drugs, disrespecting women and shooting other black men.
Once calling black women “bitches” in every rap song became mainstream, black women themselves adopted the moniker, and every black woman started to refer to herself as a bitch, as well as her friends. It’s difficult to be around a circle of women who don’t refer to themselves and their friends as “bitches.” Now, as far as us calling ourselves “niggas” every day, we have the rappers, comedians and even R&B artists to thank for that. This extreme phenomenon was reinforced when NWA came out of the west coast. While we can say the song “Fuck The Police” was a political statement to a degree of social awareness, but NWA was probably one of the worse things that happened to Hip Hop. They made gangster life mainstream, and the East coast and the rest of the country soon followed. Their message was conflicted, because they only had few songs that dealt with the social issues we faced as a people. They’re all millionaires now, so it doesn’t matter, right? While Dr. Dre would later introduce many positive songs that got lost in translation, he couldn’t stop glamorizing the hood life. He brought Snoop out to tell everybody, “I don’t love dem hoes.” Jay Z was replacing them, while other men chased them in “Big Pimpin’.” What these kids aren’t realizing, is that these rappers who claimed not to ” love dem hoes, and replacing them,” all got a wife at home. While they are commercializing the degradation of black women, these fake messengers are tying the knots and making sure they have a woman who becomes the center and the rock in their world.
There’s a lot of young men growing up today that are under 30 years old who have no idea what it’s like to respect a black woman. Every station they turn to, they’re being told not to find love, that black women ain’t shit, treat them like disposable garbage, black women are only good for one thing, to waste their money on bullshit, to throw money up in the air for no goddamn reason to make it rain, don’t bother going school, and just worry about the flashy lifestyle, because that’s what life is pretty much about. From Biggie, to 2 Chains, the message has been the same. How come 2 chains isn’t talking about his college education and his wife in his music? Young Jeezy’s son is in college, why isn’t he rapping about that? Rick Ross had an honorable job as a correction officer, why is he ashamed of it? Remember when it used to be cool to be educated? We were on the road to achievements. White people had to find a way to shift that positive influence, and Hip Hop became the perfect catalyst. There’s a line of wannabe rappers waiting to sell their soul for a dollar and fame. Even Tupac, as much as he was positive, he was also conflicted as an artist, because they tainted him as a person by sending him to prison on a false rape allegation. Unlike most rappers, Tupac never got any woman pregnant. He didn’t even leave behind a child to uphold his legacy, but white people had us believe he was a rapist, though.
We have to get to the root of our problems and understand how white people use pop culture and our art to destroy our community. The latest trend has been those reality TV shows. It just seems the more baby mamas a guy has, the better his chance to get on a reality show such as Love and Hip Hop. Rich has about 9 children by many different women, Stevie has a truck load, Young Jock has a boat load, and still counting. These are the images that our young men and women are seeing on a daily basis, so many of them aspire to be like Stevie, Young Jock and Rich. In addition, the young women see nothing wrong with becoming somebody’s baby mama. That is how you easily break down or weaken the family structure in the black community. While a lot of ignorant black people see it as entertainment, they fail to realize the sub-conscience is built on the subliminal. We’re constantly at a crossroad in the hood, because people are looking for an easy way to survive.
When black women decided to become the most educated group of people in this country, it was offset by a study that claimed they only had an average of $5.00 in savings. When a young lady hears some bullshit like that, she’s most likely to forgo a college education, because she will see it as a step into debt, without any benefit to her life and development as a person.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the truth, but when the truth is being twisted to encourage a lack of drive, that’s not the truth I want to hear. In addition, though black women are the most educated, they still make the least amount of money. How is a young girl supposed to look at those stats and be encouraged to get an education? She’ll most likely want to be a vixen, so she can live the fake glamorous life that she sees on Love and Hip Hop. Somebody like Cardi B, who seems to have a speech impediment of some sort, makes a great argument for being rachet. She went from the strip pole to the top of the chart. We have to pay closer attention to the underlying message that white society is sending to our community. The problem, however, lies in the fact that so many black people are willing to become the messengers. Jay Z was a messenger for a long time, before he decided to have a message of his own. He waited to earn millions of dollars, before that reality set in. How many kids has he influenced during his voyage to millions? What he’s doing now does not offset the damage he caused over 10 albums where the drug game was his favorite subject. Jigga is not the only artist, though. I don’t want to single him out, because almost every rapper in the last 25 years was sold the same blueprint to fame and riches. The black community has suffered the brunt of their rise to the top through their music and lyrics. Now, the focus is to effeminate black men, and we have people lined up ready to do just that for a few dollars and fame. Some rappers are completely fine with wearing a dress. Some black men see nothing wrong with performing fellatio on another man. They don’t even consider that behavior homosexual. Have we really come this far for our children to feel normalized by homosexual behavior?
We’re not paying close enough attention to how the black community is guided. The fake wealth, fame and all the other fictitious dressings attached to success is lost in translation by us. It is no longer admirable to become a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, a plumber, a carpenter or any other profession that requires hard work. Many of today’s black women are automatically drawn to ballers. Unfortunately, we have a lot of black men balling their way into debt, jail, or death, to keep up with this narrative being sold by the media. This is where we’re supposed to grab hold of the wheel and start steering our children to the right course. We can’t rely on a white racist system to be fair. They have never been fair. They thrive on our destruction, and they understand there are far too many of us willing to give them a helping hand.

