When is it ever okay to be black anything?

Most black people talk about being white famous, white rich, white this and white that, because black famous, black rich and black anything is not good enough. There’s even a show called “White famous” on television now. Chris Rock talked about the difference between being black rich and white rich. That’s the problem, though, all we do is talk. We continue to talk about how we admire white people in every way. Black folks can’t wait to make white money. There’s a lot of talk going on about white this and that, which leaves us very little time to embrace anything black.
A lot of black women aspire to achieve white beauty at all cost. Whether it’s the European weave or anything that shields their natural African beauty from the world, they’re all for it. They can’t wait to go praise their white Jesus on Sundays, while wearing their best European outfits. Just a bunch of Negroes who will do anything to get as close to white as possible. When I talk about these subjects, it’s like a punch to the gut for many of you. The truth of the matter is, most of you are white people with black skin, looking for the approval of real white people. There’s very few of us who embrace anything African. Whenever I call white people out for the devil that they are to the world, you cringe and some of you even come out to defend them. “They’re not all racists,” most of you will say, but they all damn sure benefit from racism and the marginalization of black people. Even black people with money follow the same path of exploitation by white people to make their money. They don’t mid being exploited, as long as it’s white people exploiting them.
We are now in 2018, and it’s time for black people to try to be black famous, black rich, and black everything, because white people get white rich off black people. A lot of them get white famous off black art. They get white wealthy off black talent. They get white superiority over your stupid black asses, with self esteem too fucking low to embrace your own beauty and believe in your own abilities. White people get everything because of black fear, a fear they instilled in us long ago. Until most of you wake the fuck up, the fallacy of white supremacy will continue to exist.
All the billionaire team owners are wealthy, because of mostly black talent. The NBA consists of 80% black players. The NFL is 70% black. Boxing has been dominated by black people for centuries now. Africa has gold, diamond and other resources that white people love, so why the fuck should you want to be white rich, when all they’re doing is exploiting your black ass to get their wealth? Black people are fucking cowards in every way, because they need their white daddy to guide them in everything. Jordan was too afraid to build his own brand, so he sold his likeness to Nike for less than 1%. Jordan receives a 90 million dollar check from Nike every year, while the Jordan brand earns Nike 24 billion annually. Do the fucking math! LeBron and every super star athlete that came after him did the same fucking thing, but you’re talking about you wanna be white rich? Negro, build your own shit and own your name! That’s a fucking start! Don’t laugh at Lavar Ball for wanting to create his own shit, applaud him. He can be an asshole, but he’s showing you what can be done. Start your own fucking leagues, since you have the talent. Create your own fucking sneakers, since you’re the talented player with the fame. Build your own fucking community, since you live in the muthafucka. I’m tired of black people doing all this fucking talking, no matter how rich or famous they are. They complain about the fucking Oscars not having black actors represented, but you have a bunch of fucking black millionaires in Hollywood sitting on their money. They complain about exclusion from every fucking thing, but we have the resources to build our own. Black people just like to fucking complain to their white daddy, and show public adoration for him. Until you can stand the fuck up and become an independent black thinker, all your ass will be doing is complaining. Negroes like Obama will have nothing but hope and speeches to offer your stupid asses!
I don’t mince my words, because I don’t give a fuck about your feelings. Take your grown ass somewhere and think about how you can start acting like a fucking adult without your white daddy!

Understanding the black immigrant

I wrote a post yesterday out of anger about Trump, but in retrospect, it should’ve been about those buffoons in the Haitian government. I’m still saying, “Fuck Trump,” but I must also attack the catalysts for his venom.
Most Americans have no idea what it’s like for a person to leave their homeland in search of a better life elsewhere. The only references they have, are those romanticized television footage of Europeans invading Ellis island and the stories of white immigrants coming to America to help build this country, and to create a better life for themselves. Wrong! America was already built by the enslaved Africans. The Europeans came over to reap the benefits. Don’t believe the hype! By the time the Europeans landed on the shores of New York, the African slaves had built an oasis for them, while they were still living in hell and bondage themselves.
As a kid, I always wondered why my father left his homeland to come to America. I didn’t process his explanation until I became an adult. Nobody wants to leave their native land to move to a new country to be humiliated and adapt to a new culture, unless they are forced to do so. I believe Papa Doc Duvalier was still president of Haiti when my father embarked on his journey to America. It was no promise land when he arrived here. He was barely earning minimum wage at the ripe young age of 25, when he was still full of potential. America would take away all his potential and dream, because he was forced to assimilate into a new culture, learn a new language, and work a menial job that he wouldn’t otherwise work in his homeland. My father was a trained accountant back in Haiti, but due to his race and a language barrier when he first arrived to America, in addition to the American school system not recognizing his credentials from Haiti, he was forced to wash dishes and accepted other menial positions, in order to support his family that were back in Haiti. He’s a proud man, and always earned his due. He has worked hard and received as many training as possible, in order to achieve his dream of owning a home, and to provide for his family. By the time my father reached his mid 30’s, he had worked hard enough to bring his entire family to the states legally. As a matter of fact, every single member of my family has assimilated into American society and they are all now American citizens. In addition, my father had plenty of American born children after getting married and settling here. Among our family members, there are plenty of productive college graduate professionals, including myself.
Most Americans don’t understand the struggles of newly arrived black immigrants in a country that is already racist against its own black citizens. It’s a double whammy, because sometimes the fellow black brothers and sisters are no less racist toward black foreigners than the white people. We all have had to endure prejudice and racist behavior coming from our fellow black men and women, in addition to the white racist system. Immigrants are not in this country by choice, it’s usually a forced decision to escape destitution forced upon them by the western world in their own country. Of course, they always have cohorts who work with them to enforce their white supremacy. Those sellouts need to be shot! America is responsible for the hunger that’s been going on in Haiti and across Africa. These people are bloodsuckers who like to suck the blood out of a country, and then turn around to expose to the world their destitute state. America has destroyed the livestock industry in Haiti. They have destroyed agriculture in Haiti. They have influenced infrastructure in Haiti in the most negative way, and they have taken away the social fiber that instilled pride in Haitians.
The ignorance of Trump is also the ignorance of most Americans, black and white. Unfortunately, we also must hold accountable those Haitian puppets in Haiti that are part of the government, placed in power by the US government. In the last 60 years or so, no Haitian leader ran Haiti without the approval of the US government. The one and only elected Haitian president, Jean Bertrand Aristide, was removed, when he went against US policy toward Haiti. I didn’t mention Aristide to give him props or acknowledge his great efforts. He walked into a corrupted system backed by the US government, and he didn’t have the IQ to rearrange that system and create a balance that benefited both, the poor that supported him, and the rich who have been running the country to the ground. Chess is not his forte, so he turned to stealing for himself as well. Having said that, the US government has been there in every step, and their role has always been to humiliate Haiti, while in cahoots with the French, the British and the Spaniards, because Haitians long ago embarrassed them and defunct their claim of white supremacy.
When the “earthquake” or US HARP program, targeted Haiti, the first people on the ground to steal from the Haitian people were the Clintons. They ravaged Haiti financially and left the country in total disaster, while making their family super rich. The Clintons are part of that white supremacy machine that also destroyed black America through legislation Bill Clinton introduced specifically for the destruction of the black family. The prison industrial complex was created by Bill Clinton. These private prisons relied on Clinton to keep them filled to capacity, because the Clintons invested heavily in private prisons filled with black people. Why did Haitians even trust the Clintons? White people always want to fix their mistakes with a simple apology, while black lives have been destroyed. Not withholding the truth, Haiti is in a devastated state, due in part because of a former crackhead imposed on the people to be president by the US government. That said crakchead, known as Michel Martelly AKA “Sweet Micky,” has stolen more money from the coffers than any Haitian president in history, without having done nothing but sell the riches of the country to America and Canada. I’m still wondering why that asshole is even still alive. Haitians have never been cowards, but somehow and someway, the difficulties of their daily lives have forced them to cower, and always in search of a place to run for a better life.
The complexities of being Haitian American is not easy to explain on a blog, but understand that Haitians have never sought white compassion. We are a determined people and nothing that is thrown at us can shake our resilience. I’m proud of my heritage and all Haitians should walk with their heads up, because we are the liberators of all minority people in the free world. America was stolen, but Haitians were Africans stolen from Africa and forced to call Haiti home, and also made it the most feared island in the entire world. Remember that, jack!

When will we stand up?

It’s no longer a myth. It’s a fact that black people are cowards!

When I look at the conditions of black people around the world, I wonder if white people would allow their leaders to force them to live like animals, as these black people have. In the United States, the ghettos have not changed since they were created for the marginalization of the poor, ostensibly that became mostly black. These ghettos are a revolving door for crime, drugs, ignorance, destitution, hunger, illiteracy, unemployment, injustice and poverty. The ghetto has not mattered to American society since its inception. However, everyone profits from the ghetto. The plight of the ghetto is featured in books written by some of the world’s well known authors, in television by some of the world’s most prestigious journalists, and wherever it’s exploitable. As a matter of fact, many people earn their living off the ghetto. Whether it’s public speakers, psychologists, politicians, rappers, singers, businessmen, fake activists, pastors, or any hustler on a “get rich quick” scheme, can use the ghetto as a platform to build wealth.
Around the world, we see the same thing but not in as similar fashion as the ghettos of America. In America, the ghettos appear to be habitable places to the foreign eye, without them realizing what really goes on behind that veil of deception. When foreigners see tall buildings, they think of prosperity, unfortunately. We can go from Brazil, to South Africa, to Haiti, to Zaire, Jamaica, and many other black countries, and we’ll see the huts where black people are living under inhumane and unsanitary conditions. The rest of the world see their plight, but the best they can do is profit off it. There has never been a permanent solution offered, and the conditions continue to worsen around the world for black people. The unsanitary conditions of those people living in ghettos across the world like Tivoli Gardens in Jamaica, Cite Soleil in Haiti, Soweto in South Africa and the ghettos surrounding Rio in Brazil, are usually the subject of those who wish to create a name for themselves in literature, television, and other professions where ghetto folks are marginalized, in search of their own personal and professional gain.

It takes courage for a race of people to stand up to fight for change. Yeah, we’ve had the best of hustlers use “change” as a slogan to catapult their political career, while turning their backs on those who believed in their changing game. Change is not synonymous with begging, but that’s exactly what black people around the world have been doing. Through all their begging, though, white people continue to humiliate them and treat them like subhumans in every corner of the world. A revolution of the mind is more necessary than an actual bloody and violent revolution. Black people are too cowardice to change their minds about all things good regarding white people. For some odd reason, most black people continue to believe in the good nature of white people, despite their heinous history throughout the world toward black people. Black folks pray daily to a white god, in spite of the fact that this white god they have been praying to has not taken away their pain, struggles, hunger, persecution, maltreatment, humiliation, exploitation and denigration at the hands of white people. In order for a physical revolution to take place, the psychological reversal of the whitewashed mind must take shape, so cleansing of black people as a whole can take effect. “How long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look?” If you truly believe it’s a part of it, the annihilation of black people is definitely underway!

The complexities of love.

I haven’t written anything of substance that would require you to go beneath the surface of your brain to figure out certain things in your life. Sometimes I get in a zone where my psychoanalytical skills come into play, and something wonderful comes out.
I was just thinking about humanity’s necessity for love and how all of us thrive to be loved by our family, spouse and friends. In this fray of an endless search for love, we very seldom take a minute to examine where that love is coming from. We just wanna be loved at all cost, and there’s plenty of people out there willing to quench that thirst and satisfy our needs.
First of all, we must question our need for love. Do we wanna be loved just because, or is love something that will make us feel complete? Some of us accept pain as part of love. “Love hurts” they say. How can something so wonderful be painful? People in general are great chameleons. They’ll come into a situation and assess the need for love in a matter of a minute, especially when it has to do with neglect. There would be no pimps in the world, and no street walkers, if love wasn’t absent in the lives of those prostitutes that are being pimped. Even in prostitution there’s a search for love. In that particular case, it’s daddy’s love. Don’t worry, you can find plenty of women on the poles at the strip club void of daddy’s love as well. There are plenty of men who lack their mother’s love as well, so they seek it in their partner, forcing their partner to play dual roles of wife and mother in their lives. Love is so broad and it is so domineering, we try to find it in almost anything. Some people love their homes, cars, boat, children or spouse. Shit, we even love the weather. It’s just wonderful to love, right? Meanwhile, some people just love their habit and addiction. Actually, there’s a lot more people in love with their habit than they are in love with their family and children. However, it’s natural to proclaim our love for our children to the world, even when it’s not demonstrated. A crackhead doesn’t love his/her children any less than a functional addict, or a sober person.
We have a lot failed marriages and relationships in the black community, because so many black people never got accustomed to love the way humanity intended. White people took that ability away from us when they enslaved our forefathers. We have had to learn to love with faults. Meaning, “Love me as I am” should be perfectly normal. Nobody wants to be changed, in order to be loved. Mediocrity is accepted, as long as love is relevant.
In 2018, I’m asking to start questioning the love that you are receiving from certain people in your life. If a PERSON is a diabetic, and he/she can’t figure out a way to stop drinking, because his/her drinking affects his/her diabetes and health, that person doesn’t even love him/herself. So, how can they love somebody else? If a person suffers from high blood pressure and they can’t give up salt to save their lives, how can that person proclaim to love somebody else? If a drug addict doesn’t love himself enough to put himself through rehab to overcome his addiction for the love of self, how can he love somebody else? You must love yourself first. We’re over here accepting bullshit shallow love from anybody who’s willing to offer it, because it feels good, but we want to get mad when the person does things that signal that he doesn’t even love him/herself? This is especially true for people with children. You can’t keep boasting to the world your love for your children, but you’re not making sure they have a loving relationship with you and an overall better well-adjusted life than you. It’s fucking selfish! We have to start examining what it is to be loved, and what love means in our lives.

You’d think I have the answers, right? No sir! I have no answers. I’m simply observing the phenomenon of love, and the hypocrisy attached to it.

When the victims remain silent, the predators become more bold.

I can’t help but think that some women, but especially white women, are very selfish in some way when it comes to rape. There are so many prominent actresses coming out claiming Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted them, but not once did any of these people think if they had spoken out sooner a lot of the victims could’ve avoided his wrath? Uma Thurman is the latest victim to speak out.
I understand it’s difficult for the victims to step up and say something, but it’s evident a lot of these victims were looking for success at all cost. While they may have been suffering in silence, Weintein developed an untouchable attitude where he felt he was invincible and nobody was going to be able to bring him down. Whenever victims of sexual assault stay silent, the predator becomes a lot more bold, confident, and has the time to victimize many more people. While we’re out here sympathizing with the people who finally found the strength to speak up, Weinstein’s victims were years in the making. These women need to learn how to protect other women from predators like Weinstein. Unfortunately, too many of them put stardom and their careers ahead of their own safety and the safety of others, at the hands of the predators. They knew Weinstein was a predator, and they didn’t even warn other women. If the first woman Weinstein had assaulted had spoken up, there wouldn’t be 50 or more other women victimized.
No predator can become bold enough to assault so many women, unless he believes that he’s powerful enough in his position to force his victims to remain silent. Trump has had 11 sexual assault allegations against him, but no one wants to hear about them, because the alleged victims waited too long to come forward and tell the world about their claims against Trump. Guess what? He’s risen to the presidency, and this asshole is now bold enough to publicly support another predator in Roy Moore in Alabama.
Regular men with regular jobs go to prison every day for sexual crimes, because the victims don’t empower them by remaining silent. Matt Lauer, Roy Moore, Trump, Russell Simmons, Weinstein and many others are only as powerful as the victims who remained silent for so long. These women they assaulted wanted something from them, thus they remained silent until they got to where they wanted to be in their careers.
I’m not saying these women aren’t victims, but they are now playing a victimized role, because all along they had the power to go to a police station to file a report for sexual assault against their perpetrators. Rape culture is normal to many white women, because white culture has made it okay for white men to go around the world raping women. When I was in college, I saw some of the most heinous and vile shit from the white boys on the hockey team. White men have no respect for women, but I laugh whenever a black woman says dumb shit like “White men treat them better and respect them more.” It’s bullshit! The rape culture of white people has been adopted by black folks as well, unfortunately. It’s not unusual for a child to adopt the behavior of his parents, and we all know black people in America especially, have no culture but the culture white people have given them. We are the children of white people, because they have raped black people of their culture as well.
White women are quick to talk about their feminism, but they continue to raise a bunch of hate mongers who hate women and other people around the world for no reason. The republicans are the most hateful sons of bitches for no fucking reason. Juts look at what they’re doing to the country. Who birthed these bastards?

When the impalas of the jungle are preyed upon!

Black people seem to be the impalas of the of the jungle of the world. In the jungle, the impala is the most defenseless animal of them all. All the predators prey on the impalas, because they understand that the impalas will never stand strong as a unit to defend themselves against the predators. Whether it’s the lions, hyenas, leopards or any predator looking for a meal, the impalas are always first choice, because they can do noting but try to outrun their predators, or stand around as the predators take turns eating an impala from their tribe.
A close examination of the black race will reveal similar patterns and behaviors. Black people, whether in America, Brazil, Haiti, Libya, and even Africa, are preyed upon, and there’s no defense mechanism against the predators who prey on black people. Black children are exploited and sold as slaves around the world, we don’t do a fucking thing about it. White people go to Africa to purposely inject black people with HIV and other diseases, there’s been no recourse for their action. In America, they injected black men with syphilis, there still has not been any action taken against the government by the descendants of the victims. We’re foolish enough to continue to appeal to the United Nations, but the United Nations was created for the benefit of the world’s predators. Do you know how many children have been raped and molested by United Nations officers around the world? Do you know how many fatherless children in third world countries that have been conceived because of United Nations officers who turned their backs on them? Do you know how many women around the world who have been raped by United Nations officers? The United Nations serve the interest of the predators, like the United States, France, Britain, Canada, China, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and more.
It’s not just white people, though. In Haiti, Jamaica, Ghana and many other countries in Africa and around the world, we have Lebanese, Syrians, Chinese, Indians, and every other race coming into their country to exploit the people. In America, all foreigners who arrive from the middle east, India, Korea, China, and Europe to set up shop in the hood to exploit the black community. Their prices are often double that of downtown and they scrutinize black people as thieves and mistreat them in their own neighborhoods. Sometimes I wonder if black people are just born blind, or has slavery been so effective that we don’t even see our own exploitation? Though not all black nations went through slavery around the world, but white people have managed to enslave the minds of most black people around the world.
We complain about every fucking thing that’s happening to us, but we can’t come together to do anything about any of it. In Africa, most of the black president/leaders are dictators who have no fucks to give about their people. As long as they can make themselves rich, they have no allegiance to their people. And for those leaders who care about their nation and people in Africa, white people always manage to to turn their won people against them. The ones who aren’t dictators are handpicked puppets of the United States and the Europeans. I’m certain that the world noticed the impala characteristics in black people long ago, which is why we continue to either run, or stand around while our children and people get eaten alive by predators in front of us. 2 cops can go into any black neighborhood and murder or beat black people indiscriminately, but black folks will just stand around and watch the injustice, without doing a damn thing about it. At some point, we’re gonna have to stop acting like cowards and stand up and fight. Even in Libya, I’ve noticed the docile Negroes being led to camps by 4-5 armed guards that the 300-400 of them can overtake easily, but there’s no fighting spirit. There’s absolutely no fight in black people, unless it’s against another black man. The fake ass leaders in Africa have turned a blind eye to the tragedy in Libya, because they are sorry excuses for leaders, and they really are powerless, when it comes to defending black people worldwide. Our weakness is why people prey on us, but we’re out here everyday on social media talking about our strength. Unless, my English is different from the king’s English, I always thought strength only came from those willing to fight and die for their freedom and beliefs. Black people aren’t even strong enough to risk their own lives for the betterment of their children. Our children will grow up to act like impalas in the jungle, and they will be preyed upon and eaten just like the impalas in the jungle. The cycle continues!

The reality of black folks around the world.

This is how the game works, in case you haven’t been paying attention:

Saddam was a US, France and British ally chosen to run Iraq, until he ran amok of their guidelines of exploitation of his people and country, and it was time for him to go. That’s right, the US helped put him in power. Mugabe was placed in power by the British, until he’d awoken from his coma and realized how he was being used by the British to manipulate his own people. He was Sir Mugabe, and then he became the enemy when he started looking out for his people. Bin Laden was trained and financed by the US, until he started opening his eyes and realized the US was just exploiting him and the Afghan people. Papa Doc Duvalier was also placed in power in Haiti by the US, and they even allowed his son to take over after he died. Haitian politic is still controlled by the US. Fidel Castro was aided by the US during his revolution. They turned on him when he realized US policies didn’t benefit his people or country. Gaddafi had been ruling Libya with US assistance for years, until he decided he wanted to build a stronger and united Africa. Clinton and Obama orchestrated his murder.

Having said that, many of you strive to be like white people every day, without understanding the conning and evil ways of white people. Their history alone is not enough to make you weary of white people. Slavery, the annihilation of the Indians, the genocide of Africans, and many other atrocities committed by white people around the world are still not enough for you to stop striving to be like them. You know why? Because white people have used the media around the world to sell their propaganda and narrative of goodwill to the world. We have a migration issue worldwide where people are trying to run from their country to seek better opportunities in mostly white countries. Why do you think that is? It’s because white people have created chaos in these people’s countries, and have also stolen or control all their resources, which leaves them in a dire position where their survival is dependent on the rules and guidelines set by white people. White people act very privileged when it comes to immigration, even though their forefathers stole everything that is passed down to them. Their privileged asses won’t own up to the destruction their forefathers have caused around the world, and they continue to cause to the world. White people are quick to tell you about poverty all over Africa, but their asses can’t stay away from Africa. From Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, South Africa and beyond, these white people have stolen land, wealth and resources from the natives, leaving them dirt poor. In case you are unaware, land ownership = wealth. America and Canada are not the only places in the world that white people have stolen from the natives, while humiliating and annihilating them. They have done this worldwide. Every single group of white people have stolen resources and land from parts of the world that didn’t belong to them. The Portuguese, French, British, Dutch, Americans, Germans, and Italians have all gotten involved in the theft of land and culture. We’re lucky the Ethiopians aren’t speaking Italian. White people clearly want you to believe they’ve had nothing to do with migration, so they set up immigration guidelines all over Europe, America and Canada to force people to believe what’s happening in the world today because of their theft, genocide and destruction, is not their fault.
Every colonialist country in Europe and America benefit from their former colonies, and still benefit from these independent countries today. Independent countries in Africa pay over 280 billion dollars annually to France. The rest of them pay billions annually to the British, Portuguese and Dutch. American territories are controlled by America, and when they need the colonialists during times of need, they stay in the dark with no electricity for over 69 days. Puerto Rico is not a state, so Puerto Ricans are treated like stepchildren. Imagine that Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and many other US territories that provide money to the US every year, are treated like shit because the inhabitants are not white. Imagine how they feel about a place like Haiti that defied white supremacy? Jamaicans, