Black people must rise!

Lately, my account has been suspended a lot by Facebook. They have no problem showing the destruction of black people, by allowing police departments to post murders and shootings of black people on their site. They have to problem with racists posting shit that offends black folks. And they have absolutely no problem allowing folks to post ratchet behavior by black people on their site. However, the minute I go after the system, these assholes want to suspend my account. This particular post below that I wrote on my page, was shut down not even a minute after I posted it. Ya’ll know I don’t give a fuck about these racist white people and what they think, so I go hard, not just to raise the consciousness and awareness of black people, but to make sure these racist bastards know I’m coming for them.

All nations across Africa should revisit their constitution to determine if it’s to their benefit to even allow white people the right of ownership to anything in Africa. First of all, white people have never lawfully paid for anything in any country in the world. These bastards often steal people’s land and resources, and claim them as their own. That’s like knowingly allowing a known thief into your house. Everywhere they have gone in this world, they have stolen people’s shit, so why let them in at all? All the countries in Africa and the Caribbean should make sure their constitution outline the fact that only Native Africans and Caribbean born people have the right to purchase land in their respective countries, and land theft by foreigners should be punishable by death. The United States, UK, France, and the rest of the European racist bastards who have exploited Africa for the last 5 centuries, already announced there will be sanctions against South Africa for land expropriation. We all know that these racist bastards stole the land from the natives, which gives them no legal right to the stolen land to begin with, but the white imperialists have banded together to defend the illegal rights of racist white thieves in South Africa. White people are defended and protected by white imperialism, despite the fact they have run amok around the world, and have stolen resources from countries and people worldwide.  Even when white people are in the wrong, the racist west stands behind them, because white theft and exploitation of black people anywhere, benefits all white people.  We must all acknowledge that racist white people are the cancer to humanity, and white supremacy must be destroyed at all cost. African leaders have done nothing to protect and defend the rights of black people worldwide. Most Black countries in the world are exploited by the Europeans and the United States. The white world doesn’t even respect the independent black republics. They invade them at will, place the leaders of their choice in power, establish rules that benefit white people overseas, enforce embargo whenever a foreign country disagrees with the west, assassinate leaders who disagree with them, and violate the human rights of people in other countries. No matter how many children that are raped by missionaries and other white people across the world, white governments always come to their defense to protect them. Black leaders need to put a stop to white missionaries visiting their countries, in an effort to convert their people into docile Christians  and zombies who believe some guy named Jesus is coming to pull them out of their misery. Missionary missions often mean the exploitation of people, the rape of women, and the molestation of children at the hands of white people. We need to start recognizing white people for who they are. We should not allow white people to dictate how they’re going to destroy us any longer.

African leaders have a history of turning their backs on their people. No country or leader in Africa made the provision for the former slaves to be returned to their homeland after they were captured by white kidnappers. No country in Africa ever fought the west over slavery. They simply washed their hands off with their African children, and allowed white people to strip them of their culture, religion, god, name, and identity. White people named their slaves the same way they would name their pet dogs. Most of us have grown up with names that originated from the people who owned or sold our forefathers into slavery. The neglectful act of African leaders against their captured children should be an everyday reminder to those African brothers and sisters who can’t seem to grasp the fact that a lot of black people out of Africa cannot identify with Africa, because white people have raised them as white pets in black skin. Our livelihood is controlled by white people; our community is controlled by white people; our destiny is controlled by white people; our economic power is controlled by white people; our dignity is controlled by white people; our education is controlled by white people, and even our basic rights as human beings are controlled by white people. All this is happening, because nobody in Ghana, Togo, Benin, and all the other places where slaves were captured in Africa and brought to the west, didn’t do a fucking thing to punish white people. Black leaders are preoccupied with finding solutions to forgive white people for all they have done to black people, instead of focusing on a defense system to destroy white aggression. Based on the history of white aggression against black people worldwide, the sole focus of most African leaders should have been a strong military, technology, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, and the protection of all black citizens worldwide. All black people are quick to get on their knees to beg white people, and forgive them for the heinous crimes they have committed against our race. Given the history of slavery and lynching in this country, every single black home in this country should be armed with an AR-15 and AK-47,  and all black children should be trained in self-defense and how to properly handle a weapon, in case white people decide to attack our progress like they did Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma, and the many other places of progress that black people have built that they destroyed out of envy. I have no idea why we are afraid to arm ourselves to stand up against white aggression? When are we going to develop a sense of valor to make sure that we are never in shackles again when dealing with white people? When are we gonna put them on their backs like the Haitians did? White people understand what they have done to our race, and there’s a fear looming for no reason. However, in order for them to keep that fear in check, they must keep us in check by continuing to indiscriminately murder us, and pay no consequences for it. The world’s economy is crumbling, and everyone has their eyes on Africa again. The sad thing is, black folks don’t believe slavery can happen again. Since they are already slaves of a different type, it’s hard to imagine being in shackles on somebody’s plantation. I get it, but the reality is, we’re about to face the same fate again, if we don’t prepare ourselves this time.

Zimbabwe saw the wrath of white people after Mugabe stood up to the European thieves who came to Zimbabwe and stole the land of his people. Soon, South Africa will be dealt the same fate, because white people know how to unite for the benefit of white supremacy. There’s no such thing as a fair white man. Check their history for reference. White people have never been fair, and they will never be fair. The Jesus juice they managed to get too many black people hooked on, has also been a crutch that prevents black people from rising up. Jesus didn’t save your forefathers during slavery, and he damn sure ain’t gonna save your asses now. Mugabe stood alone in Zimbabwe to fight white imperialism. Now, there’s a black puppet in Zimbabwe convincing his submissive population it is in their best interest to return land to white people, so they can exploit black people further. These fucking cowards are not for the defense and development of black people! They are agents for the white man. They must be destroyed as well.

White people are essentially telling the world they can go anywhere on earth and steal people’s resources, annihilate them, enslave them, and nothing will happen to them. That shit needs to stop! There should be consequences to white action against us, but it starts with us to preemptively make sure we are no longer the doormats for white people. The mentality that most black people have today was beaten into them from generations back. We must not fear the death of Dr. King, Steve Biko, Malcolm X, Kwame Nkrumah, Toussaint L’Ouverture and the other black leaders who put their lives on the line for us against white people. We must also put our own lives on the line and let these racist assholes know we’re not going to be submissive and docile any longer. Fuck that! I’m not sure what’s wrong psychologically with black people, but we can no longer stand idly and expect white people to suddenly develop a conscience. They are not built that way. The entire continent of Africa must be strengthened to the point where they can tell the west to go fuck themselves, the same way Putin has done in Russia, and China has done to the world. Black people must have a place of refuge that can be defended and protected by black people against white dominance and aggression. The dynamics of power in the world leave black people powerless, because too many black people have allowed white religions to determine their action against those who exploit them everyday. We must regurgitate the Jesus juice and follow the natural order of African spirituality, which pulled Haiti out of slavery, to become the first successful upheaval against white exploitation. Jesus has always been the downfall of black people, and will continue to be the downfall of black people, because we are too blind to see that white people use the same bible to indiscriminately murder people around the world. “Thou shall not kill,” but white people murder children, women and men every day around the world. What the fuck kind of wake up call do we need?


We must break the cycle of dysfunction in black relationships!

Today, I feel the need to address some of the many dysfunctions taking place in many black relationships, because that subject seems to be everywhere on my feed.
One of the biggest conflicts we have in the black community is the issue of gold diggers and women looking for a come-up. Well, the facts remain that black women own more businesses and are mostly carrying the load as head of household in most of the homes in the black community. I’m very conflicted about this issue because I have 2 daughters. While I may be heavily involved in my daughters’ lives as a father, I have also taken into consideration the fact that I’ve met few black women who grew up with their father. Having said that, I saw the destruction in my own relationships with many black women, due to the fact that their father was absent in their lives, so I make it my number one duty to make sure my daughters understand the very important role that I play in their lives. For me to neglect to teach my daughters their worth, I would fail as a father. I work hard to provide everything that my daughters need, and I expect them to find a man who can hold his own, once they decide to start dating. To call them gold diggers because they want to be with a man who can provide for their family, is one of the biggest failures in the black community. No woman should have to put up with financial struggles, unless she created them for herself. It is utterly stupid, I believe, for any established woman to date a man who is a project. What kind of project is he? What’s going to be the end result? How do you assess a man’s potential? The man my daughter brings home to meet me at 22, is not going to be the same man I expect her to bring home at 30 years old. There’s no room for potential once a man reaches 30 years old. He should have an idea of where he wants to go in life. Too many black women are forced into a position of guilt, as it relates to black men with potential, because of their own personal success. Let’s stop trying to figure out people’s potential after they reach the age of 30. That’s 12 years after graduating high school, which is plenty of time for someone to find himself. No person should rely on potential while dating someone after the age of 30. This also applies to black women, because there are some men out there who believe in equality, when it comes to relationships. Removing tradition from the dynamics of black relationships have done nothing but hurt us, but to each his own. A lot of black women are forced to believe they are feminists, because not enough men are stepping up to the plate to take on the role of men in their relationship. Money doesn’t necessarily define head of household in my book. Leadership is far more important.
My love for black women is undeniable, but I also know that black women have many issues that they deal with on a daily basis, as it relates to black men. Both, black men and women, are dealing with complexities that most psychologists can’t be provided with a solution. Our dysfunction stemmed from slavery, and they have grown over the years as the black family continue to deal with added issues from systemic racism that compound our already dysfunctional state. The primary goal of most white politician is the disruption of the black family. We have had too many people elected to the oval office based on their racist views, and legislation they presented that have impacted the black family negatively. Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and now Trump, just to name a few of the presidents who have made the incarceration of black men a priority. While many black women can attest to the injustice that most black men face in America, but none will ever know how it really feels to be a black man. I’m not making excuses for black men, but facts are facts, we are targeted as election prop every 4 years. Each president goes to the next extreme to ensure their election. Destroying the black man is the quickest way to get white supremacy riled up, and the easiest way to the presidency.
While we all know it takes a man to teach a boy how to be a man, many black males have never gotten the chance to reach the plateau of their manhood to become a complete man. In short, we have a lot of boys acting like men, trying to raise boys into men. There lies the problem with the black women having so many issues with black men. The absent father phenomenon has always been a myth implanted into the brains of most black people to begin with. I’m not discounting the fact that some black men are not involved in their children’s lives, because that’s also fact, but the research numbers often lie to implicate and suggest that the black man is irresponsible, which makes it okay for society to easily criminalize the black man. Now, let’s move on to the issues faced by the black woman, as it relates to relationships with the black man. I’m no psychologist, but we all know that most little girls adore their father first, before any man. I’m talking about those involved fathers. Most little girls allow their fathers to set the bar for the man they will marry in life, even if the father is not the best man that he can be. There is plenty of blame to go around, but a man can’t be there for his children, if the system designs a specific plan to take him away from his family. There are so many ways that the black man is forced away from his family, but we can start with something as simple as child support. First of all, child support go hand in hand with welfare assistance, section 8 and any other public assistance a woman may receive from the government. If a woman is receiving public assistance from the government, she’s mandated to tell the government who her baby’s father is. Doing so, forces the man to not only answer to the judicial system and law enforcement authorities, but he’s also responsible for the woman’s decision to apply for assistance. We can’t ask black women to do something that they don’t know, or have no experience whatsoever in it. When a woman grows up with a mother who’s on welfare, the chances of her being on welfare as a mother herself, is multiplied 10 folds. She’s going to emulate the very things she grew up with. Why would a woman pay $1200.00 a month for an apartment, when she knows section 8 paid almost 80% of her mother’s rent while she was growing up? Why would a woman want to go to work, when she’s well aware that her mother has managed to survive on public assistance? In addition, when her mother decided to finally get a job making just a few dollars above the poverty line, her welfare assistance was cut off. While this may seem to be a smart move on the part of the woman, they can’t seem to attach the long term effect of an absent father to the major problem of children growing up without their fathers. No man should be responsible for taking care of a woman’s every need, just because he has a child with her. His sole responsibility should be that child , and that child alone. Unless, of course, they are married, and then he should be responsible for his family. Now, I’m not advocating that a woman should be responsible for the action of a man, but in most cases, men end up being responsible for the actions of women. When a woman decides to have a child without the consent of a man, that man has to assume the responsibility of a child that he may or may not be prepared to deal with. He’s forced to become a father, even if he has made it clear to a woman he’s not ready to be a father. Men have absolutely no input in the decisions women make when it comes to having kids.
We can also address the fact that some people choose to be spiteful, instead of putting their differences aside and children first. We can’t expect people to deal with situations that their own family hadn’t been privy to in a functional manner. Meaning, if you came from a home where conflict resolution was nonexistent, how in the world are you supposed to learn to deal with conflicts? We are so ill-equipped when it comes to dealing with relationship issues, the only way we react to situations is to follow in the footsteps of what we have been exposed to. Most often, it’s never good for the relationship, and it usually weakens the relationship. Screaming, yelling, calling each other names, and acting petty, are some of the ways that some black people deal with mature situations in a relationship. We have too many immature people trying to get into mature relationships, but think that they’re grown because of their age. Some people believe they are mature in relationships, just because they are successful in their professional life. That’s total bullshit! Lawyers, doctors, scientists, accountants, professional athletes can all be found behind bars for being petty in relationships. Sometimes the relationship is just over, and we must come to that realization. No matter how petty we act, it’s not going to fix a broken relationship. It takes 2 mature adults to understand this, and dragging someone to court to get the white man to assert control over your lives, is not going to fix that relationship.
Another issue that some black women don’t really think about, is the fact that most states now suspend driving privileges of fathers who fall behind on child support. If a man has no way to get to work, how is he supposed to provide for his child? Okay, we can say the bus is an option, but that’s not always the case. In grave circumstances, some men face incarceration for falling behind on child support. How is a man going to take care of his child if he’s locked up? All these decisions that affect men usually come from women. When men and women are in a room having sex, most of the time, it’s a mutual agreement between 2 people without any cops, judges, or lawyers present. If a man goes to insert his penis inside of a woman without a condom, usually that decision is mutual as well. No man can force himself inside a woman without it being a rape situation. The woman always has the option and choice to say, “no glove, no love.” At the same time, a man also has the right to wear a condom, or face the consequences of being a father. We must also realize that some men are bums in nature. A lot of women tend to overlook the bum tendencies in a man for their own personal and sexual gratification. You see, the decision to have sex is usually the most mutual and easiest decision to make. However, the complications arise when emotions are involved and pettiness kick in to the point of control. Once a woman is pregnant, the man has no control over the situation. I wish more men were smart enough to recognize this, and understand that giving up control of your life to a woman is also a poor decision on your part. Only weak men put themselves in positions where their lives are controlled by women. A woman can smell a weak man from a mile away. Money does not make a man strong. As a matter of fact, a lot of men with money are the weakest people you’ll find on this earth, and smart women know how to manipulate them. A man can ask a woman to terminate a pregnancy all he wants, but he has no control over her body. It is up to her to decide if she wants to bring a baby into this world, whether he wants the baby or not. We have a revolving door of issues where both sides play a major role in the dysfunction of the black community, but both sides want to play the victim. We have women who try to emulate the same bullshit that their mother did, thinking their mother did the right thing as a parent, even if she struggled to raised her children the right way. And then we have a bunch of boys thinking they are men just because they are above 18 years old, with the ability to get an erection and have sex with a woman, and watched their boyish father telling the world how much of a man he is.
In order for us to break the cycle of destruction and dysfunction in the black community, we have to first recognize those dysfunctions, but we must also be aware of the traps and pitfalls that are in place to destroy the black family. We can continue to talk in circles, and shift the blame whichever way it’s convenient for either sex, but at the end of the day, we have to hold ourselves accountable for changing our ways, in order to make things better for our children. Do you really think Dr. King went to school all these years to become a doctor because he wanted to get shot at 36 years old? Hell no! He wanted to make things better for his children. I know many of you think Dr. King’s children are only those who were birthed by his wife, but that’s not the case at all. We are all Dr. King’s children. He sacrificed his livelihood to make things better for all of us, but we have yet to repay him for his great sacrifice. Every single one of us must look at our family history and decide how we’re gonna make things better for our children, and how we’re going to break the cycle of dysfunction that has broken our families for many generations. It’s a personal responsibility, but we must work together to make the necessary changes to strengthen the black family. As a man, when you meet a woman with daddy issues because her dad was not in her life, that dysfunction will affect your relationship and your own family with that woman. As a woman, when you meet a man who has not had the experience of a good father to teach him the lessons of life, you are basically adopting another child and expect him to be a father to your own children. Children cannot raise other children to be adults. We must all understand the root of our problems, and the role the system plays in making sure the black family remains dysfunctional. It is our duty to change things and do better. Do not bring children into your dysfunctional world! Deal with your dysfunctions, so your children can have a better chance at a normal life.

How white people have forced black people into accepting 2nd class citizenship status

Sit back, relax and enjoy this mini book I’m about to write. This is one of my longest blogs.
I know I missed the 50th anniversary hoopla of Dr. King’s murder, but when have have we ever celebrated the assassination of any white person?
Funny thing is, even black people got in the act of celebrating the murder of Dr. King. The fact that Dr. King was completely against materialism would’ve created a conflict with all those people who had words to say on his behalf, and all those people who ended up chasing a material life because of his sacrifices. America is the material life. Some people choose to follow only part of Dr. King’s philosophy. Many of his lessons that would’ve rendered society a better place are ignored, because of human greed. We have so many people striving to become billionaires right now, we never once stop to think at whose expense are these people becoming Billionaires? Who are the sacrificial lambs in all this? In Jeff Bezos’ case, we can say many of the mom and pops stores and other recognizable brands and companies have folded because of his aspirations and drive. Amazon has taken away more jobs from the less fortunate than any other company. Prior to Amazon, Walmart was the leader in poverty reinforcement in society. They sustain more poor families than any other company, while their CEO’s rake in billions of dollars every year. For every billionaire that is created, a million more people fall deeper into poverty. So when your goal in life is to make billions of dollars, keep in mind there will be millions of people suffering the wrath of your greed.
We live in a society where people are applauded for living in lavish mansions that can house an entire city population, but we have a problem with the homeless coming anywhere near our neighborhood, because we don’t care about what drove these people to homelessness. Bill Gates is revered, but nobody cares about the fact that Microsoft is also the reason that politicians are forever introducing legislation to maintain a high number of prisoners, in order to keep these private prisons full to capacity. The incarceration of black men specifically, helps Gates thrive as a businessman. Gates’ good fortune is the misfortune of many black men, because he relies on prison labor for his Microsoft company. The way to offset all of this, is for him to give away 20 million dollars here and there as a good Samaritan, while raking in billions. Bill Gates is the ultimate philanthropist, but few people have seen the devil in him. If you want to know what the devil looks like, look no further than Bill gates and the rest of the billionaires of the world. That’s the business model of most of the successful business people in America. As a matter of fact, that’s the business model of the American government period. We go rob a country of its resources, while at the same time bragging about the aid we offer to that country on a yearly basis. That’s the American way, but Americans have accepted that model of business. Jordan can sell his sneakers for $165.00 all day, regardless of the fact that young black kids are murdered over his expensive sneakers, as long as he sets up some type of charity where less than 5% of what he earns go to help the less fortunate who are getting killed over his sneakers.
We can send American troops over to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and many other countries in Africa to murder people indiscriminately in the name of democracy, as long as we create a veil of deception that forces the world to believe it’s without US interest. We always seem to be able to find US security threats in the most obscure places. Sometimes I have no idea how these people would get here to pose a threat to our livelihood, but the government says there’s a threat, so one exists.It’s always ludicrous to hear how the US always end up controlling their economy after destroying the countries they set out to help.
White people are propagandists who believe they can sell anything to the world. The saying “if you build it, they will come” is actually a practice by most white people. Trump is president because he built it with enough lies, and enough people came to vote for him. That simple philosophy works to the benefit of white people, because they are good at lying, exaggerating, and creating a false sense of reality for the masses. It also doesn’t help that most white people believe anything that reinforces white supremacy. More importantly, white people have managed to convince black people they know what’s good for them. On an international level, white people have managed to convince the entire world they know a better way to govern, a better way to live, and a better way to be a good citizen, all the while they are the most dangerous breed to society. This whole march for democracy on foreign lands where white soldiers can just show up at your doorstep to murder you, is white supremacy at its best. When was the last time any soldier from a different country showed up on US soil to reinforce the human rights for black people? We know they violate our rights on a daily basis, and the United Nations have recognized that the rights of black people are violated in America. However, nothing is done about it, because white supremacy rules so supremely, only they have the rights to go into other countries to enforce rules and regulations regarding human rights violations of other people. It doesn’t even matter if a leader of a foreign country agrees with them or not. They’ll invade the country without any repercussion.
When we look at the scope of crimes that white people have committed around the world against other people, there shouldn’t be enough prisons in the world to house these criminals. They are criminals by nature. However, you can go all the way back to the early 1800’s to understand the great role propaganda has played in making sure the once enslaved race of black people, have always been sold to the entire world as criminals. Imagine you get robbed by somebody, and they manage to turn it around by making the world believe you’re the robber? That’s what white people have done. It’s not just in the United States, this is a worldwide practice.
There isn’t one thing original in this world anymore, and that includes the election of Trump. He’s the biggest copycat president that has ever existed.Maybe he’s a little more original with lying, because he does it even when there’s proof that he’s lying. This guy lacks so much originality, not even the slogan for his campaign was his. Politic is no different than those people who lack talent in Hollywood. When a formula works in Hollywood, it’s repeated over and over. How many different Law and Orders can you name? How many CSI’s can you name? How many Love and Hip Hop can you name? How many Housewives of Whogivesashit can you name? You see where I’m going with this? There’s no originality when it comes to white people. If you pay close enough attention to them, you’ll figure out their intention very quickly. Trump is no less of a liar than Nixon, just as Clinton is no less of a liar than Trump. When you take a closer look at their policies, they all attack the same group of people, which often is black people, or Latinos. Nixon got elected because of his war on drugs (unofficially black people was his target). Reagan got elected because of his war on drugs (again,the target was black people). Clinton got elected because of his “tough on crime” policies, which targeted black people (mass incarceration of black people). Trump got elected because he wants to get rid of illegal immigrants and his tough stance on crime, which is unofficially a mark on the back of black people. Both, Trump and Clinton proposed the death penalty for drug dealers. You really think it matters if they’re republican or democrat? Just check out the policies. The war on drugs raged on when the victims were black. Now, there’s a campaign to combat the opioid crisis, because the victims are white. There’s a huge difference between referring to something as a crisis, while calling the same thing a war, because it was related to black people. A crisis calls for alarm from the medical and psychological community to assist, while a war on drugs calls for pandemonium, total chaos and destruction. The word crisis is most often used at hospitals. when you hear the word “war,” there’s never anything kind or admirable about it. It’s pure destruction.
Language is very important, and is used carefully when white people want to show their racism. Meth, heroine and other white trash drugs deserve their compassion, no matter how destructive those white people are to their communities and families. There’s a medical need to find a cure. The goal is to find a way to help maintain the white family at all cost, while the goal was totally different when black people faced the crack epidemic. The destruction of the black family at all cost during the crack epidemic they created, and the destruction of the image of the black man was the ultimate goal. Remember, the meth and heroine epidemic was not created by the government. These are white people at their own free will who decided to create meth labs across the nation. Crack was created for the sole purpose of destroying the black community and the mass incarceration of black men, to finance a war in Nicaragua. Crack money paid for that war in Nicaragua. To this day, I have yet to meet a black man who can produce cocaine, manufacture guns, and have access to distribution across the country without the assistance of the FBI and the DEA.
The biggest issue facing black people, is the fact that they have accepted their position as second class citizens in America, and pretty much across the world, wherever white people live. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a black country, white people are elevated by black people, just because of the color of their skin., If you’ve traveled enough around the world, you’d understand exactly what I’m talking about. White people have forced black people to become basic, without any complication to our being. A black person can be as basic as being able to get shot for holding a cellphone or a pipe, by a cop, with validation from a white grand jury and prosecutor. White people have made the criminalization of black people mainstream, and black people have accepted it. Prison is now a rite of passage for many black men, and most often, black men brag about their experience with the law, in order to appear tougher than they are. That psychology is also one of the main causes for the destruction of the black community. Even some black people who have made it out, are still concerned with “street cred” and end up doing time in prison for dumb shit, without realizing the role that the white psychology of “criminalizing black people” play in it.
When Dr. King realized he couldn’t extinguish the fire of hatred with his peaceful and nonviolent demonstrations and marches, he reconsidered his approach, because he realized his movement was ineffective against a group of violent vultures. The minute he decided that possibly arming his people would help create a line of defense against white aggression, it was time to take him out. It’s ludicrous that white people are now hypocritically celebrating the death of a man they murdered, and black people have really done nothing about it. We continue to do nothing about the murders of many black people at the hands of cops everyday. In turn, we have grown very comfortable in our position as 2nd class citizens. For reinforcement, white people indiscriminately murder a black man every other day. I know that most of you don’t make the correlation, but every time they show you a black man being killed in cold blood on television, YouTube or Facebook, they are planting in your sub-conscience the consequences of you standing up to their exploitation of you. Now, you can continue to be a coward and life will go on for black people as 2nd class citizens, or you can stand up and fight back to put a stop to their bullshit! Your children will endure the same bullshit, if you don’t stand up and do something about it!

A Revolution needs to happen sooner than later!

The loyalty of poor people to rich people is the reason why rich people thrive so much. For some odd reason, poor people just love to admire rich people, without understanding the complexities of how they’ve obtained their riches. Of course, there are many different stages of admiration.
A lot of us don’t pay attention to the fact that rich people cannot become super rich without the help of poor people. Your admiration is most often turned into exploitation. 5% of the world’s population have managed to rule the wealth of the entire world, because the entire world has been admiring these people for too long. A lot of billionaires are now scared that poverty may force an uprising from poor people. Imagine that we have people who sit on gold toilets everyday to take a shit, and some of them even wipe their ass with money, while another sector of society are rummaging through the trash in the street and behind businesses to find something to eat? Even more people are on the sidewalk and park benches at night with a dirty blanket over them trying to catch a goodnight sleep on the hard pavement and benches. We like to call capitalism a fair game, but what’s fair about Walmart paying their employees poverty wages that need to be substituted with public assistance, in order for these people to avoid homelessness, while the CEO’s are earning billions? Disney just approved a 420 something million dollar salary package for their CEO, while forcing their workers to sign a contract for a .50 cents raise, in order for them to receive a $1000.00 bonus that was promised to them. This admiration we have for rich people needs to stop, because the rich don’t admire the poor.
Rich people also understand the only way for them to keep their wealth, is to maintain conflicts among poor people. The easiest way to enforce that, is through racism. Global poverty will never end for as long as people are divisive because of race. At the same time, the division of race has a lot to do with white privilege. No matter how poor a white person is, he wants to feel he’s better than a black man, or any other person because of his white skin. Even in wealth, rich white people want rich black people to know they are better than them. However, once a black person becomes rich, too often they start to believe they are immune to racism because of their money. A false sense of belonging!
Some people in the world are so rich, they can actually afford to live through a nuclear war. They have underground bunkers and enough supplies to last them until the nuclear effects fade, while the rest of the world dies. We’re gonna have to start holding these super rich people accountable, because for every person who creates a new business or comes up with an idea to get super rich, it also creates poverty for millions of other people. Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world. He has taken Amazon to the level where he purchased the Wholefoods chain, and is basically eliminating the cashier position. Your Amazon card is scanned while it remains in your pocket, for every item purchased, the minute you exit the supermarket. That’s not improvement on human conditions, that’s fucking greed! A robot was also created to flip burgers at McDonald’s. These people are eliminating jobs, and the poorest sector of the population is the most affected. Still, most people look at a man like Bezos in awe, because he has so much money, and that’s what most of them aspire to be, rich. What are we doing to ourselves in this world? Capitalism is the reason slavery happened. The queen of England can’t make enough money exploiting less fortunate countries. This bitch is still taxing every country England had ever colonized around the world, in addition to stealing all the gold and other resources she can steal from these countries. France does the same shit. America does it. Spain practices the same bullshit. And so on…
White society has made poverty acceptable, and all of us have become desensitized to it. As a matter of fact, we have taken being poor to greater heights than it needs to be. It’s almost bragging rights to tell someone how poor you were before you made it. White people have normalized struggling stories, in order to make being filthy rich acceptable. They call them “feel good stories” when someone makes it out of the gutter, as if they are not the reason there’s a gutter to begin with. We have to stop all this admiration for rich people. There’s absolutely no fucking reason in the world why a family of 4 should live in a 30,000 sqft home with 40 fucking bedrooms and 200,000 bathrooms. How many shit can someone take in a day? How many fucking hours of sleep do you need in so many different rooms? Some people have upward of 20 cars in their garage, while others have to walk five miles to work and school everyday. This isn’t fair! This excessive living standard that we have allowed white people to push on us, is what’s keeping us poor, no matter how educated we are, or how hard we work. Rich people don’t have student loans, so they force poor people to go to college, to create wealth for them through student loan debt, in order to keep the cycle of their riches going.
Most rich people are arrogant bastards who think the world is their oyster to do whatever the fuck they want with it. They send your poor sons and daughters to war whenever they feel like it. They poison water sources with oil drilling. They rape our women, children and men whenever they feel like it. They shit in our faces without any repercussion, and they buy all the judges to keep them from going to jail for doing anything.
We also get caught up with their philanthropy, because it humanizes some of these rich monsters. No philanthropy would be needed if people weren’t being forced into poverty to begin with. When you take away people’s resources and ability to just survive, you are the lowest form of a living thing. We are worse than animals.
This system of wealth control and dominance is the same in every country around the world. Most countries now don’t even have a middle class. They have extreme poverty and the super rich. The proletarians are always on survival mode, while the 1% are chilling on yachts and flying around the world in their private planes. A revolution needs to happen, but it can only be successful when the 99% start to unite to fight this unfair imbalance in society. Aren’t you tired of seeing your family live in poverty for generations?

We need to wake up from our coma!

Black Panther became the most successful film ever made with a mostly black cast, because it’s the most nonthreatening black film against white supremacy ever made. Not once in Black Panther did they address the issues that black people face, because white people have put different racist systems in place to exploit them. If I’m a white guy, I’m walking out that movie clapping, because Black Panther even provided a white hero to make me feel good. My white savior syndrome lives on!
Now, we can take a look at other films about the black struggle that directly addressed the white racist system, and you’ll notice they barely broke even at the box office. When a movie with an all-black cast and black director makes over 50 million dollars at the box office, we call it a success, because the restricted budget of less than 10 million dollars given to most black directors doesn’t give them the latitude to be great in their films and showcase their true talent like their white counterparts. Few white movies are made for less than 50 million dollars. The most garbage white movie you see at the theater commands a budget of at least 50 million dollars. As many movies that have been made about Mandela, Dr. King, Jackie Robinson and so on, none those movies have ever even cracked the 100 million dollar mark. I understand that Marvel Comics is also a brand that a lot of people are familiar with, but that’s not the reason Black Panther is so successful. Black Panther is successful because white people and all people around the world, have been curious about what a black superhero would do, if they had special powers. Most people are satisfied now with a black superhero, even black people, because the black superhero doesn’t pose a threat to the status quo. He’s not using his super powers to go after anybody who has wronged black people. As a matter of fact, he managed to find a nemesis within his own family, which continues the narrative and legacy of Black people being responsible for their own demise. They’ve already told us that Black people were selling their own children into slavery, so why not have them kill their own nephew, first cousin and what have you on the big screen.
The movie, Malcolm X, was an afterthought, not just to white people, but also to black people. Some people figured they already knew the story because the “Autobiography of Malcolm X” was written long ago, as if many of them had read The Black Panther comic series recently. Who knows what kind positive movies Spike Lee could’ve been writing and directing, had he had the kind of support of black people for his film that black people have shown to Black Panther, to earn even one tenth of what Black Panther earned at the box office? When white people review our work and they tell us it’s worth seeing, we go out in droves to support it. However, when white people tore into a great film like Malcolm X, and told the world it wasn’t worth watching, black people listened to their white daddies. I’m sure many of our people have seen Malcolm X more than once, but I’m almost 100% sure they didn’t pay to see it more than once at the theater. It earned 47 million dollars during its lifetime. I see people bragging about seeing Black Panther 7 times or more, and all the family members have made it a “must see” film, but none of the significant black films in our lifetime have ever grossed over 50 million dollars, excluding those slave narratives. Lest we forget, Spike Lee is solely responsible for most of the great actors that black people love in Hollywood. From Denzel Washington, to Halle Berry, Samuel L. Jackon, Wesley Snipes and so many more, and John Singleton is responsible for the rest. Without Spike, there’s no Ryan Coogler, Ava Duvernay, Antoine Fuqua and many other black directors and filmmakers in Hollywood.
A campaign was created against “Birth of A Nation” before the movie was even released. While Trump is in the white house for having raped dozens of women, which is perfectly fine with white people, poor Nate Parker had to deal with his name being defamed by white people for something he was not found guilty for, years ago in a court of law. Black women jumped on the white bandwagon to destroy Nate’s credibility. We couldn’t go out and support a movie that would change black people’s mind about revolutions. Nat Turner is not to be recognized or acknowledge by us. Danny Glover has been fighting for the last 20 years to bring a true black hero to the big screen, but Hollywood will not allow him to make a movie about the Haitian Revolution. Disney can throw 200 million dollars at Black Panther, a fictitious character, but the Haitian Revolution movie will not be financed. Can you count how many movies you’ve seen about the Iraq invasion alone, which only took place about a decade ago? White people can be heroes whenever they want, but the Black heroes have to be determined by them. Can you count how many war movies that have been made since you were born? You know how many times white boys go into Vietnam, Korea, Somalia and other places and be depicted as saviors of the world in films? I can’t count either. I’m usually not interested in the heroics of white people, especially when they are under the false pretense of democracy for American occupation.
Sometimes I realize that Black people are in a serious coma, as it relates to the courage and vision needed to change their stance in society. We are so proud of Black Panther, we can’t stop talking about it. Collectively, the black cast, director and crew for Black Panther earned less than 50 million, while Robert Downey Jr. alone earned over 50 million dollars for Iron Man. I read somewhere he’s slated to earn 200 million dollars for the next one. Yeah, Black Panther made a billion dollars for the most racist film company in America, Disney. What are we celebrating? You see, black people are sold on the idea that when white people give them the green light for a project, it means there’s no prejudice and racism coming from the white company. That’s like closing our eyes to the fact that these racist bastards had black housekeepers, black cooks, black maids and black slaves, while still attending lynching of black people in public squares. They even raped many of their slaves and servants. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never understand the mental illness of white people. Only they can explain how they can hate a group of people, but want to forcibly and heinously have their dicks in black women at the same time. At the end of the day, white people will do anything to make themselves rich, even allowing Negroes to make a movie about a nonthreatening black hero. I don’t have a problem that Black Panther was made, but I just wish Killmonger and Black Panther would’ve finally found a way to unite, and use their superpowers and strength to finally fight white imperialism. The movie was written and directed by a black man, right? My bad, there were conditions to the movie being made.
A lot of black people like to conveniently refer to the movie as “simple entertainment,” whenever permissible in an argument, but they’re running around wishing Wakanda was a real country and rocking African garbs like they just received their DNA results back from It’s almost the same as referring to black people as “murderers, thieves, drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes” as simple news, every time we turn on our television. We pay very little attention to our sub-conscience, and few of us are able to decipher the controlling methods that white people use to keep us in line, and in the dark. Yay! We made history….for Disney.

The falsification of white supremacy!

When will black people realize that white supremacy doesn’t give a fuck about our comparisons to their situations? The only thing that matters to white supremacy is racism and domination over other people at all cost.
We’re forever comparing white situations to black situations to juxtapose how the justice system is unfair, and how white people’s attitude differ, as it relates to Obama and Trump in the white house. We already know Obama would’ve been impeached had he committed one third of the heinous acts and crimes Trump has committed in a little over a year in the white house. However, it’s not about comparisons. It’s all about racism and white supremacy. Too many of us forget that white supremacy is built on lies and false history. Nobody is more pathological than Trump when it comes to lying, but white people have no problem with it, because that is part of white supremacy’s culture. In order to make yourself look supreme, you must falsify everything about your culture and denigrate everything about somebody else’s culture. There’s no fairness when it comes to racism, imperialism and white supremacy. It’s winning at all cost for them.
Of course, we’re going to see a black man sent to prison for 25 years for stealing clothes at a department store, while a serial white rapist who was handed a 300 year-sentence for rape gets a chance to walk out of prison after a couple of years. We’re going to see a black man who unjustly served 43 years of his life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, not get compensated for his unjust time behind bars. Do you honestly believe the prosecutors didn’t know that all these black men they have unjustly put behind bars were in innocent to begin with? These prosecutors and district attorneys are protected by white supremacy. The lies that they make up in court to convict innocent black people are protected by white supremacy, which is why they are able to do it. If white supremacy wasn’t based on lies and a false impression of reality, 80% of the district attorneys in the country would be in prison, disbarred, and their licenses revoked indefinitely for lying in court.
White supremacy is all about establishing a double standard, in order to continuously humiliate a particular race. We see it every day in our daily lives. People would often talk bad about another person, just to make themselves look good. That behavior is adopted from white supremacy. There’s no reason to talk bad about another person, in order to make yourself look good, but white supremacy make most people believe it’s effective, so a lot of people do it.
In the beginning, black people were not good enough to do anything that white people were doing. They kept us from learning how to read and write; they kept us from playing basketball, football, baseball, and boxing, because we weren’t good enough to play against them, or fight them; they kept us from joining the armed forces and the list of the things we were prohibited from doing was endless. However, when we kicked the doors open and we started to exceed their expectations and surpass them in almost everything athletically, they had to reconfigure their plan to maintain white supremacy. When they couldn’t keep up in football, basketball, baseball, and boxing because we were more dominant, the white athlete became more intellectual, while the black athlete was only physical. Still, their intellect was never enough to overcome the dominance in any of the sports that are now dominated by black people. It was just a lie. We didn’t have the intellectual capacity to become doctors, lawyers, scientists and what have you, according to them. However, when we start to perform open heart surgeries, invent medical procedures they had never seen, win cases at the Supreme court level, become astronauts and so on, they said only few of us have the capacity to reach those heights. They made up an exception to the rule. Another lie!
When you start to peel the layers to see what white supremacy is really all about, you’ll start to understand all the lies they have created, starting with Jesus and everything else that affirm a false claim that has been debunked many times over, but so many white people have refused to accept as truth, that all humans have the capacity to become great in anything.
If the situation with Trump in the white house doesn’t convince you that white supremacy is all about lies and false history, then you are just a delusional fool who has made up his mind to live foolishly for the rest of your life.

At the end of the day, we always end up being their target!

So now Trump is advocating that teachers should carry guns in the classroom, huh? I guess they don’t want to turn the suburban schools into jungles, like they do the public schools in the inner city, by placing metal detectors and armed security at the schools.
I worked at one of the “worse” so called high schools in the Bronx. As a matter of fact, I was not only a teacher, I was also a Dean of the Colin Powell Academy, which meant that I had to deal with discipline and suspension issues. That’s right, Colin Powell graduated from the high school where I taught, that also meant the jungle where I taught didn’t have any animals who would go in and murder 17 people.
Let’s get a clear perspective on this gun violence happening in suburban schools across America: I guess I’m gonna need a disclaimer somewhere here, because we do have occasional shootings around the inner city schools, but very rarely does someone get killed inside the school at the hands of another black student. That shit may happen after school during a fight, away from the school, but no black student has ever been animalistic enough to walk into a school and start shooting and killing people indiscriminately. That animalistic behavior is part of the “affluenza” suffered by the young white terrorists in the suburbs, a situation that the white media won’t label correctly.
Anyway, let’s look at the so called plan for teachers to carry guns into our schools; again, I must point out that I’m a former high school teacher and Dean at one of the so called worse schools in New York City. I don’t think my worse student ever committed murder, much less mass murder. I digressed. Suburban White boys seem to have more mental issues than black boys, even though they don’t endure half the shit the poverty stricken black boys endure on a daily basis. Black people’s mental capacity is judged by the color of their skin, not their exploitation in society. That’s neither here nor there. One group is seen as criminals, and the other is labeled mentally challenged, for the sake of white supremacy. Still, the “criminals” are never mass killers in this instance, the mentally disturbed ones are always. This kid in Florida has an inheritance that can last him for the rest of his life without ever lifting a finger to go to work. Black boys only wish they had a situation like that. Excuse me, but I digressed again. Anyway, to arm teachers in the classroom, is to prepare the young black population for genocide.
First of all, over 80% of all public school teachers are white, just as 80% of inner city cops are white. Having said that, “the fear for my life, or my life was threatened” excuse, will render many dead bodies at the hands of teachers, and most of these teachers will be transferred to other schools for murdering our young black children, just as the cops usually receive a slap on the wrists for murdering unarmed black people. In our jungle schools in the inner city, we have metal detectors, as well as armed police officers, to deal with our black kids on a daily basis. I guess that is way too much to ask white people to do in the suburbs, because the dignity of their children means so much, even though they are being randomly murdered by “mentally disturbed” characters on an “isolated” basis. Please excuse my sarcasm, because isolated incidents for white people is when the same incident has occurred over a hundred times, and many innocent people have been killed. This humiliation of metal detectors and armed police officers in the hood seems to work fine for black kids, because there has never been any reported mass shooting at any schools in the inner city. However, arming teachers will not only raise the level of fear among teachers, but it will instill fear in the students who are aware that some of their teachers have racist tendencies. In addition, black students will also come to the defense of their black classmates by possibly throwing a chair at a teacher who’s trying to shoot their classmate, in order to save them and save themselves, which in turn may end up being a mass shooting by a teacher who may feel his life is in danger when a group of students are trying to protect themselves, and might lead to the teacher shooting the entire class. You think I’m exaggerating? You don’t know white people. Don’t take my word for it, I’m only a black guy who attended inner city schools most of my life, with mostly racist white teachers who didn’t give a fuck about their black students, and were always happy to call the cops to get one of us arrested or removed from class over bullshit, because they feared for their lives. Somehow, these teachers managed to come to work for 30 plus years with this fear, until they retired…unscathed. Now, handing these teachers a gun will just make a jolly day for them to come to work, especially the racist ones who can’t seem to land a job in their preferred suburbia. You know who else benefits from all this? White supremacy. The most racist gun advocacy white supremacist group is the NRA. Encouraging teachers to carry guns, will only increase their bottom line. This is going to be an entirely new market for handguns, and the NRA will cash in like fat rats. Fuck Trump!
You see, even when white people commit crimes against other white people, the legislation they want to pass will indirectly and directly affect us. We are marginalized, subjugated and expendable, and nobody gives a shit about that! One thing for sure, though, we are resilient. Despite attending schools in the jungle, Colin Powell and many of us have managed to achieve success, without ever having to commit mass murder, and be labeled a criminal. Perception and reality are two different things.

There are real black heroes in the world, you know?

One of the main reasons why Black people are in Love with Black Panther and the fictitious kingdom of Wakanda, is because most of us live on hope. We are not where we’re supposed to be, and we have not convinced ourselves that we have fought hard enough and stood up to white supremacy to change our situation, so we take any fictional story that glorifies us, in good spirit.
The idea that we have been depicted as pimps, prostitutes, servants, crooked cops and every demeaning character known to mankind on the big screen for so long, has stained our minds, and we are hopeful for change, even if it’s the form of fiction.
We celebrated the exoneration of OJ Simpson, not because we gave a shit about sellout ass OJ, but because the symbolism of justice weighed heavily on our hearts, and we finally got a chance to exhale. I don’t have a problem with black people showing pride for this movie, but why only for a period of time? Why can’t we show pride indefinitely? Why can’t we aim for our own Wakanda in the real world? Why can’t the rich millionaires in Hollywood and the film industry come together to create their own positive films that represents us in a good light?
There’s an inner conflict among most black people that most outsiders won’t understand, because a lot of other races have never been subjugated on an international level like we have. “It’s a black thing, you wouldn’t understand.” Even our music is viewed differently, because society has allowed it to become part of our reality. It’s never just entertainment for black people, like Harry Potter or Star Wars would be to white people. They had taken away that joy from us long ago, because they created the image of a villain with a veil of deception that paints our entire race as villains across the world.
Black Panther is simply a representation of a wish, and the symbolism of the status that most black people would like to achieve. T’chala is fictional and we are allowed to have him, because the most racist studio for the longest time, Disney, is also profiting from the success of this film. Don’t for one minute believe that Disney has shed their racist pretext in regards to black films. The character Killmonger is not a coincidence. I can bet you a million dollars they will never green light a movie about The Haitian Revolution, because history won’t allow them to change the outcome of the truth. They don’t want black people to have real heroes. It took this long for them to allow a fictional one, so forget about the true heroes who defeated them over 214 years ago in Haiti.
You see, history is usually attached to pride, but when your history has been made obsolete in the world on purpose, you can only be prideful when they allow you to be. Wakanda is based in Africa, and we’re out here showing African pride like it’s going out style. I’ve never seen so much Kinte cloth in one weekend. Haiti is also Africa, because before those slaves descended on Haiti, they were Africans, not Haitians. Before the ships docked in America, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, America, we were all Africans. Our history as black people is not restricted to American history, but they have forced us to accept it as such, and many black people are ignorant enough to disown their African ancestry. The pride you display by watching Black Panther, should also be the pride you develop when you read about Toussaint L’Ouverture, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Henri Christophe, Dutty Bookman, Capois LaMort and all those other real heroes who fought for the liberation of black people not just in Haiti, but all over South America and America as well.

Don’t be so quick to limit your pride to a fictional character. We have real heroes, but Haitian history has been rendered obsolete, because white supremacy has done everything in their power to destroy the valor and the supremacy of black people. The more you know, the further you’ll go. Wakanda happened in 1804 and beyond, but white supremacy destroyed it, only to create a fictitious one for you, in order to display pride. Every black person on this planet should own a copy of the “Black Jacobins.”Every black parent should make sure their child read that book. It’s the best book you’ll ever read.

Black Panther and the propaganda continues…

First of all, Black Panther was needed as a film for the black community, because it shattered all the myths that the national and international communities are not ready to support an all-black cast film. Now, maybe they can seriously think about considering Idris Elba as the next James Bond? He’ll definitely be the coolest. In addition, Ryan Coogler has also opened the door for black directors to have film budgets over 7 million dollars, which is what’s offered to most black films made in Hollywood. My degrees are in film and television writing and production, so I’m always happy when a brother breaks the glass ceiling. It gives hope to black filmmakers. There’s a difference between real filmmakers and the jokers who call themselves filmmakers. Bad filmmakers don’t realize they are also closing the doors for up-and-coming filmmakers when they make a crappy film. Ryan Coogler is a very talented young cat. I noticed a few errors with the editing in the movie, but overall, it was great. The movie earned 201 million dollars in the US, which is the highest grossed film ever for the month of February, and 5th overall for all films. We’re making progress. The film earned an additional 169 million dollars overseas, which makes it profitable from its 200 million dollar budget.
Having said that, I also have issues with this film. the underlying message that black people are evil for wanting to help other black people, is endless propaganda in Hollywood. Some of you may not be aware of this, but Ryan Coogler, as a director and co-writer of the film, had to cave in to Hollywood’s demands by making Killmonger’s character (Michael B. Jordan) evil for wanting to help the black folks around the world that Africa has turned its back on. No African leader ever made any demand for slavery on behalf of our forefathers, and no African nation built a strong enough armed forces to prevent slavery from happening again. I digressed. Otherwise, that film wouldn’t have been made without the compromises. The resolution is always the same; build centers, invest in the community, while white supremacy stays intact, and destroys everything we have done to make our community better. White supremacy does not want to see black progress, because it defeats the purpose and reasoning behind white supremacy. Black Wall Street was no coincidence when it was destroyed. Anyway, let’s move on… We continue to sell this bullshit narrative to black people, keeping them hopeful, without accomplishing a damn thing to ease the burden of poverty, injustice and inequality worldwide. This movie was a representation of black people worldwide, not just in America. How many centers are people like LeBron and many other black philanthropists going to build, before realizing white supremacy is the real problem? The point is, we’re not supposed to stand up to white supremacy, because white supremacy controls all that we do. At the end, we must revert to hope and philanthropy, instead of training and developing our own line of defense against them. The actual story is based on true events about the kingdom of Zimbabwe prior to slavery. The fictitious natural resource they’re referring to is actually Gold in real life. Zimbabwe is rich in gold. They used it to trade with some of the world’s most advanced countries back in the day. The female warriors actually existed as they do in the film. It’s always easier to write a great story when it derives from reality. Funny enough, the Zimbabwean leader, Robert Mugabe, did exactly what Michael B. Jordan’s character wanted to do, but they somehow managed to defeat him at 96 years old.
Black people are just happy with anything that’s given to them, without demanding their just dues. 40 acres and a mule were not delivered, because black people made no such demand. They waited for white people to decide what they were going to do for them. Meanwhile, Obama was green lighting millions of dollars for the victims of the Holocaust. And we’re not even in Germany! I’m not telling people not to be proud of the film, but please keep your eyes open as to what these people are forcing down our throats, and the compromise that black filmmakers have to make, in order to please Hollywood, and attain success at the same damn time. There will never be a Wakanda, because white people have made sure of that, but what we can do, is stop being a pawn in their chess game, and peel the layers to understand how white supremacy works and how we can defeat it.

Be aware of their master plan.

I’m gonna make this as matter of fact, and as truthfully I possibly can.
White people have made the world their oyster for the most part. They can backpack anywhere in the world; live a decent life anywhere in the world; create chaos anywhere in the world; establish peace anywhere in the world; steal properties, land and resources anywhere in the world; control governments anywhere in the world; impose governments anywhere in the world; create conflicts anywhere in the world; create a safe haven for themselves anywhere in the world; become rich anywhere in the world; act racist anywhere in the world; treat people like shit anywhere in the world; tell the world how other people ain’t shit anywhere in the world; marginalize people anywhere in the world; exploit people anywhere in the world; they can feel supreme anywhere in the world; they can bomb any place in the world; and still face no repercussion for their actions.
All black people are just living in the world created for them by white people. Whether in America, Africa, Canada, the Caribbean, South America, and wherever you can find black people, they are living in an environment created for them by white people. Some of you might want to question my statement and how true it is, right? Well, let me explain… Most of the leaders in any black, third world, or minority country(sorry for using the term “minority,” because we all know that white people are the minority in the world. They even want to control that truth, too.) around the world, cannot go against the best interest of America, France, Britain, and Canada. If they do, their fate is usually handed to them in a box that takes them six feet under. We can go from Kwame Nkrumah who was the president of Ghana, to Muammar Gaddafi of Lybia, Sadam Hussein of Iraq, and all the other presidents they assassinated, removed from power, attempted to assassinate and so on, the script is always the same, white people want to control how we live and there’s no repercussion for their crime. They removed Aristide from power in Haiti, attempted to assassinate Castro over 100 times in Cuba, they imprisoned Manuel Noriega (president of Panama), they murdered Patrice Lumumba, and a long list of assassinations and removal of African leaders orchestrated by the CIA. Who’s going to hold these white murderers accountable?
The best way for us to live, according to them, is in poverty. They must all be rich, and the rest of the world must be poor. In addition, they must live in peace, while the rest of the world live in chaos and despair. They must have all the resources, while the well of the rest of the world runs dry. They must be judge and jury against the rest of the world. When are we gonna say enough is enough?
I know as Black Americans, most of you probably believe you somehow benefit from some of the shit America has done to the world because of your birthright, but really? Let’s see… when black folks decided to pull themselves by the bootstraps to become financially independent, and they started to prosper in Rosewood, Florida, Tulsa (Black Wall Street), Oklahoma, Durham, North Carolina and many other wealthy black communities across America, white folks came and burned those cities down. Even today, Prince George county in Maryland is one of the wealthiest black counties in America, but white people have a problem with the fact that these affluent black parents have children that are graduating from high school and heading to college. Wouldn’t a country be proud when all its citizens are prospering? Not really. America only wants to see white people prosper. Around the world, they don’t want to see any African or brown country prosper.
One of the main reasons why white people are trying to prevent so many black countries from thriving, is because they want to maintain their stronghold on black people, not just in America, but around the world. They want to limit the options of black people, while their options are limitless.
Imagine if Liberia was thriving economically, on par with America and the rest of the world technologically, jobs in abundance, peaceful, prosperous future, stable government, secure, fully developed, and education was great, how many of us would migrate to Liberia? I’m using Liberia as an example, because it was established by former slaves, but the same can be applied to Haiti, Jamaica or any other black country of your choosing. Where do you think black immigrants would migrate to if they had the option to choose a thriving country in Africa? Where do you think all the talented black people in America would go to in order to escape racism? You think they would stay here and face white people’s bullshit on a daily basis, and deal with a glass ceiling in every aspect of their lives? Hell no!! First of all, don’t believe the hype! There is a glass ceiling. Jordan is part of their plan, and so is Oprah. They don’t even make up 1% of the top 1% in America. We must look at the bigger picture, and see the tactics that white people have used to maintain control over us for so long. It’s not that they’re smarter than us, we just accept the environment they create for us, and the guidelines they have established to keep us marginalized around the world.
The great awakening is not going to be easy. In fact, it may not even happen in my lifetime. However, it will happen. Because there will be millions of people like me, who will question the motive of white people in the world, and they’ll finally come together to put a stop to their mission, and stop them once and for all. Right now, the white agenda is universal, and white people work collectively to maintain control of the world. They create their own Oasis at the expense of everybody else living in hell. We must recognize that. Every great civilization crumbles at one point in time, but black folks must not continue to wait in vain much longer. We need to start opening our eyes to their demagoguery sooner rather than later.