A better future for your children is in your hands!

You can offer your children a better future!

Too often we see people that are more fortunate than us, and we tend to admire or hate them from a distance. It can just be a total stranger driving a nice car that we dream about owning one day, we might admire the car or the stranger. When we walk into somebody’s lavish home, sometimes we’re overcome with envy. Most of the time, we have no idea how the person was able to obtain his car, whether legally, or illegally, but we tend to admire that person, some people hate them for their fortunate position. White society has fooled us into believing greed and envy are part of human nature. However, when you really think about it, greed and envy are part of white people’s nature, because everything they own was stolen from somebody else or somewhere else, so to justify their thievery and envy, they make it sound as if they’re part of the human faults. “To err is human,” they claim.
White people have never offered a blueprint for wealth or financial freedom, because no such blueprint exists. Instead, they often use their fortunate position to con money out of those trying to reach the same level of prosperity as them. Most of white people’s possession were gathered through confiscation, forced invasion, theft, deception, kidnappings, murder, slavery and so on. Unfortunately, many of us have adopted their silly habits. Whether it’s a corporation using discounted prison labor, or a company outsourcing their business to India and China, where folks can’t even earn enough for their living expenses, it doesn’t matter to white people. Their bottom line is the exploitation of everyone they can exploit to get to the top. There are few conscientious billionaires. If you’re waiting on some type of blueprint from white people to strike it rich, you’ll be waiting in vain for a long time.
Here’s what most people don’t understand and don’t know: Your quickest way to wealth is real estate investment and utility stock. You’re probably wondering why that is, right? Well, real estate on average grows about 5% a year, depending on the market. Even Billionaires need high-end real estate for their lavish lifestyle. You can’t do anything without real estate. It’s a necessity. Land and property ownership can be passed down to your children, which will grow over time to keep your family wealthy forever. Now, real estate is no different than utilities, as they are a necessity in life as well. Nobody can live without electrical power. Nobody can live without water. Nobody can live without gas. These are all necessities that we don’t even pay too much attention to, unless the power is cut off, the water is cut off, or the gas is cut off. It’s only then we realize how much of a necessity they are.These necessities aren’t going anywhere, and they’re only going to grow in value. When was the last time your water, electric, or gas company call you to inform you that your rates were going down? Never! These stocks tend to mature in value annually, but the common folks don’t pay close enough attention to them. Yes, they are available for investment, and you should start investing as soon as possible.

Here’s a breakdown of what I have done for my own children to ensure they have a springboard in this racist world concocting every plan to hold them back: When my oldest daughter was born, I purchased a home and assigned it to her trust fund. Now, I understand that not all people are in my position, but it really doesn’t take much money to purchase a home. 3-5% down with good enough credit, a home can be purchased. 5% of 100K is $5,000. You can always negotiate with your bank to get a 100%, if your credit is over 700. You can also negotiate the closing cost on a house from the seller. You need to learn how to step up your negotiation skills. It will help you tremendously, if you’re trying to build wealth. Just think about the fact that a $5000.00 investment for your child can yield him/her about $100-200,000.00 by the time they graduate from college. Here’s how you pay for the house: Get a good tenant. It takes due diligence, but it can be worth it. On average, a 100K mortgage is less than $700.00 a month, which includes taxes and insurance at today’s going rate. If a tenant is paying you $900-1000. a month for a house or condo, you’re not really coming out of pocket for anything. You’re actually earning a couple hundred dollars monthly that you can put away for emergency breakdowns in the house, or you can use the money to apply an extra payment annually to your mortgage. With an extra payment applied to the principal at the end of the year, every year, your child will have a house that’s completely paid for by the time he/she graduates from college. That extra payment shaves 8 years off your mortgage, which brings it down to 22 years, instead of 30. It is not that difficult to establish wealth, but white people make it seem out of reach. Stop paying con men for those real estate investment classes. They’re getting rich off the fools who are too lazy to research the process on their own. When my second daughter was born, I repeated the same steps. Both my daughters have investment that will serve as a financial springboard for their future.
Also, keep in mind, the money you invest in a home can also be money that you can use for their college education in the future. You can either sell, or borrow against the house to finance their education. However, I highly recommend borrowing instead of selling. All the money you’re wasting on name brand clothing, alcohol and other bullshit, can go toward a better future for your children. I’m not telling folks not to enjoy their life, but please, stop being wasteful. You are giving them the bullet to load the gun to shoot you, when you’re being wasteful. We don’t have to live in poverty. We just have to be selfless enough to invest in our children.

Black people and financial freedom

Black people and financial freedom.

For the most part, the black population have a huge problem when it comes to debt. We often complain about bills, but most of us do very little to combat the problem of piling on more debt. Back in the day, few black families cared about brand name. It was more about necessities. The “haves” in the black community used to keep quiet about their assets, while the “have nots” tried everything in their power to fool everyone else they had it. Of course, not everyone falls in either category. We have black people who can’t wait to climb the top of a mountain to shout out to the world they’ve made it. We also have less fortunate people who understand their financial struggle, and make due with what they have.
We have a serious crisis when it comes to debt and black people’s addiction to brand name in retail. Too many of our people are allowing these white brands to define who they are. This identity crisis can be found all over pop culture. Most rappers and singers have supplied many of these brands with free advertising in their songs. Their albums are laced with braggadocious lyrics about the wine they drink, to the type of shoes, underwear and car they drive. Name dropping high-end brands in songs has been the latest trend in the last 25 years or so, while none of these people are getting paid for promoting these brands. We even have rappers taking on the names of famous brand designers like “Gucci Mane,” and many others. A quick stroll anywhere in the hood will reveal many lost individuals walking around like billboards, advertising different brands of clothing that they can hardly afford. The bigger the emblem/logo, the more attractive it is to the black consumer. “Fake it until you make it,” is the new mantra that most people in the hood tend to live by. It is all part of the destruction of the black community, black middle class, black wealth, and a revolving door into debt.
One of the main reasons why so many black people aren’t able to get a home loan, is because their debt to income ratio is higher than what these white institutions require. While these banks use racism, behavior patterns, stereotypes and prejudice to determine qualifications for loans, on average black people use 53 percent of their income to pay off their debt, while white people only defer 47 percent of their income to debt obligations. In addition, white people tend to inherit homes from their parents and grandparents, while young black professionals commonly become the first to purchase a home in their entire family. While Hispanics may be the worse in this category, as 56 percent of their income is obligated to debt, it is offset by the fact that Hispanic family members tend to share living quarters for a longer period of time, in order to keep cost down. Black folks don’t believe in living with family anymore. It’s common to find even brothers and sisters living apart, spending thousands of dollars individually to rent places they could’ve owned together in the same city.
Few black folks understand debt and credit. A lot of us are able to establish credit for the first time, and unfortunately the mentorship is lacking when it comes to credit maintenance. Too many of us believe the first credit card that we get approved for is a license to purchase and waste money. We don’t think about the repayment. Many of us don’t have credit history in our family, because there were barriers established to prevent our parents from establishing credit. Black folks have always paid higher rates for everything; from car insurance, life insurance, home loans, health insurance, food at the local supermarket, clothing at the local store, all because of a racist system in place designed to suck the financial life out of the black community. The guidelines established for insurance companies across the board, guaranteed the exploitation of the black community. Black politicians often neglect their constituents after landing a cushioned position in Washington. They don’t fight to bring fairness and equality to some of these industries. There’s no reason why coverage for a Toyota Camry in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, NY should cost about $3000.00, while the same car can be insured for $1200.00 anywhere in Long Island. It’s institutional robbery and slavery. There’s no reason why life insurance premium for a healthy black man is about twice as much as that of a white man. The insurance companies get away with it, because the system is set up to benefit them.
When we talk about financial freedom, we can’t forget about the hurdles that are placed in the paths of black folks. Not to say that some of us can’t jump over these hurdles, but don’t ever believe America has a leveled playing field. They monitor the migration of black people to certain regions, so they can increase premiums. Black folks are taxed so exhaustively, they’ll never be able to catch a breather. Still, we can establish financial freedom by curbing our appetite for bullshit, and avoiding spending money that we don’t have, in order to impress people who don’t have shit like us.
Our spending habit is ridiculous as consumers, and these people understand that. They have behaviorists studying our every habit, in order to find ways to exploit them. There are many companies out there that don’t want to necessarily cater to us, but often find out the hard way after promoting their products for free through our music, word of mouth and social media. Jay Z found out the hard way that Cristal never intended to sell their product to black people. However, rappers everywhere made Cristal part of their lifestyle. We have to stop promoting racist brands, while at the same time, stop wasting our money on bullshit!
Financial freedom has everything to do with minimizing our debt, and investing our money wisely. When you spend frivolously, you’re bound to be broke, no matter how much money you make. A home is an investment, while 20-inch rims are a liability and debt. I’m not advocating that no one should enjoy their life, but if you’re dumb enough to spend $1200.00 at a nightclub or lounge on 2 bottles of liquor that retail for $75.00 at your local liquor store, you are being foolish, and is not part of enjoying life. $1200.00 is enough money to go to Jamaica and many other countries for an all-inclusive vacation for a week. Seeing the world is an investment, because it gives you a broader perspective on life. America is not the world. Don’t get fooled by white people calling the Golden State Warriors “world champions.” They didn’t play against anybody in the world. They played against American teams. The narrative is that America is the world. Don’t live in that cocoon known as America, and believe that it defines the rest of the world.
Financial freedom is not just one thing, but the more you are exposed to, the better you’ll understand the price of financial freedom. We have to stop being wasteful, and we must stop fattening the pockets of white supremacy.

Financing our own exploitation!

Financing our own exploitation!

Black people’s demands for equality from white people is a waste of our breath and time in this new generation. We have too many ignorant black people around us for white people to even consider treating us equally, despite the effort of those who are intelligent enough to put forth the effort, and those who care enough to be in the trenches everyday trying to enforce and effect change. Extreme Black Nationalist is now something the FBI is investigating. The KKK is obvious. Go figure! Fuck them!

Black folks get harassed by Neiman Marcus security while spending their own money, we do nothing about it, because it didn’t directly affect us personally. We weren’t the ones embarrassed by security, therefore there’s no need to stop shopping at Neiman Marcus. Our skewed vision helps to keep white supremacy intact, because we are too selfish as a people to see the bigger picture, and the benfits to our race as a whole.
Dove creates a racist Ad that attacks the integrity and beauty of black women, but we do nothing about it, because we act like we love Dove so much, and there’s no alternative soap that we can find to use. Our inaction allows Dove to continue to spew their racism and the Ad company they used feel no repercussion from their stupid ass racist Ad.
Any white celebrity, such as Justin Beiber, Eminem and many other assholes like them could’ve called us the N word prior to appropriating our arts for their own financial gain, but we’ll forget about it, embrace them, and even elevate them while they’re in a drunken stupor attacking another racist who’s in the white house trying to figure out ways to marginalize us further. All of a sudden, the former racist becomes a hero across the board, who’s adored by the privileged whites, as well as the marginalized blacks, and white supremacy wins again.
Jerry Jones threatened his players like slaves on a plantation, by making a statement to the world in coded language that he owned these grown ass black men, but some dumb ass black people are just way too happy to display their love for the Cowboys and their affinity for Cowboys paraphernalia. They’re in turn empowered Jerry Jones, and there’s no consequence to his racist behavior. He took a knee to fool the easily fooled, and then turned around to grandstand his position as a slave driver and master. We lose again.
Kaepernick started a movement and is joined by the “woke” players who care enough to change the position of black people in the world by kneeling. Our only way to support their movement is to boycott the NFL to make them understand our viewership and support at these games matter, but some black people are too fucking selfish to see the collateral damage they can cause collectively to a racist structure designed to exploit specific groups of people, while elevating another group to maintain the status quo. And it’s one more loss for the African race collectively.
We can holler, beg, march, scream and plead all we want, but some black people are just too fucking stupid to understand the sacrifice Dr. King and many others made for them to have even gotten this far in America. As far as these nincompoops are concerned, we have arrived as a people, but yet, the police still go unpunished after they murder a black person unjustly. This psychological disease that is mental slavery is one million times worse than physical slavery, because the next generation gets to endure another extreme form of racism that white people will create, because their parents don’t have the fortitude or foresight to see how they will be impacted in a racist society a few decades from now. The cycle of racism will never end, as long as black people continue to turn their backs and close their eyes on the necessary work they need to do to put an end to racism.
We are exploited at every juncture of life in this world, because the biggest supporters of our own exploitation are ourselves. We don’t even respect our own buying power. I don’t subscribe to the passive-aggressive handling of black people, because tough love is what’s necessary to get these dumb motherfuckers to open their eyes. I’m tired!

Rape culture in America.

Rape culture in America.

Sexual misconduct, rape, misogynistic behavior toward women, are all part of the makeup of most white men in America, and society often turn a blind eye or reward them for that behavior. Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen and many other men in position of power, have felt untouchable for years, because their money often shield them from prosecution. There’s always collusion between the judges, prosecutors and defendants. A lot of judges share the same mindset as these rapists, so they see rape as a lesser crime, because the victims are often women, whom they see as minorities. To put it all in perspective, all we have to do is look at the situation with all the black murder victims at the hands of police. How many police captains have taken it upon themselves to terminate a cop immediately after they received video proof that one of their officers murdered an innocent person? None. The normal course of action is always to defend the officer, vilify the black victim, and allow justice to take its course…the white way. In the case of black murder victims, white women are often silent, and they usually side with the white officers and other white men who can’t seem to show empathy to anyone but themselves. By doing this, they are creating a veil for their own abuse at the hands of white men. The more enablers that white men in power are able to gain, the easier it becomes for them to act criminally. Anybody who’s racist enough to condone murder, they’ll be sexist enough to condone or commit rape. In the case of rapists, most racists often seek out to rape people for no reason whenever they decide to act on their racism. Furthermore, rape has been part of white men culture from the beginning of civilization. White men have raped women, children and men worldwide. The calamity taking place with US soldiers worldwide against women and children, is kept hidden by the media. Whether it’s 12 year-old boys and girls getting raped by demented soldiers indiscriminately all over Africa or the Caribbean, the US government has failed to put a spotlight on their crime, because we are derailed with the focus on the different wars that we are fighting around the world for no reason, and fictitious humanitarian missions that benefit the US government. Unfortunately, other cultures have adopted the sick mentality from these white people, whether through blood lineage, or just being in their presence for so long that some people have been negatively influenced. White assimilation has fucked up the world. It’s similar to the black police officers who take on the same attitudes as the white officers who commit egregious crime against the black community. Black officers often behave no different in the presence of these white officers. Rape culture is just as influential on blacks and other people.
To put to rest the whole theory about white people’s high moral and ethical standards, look no further than president Trump, and please refer to your slavery history handbook. In the case of Trump, there’s actual video recording evidence of this man’s heinous sexual behavior, telling a reporter how he likes “to grab women by the pussy,” but how did white society reward him? They elected him president of the highest office in the country. Now, don’t be foolish enough to believe Trump is the first rapist who has ever been elected president. We can romanticize Sally Heming’s story with Thomas Jefferson as much as we want, but the reality was that Jefferson was a rapist. A rapist who continuously raped a woman using his powerful position as president. Ms. Heming was in no position to stop the deviant sexual behavior of a president who ruled the country. White culture and white history paint pictures of men like Jefferson as heroes, but these are despicable human beings whose behavior is accepted and elevated by white society. Bill Clinton had no more values or morals than Trump. He used his position of power to force a woman to perform oral sex on him. How was he rewarded? He was elected to a second term as president. If you pay close enough attention to Hillary, she has been an enabler of Bill’s behavior since they decided to get involved in politics. White women like Hillary Clinton are the reason why rape is so pervasive in society. She has the nerves to be disgusted by Harvey Weinstein and Trump. Bitch please! Men like Harvey Weinstein are just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t want to victimize the victims twice, but white women have a lot to do with the misogynistic behavior toward women and the culture of rape that is so prevalent among white men. Reason being, white women are also birthing these men, and allowing them to develop into the predators of the world, by downplaying their deviant behaviors privately and publicly when they are caught. Anthony Weiner’s wife stood by her husband for years, and even tried to help salvage this asshole’s political career, after a sexual scandal. Still, he continued to act like a predator after the fact. White women voted overwhelmingly for Trump, even after his misogynistic statement about women, in addition to the many sexual assault cases pending against him.
Often times, these rapists don’t just rape women. They also feel powerful emasculating men and little boys. When a judge sees probation as fit punishment for a rapist, that judge should have never made it to the highest position in his courtroom, because he’s completely devoid of morals. When a police officer is handed a 9 month probation sentence for raping black women, you are telling other white men it’s okay to rape, as long as the victims are minorities. Here’s what white women don’t understand, though; they are also minorities in the eyes of these powerful white men. White men don’t necessarily refer to the numbers of their population, when it comes to their status as the majority. It’s all about power and control, even if there are less white men in the world than any other group. South Africa devastatingly showcased the controlling mindset of white men and the length they would go for control around the globe. Again, who’s giving birth to these monsters? We have a son of a bitch in the white house who should’ve been swallowed, if his mother was a good enough bitch, but that didn’t happen, so we now have to put up with his asinine behavior and his embarrassment on the world stage.
The sooner white people acknowledge their role in creating these monsters around the world, the sooner they’ll start focusing more on treatment and cure for their deviant sexual behavior toward mankind.

Plain old stupidity!

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this latest trend of stupidity by black drug dealers on social media. The zeal to show off to the world their ill-gotten riches, or lack thereof, seems to take precedence over their own freedom. We have this idiot from Milwaukee posting his drug deals online for the world to see, as if he’s totally unaware of the fact that social media has made the job of law enforcement a lot easier. So much so, most of these cops get off without any charges after murdering innocent black men, because of the perception that we are all drug dealers. The only people who get convicted because of video proof posted on social media are black people, not cops.
There’s another super Haitian idiot in New York who took to social media in search of fame as a drug dealer. This nincompoop has a wife 3 children and another child on the way. His numerous constant braggadocios videos landed him and his crew a spot at the local jail, and soon will be headed to a federal prison away from his family. He’s definitely famous now. There’s nothing that this guy didn’t record on camera. If he took a shit, he had to tell the world the toilet was made of 18 carat gold and diamond was coming out of his ass. When he brushed his teeth, it was with Avian water and the foam from the toothpaste could be sold on the aftermarket for reuse. Of course, I’m exaggerating a little, but this fool was his ultimate downfall, because he couldn’t keep from bragging about riches that he didn’t even have. I got in on the fun myself and made my own video mocking this clown. The irony in his videos is the fact that he created a couple catchphrases that became sensational within the Haitian community. Now, he’s the laughingstock of that community, because in all his videos, not only was he bragging about buying red bottom sneakers, expensive cars, belts and whatever else he was borrowing from the real drug dealers he knew, but his catchphrases were, “We’re not dumb. Act like you’re grown.” That’s the best I can do to translate his shit to English. Now Bubba is in a jail cell rubbing his crotch waiting to dumb the fuck out of his ass, like a grown ass man.
I’ve never been a drug dealer and I never aspired to become one. However, I grew up around a bunch of drug dealers/hustlers. They weren’t the smartest people. Not even Frank Lucas was that smart, because there’s no way a man making 200 million dollars selling drugs should have ended up in Prison. I’m sure Pablo Escobar and El Chapo thought they were billionaire drug dealing geniuses as well. Contrary to popular belief, some of these drug dealers earn less money than a worker at McDonald’s when they first start out. It takes years for a street level drug dealer to rise through the ranks. Imagine 6 dudes pumping drugs on the same block having to share their products with the same crackheads? That’s not a lot of money. I witnessed the rise and fall of many drug dealers pre-social media. Now, social media gives the cops an instant avenue to investigate cases and make arrests. Whereabouts are easily found out because of Whatsapp and Messenger, and once these fools start showing money on video, it’s time for the cops and the feds to move in. This is all without the help of the snitches within the drug game. Stupid is as stupid does. It’s unfortunate that so many drug dealers continue to follow the same blueprint, which often leads to their death or a long prison sentence. It just seems like their demise is inevitable. There must be some type of karma attached to drug dealing, because I have yet to meet a retired drug dealer who’s living the life. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but I don’t know any.
It seems as if all drug dealers allow their money to be attached to their self-esteem and self worth, while their ego usually can’t save them from themselves. Their cars have to be flashy, their clothing is usually a reflection of an advertising billboard, jewelry has to be on fleek to let the world know how much money they make. In addition, they make it so easy for the cops to spot them anywhere. At the strip clubs, they’re making it rain like money grows on trees. At the lounge or club, they’re buying bottles in the VIP like they’re holding a fundraiser for the thirsty-trap chicks. Everywhere they go, they do the loudest things to draw attention to themselves. I just don’t get that mindset. Granted, the US government is the biggest drug dealer in the world, but these drug dealers shouldn’t allow the government to use them as pawns. Drug dealing is a revolving door that only benefits the government. They often allow drug dealers to build their assets into millions, before they swoop in to confiscate everything and send their asses to prison. They seize the money and the drugs, while allowing an upcoming kid to go through the same process again, giving him access to the same drugs seized to build himself up, before repeating the steps again that often lands them in jail or dead on the street. The government is using black men for own their benefit. Not only are these fools destroying the black community, they’re also ruining the future of our children, because too often, they become the only role models our children have access to. The trimmings of the street life seem to be inescapable for too many of our children. In addition, these cowards are often too scared to go sell their shit in a white neighborhood.
When are we gonna wake up as a people? These blinders can’t last forever. No fucking way!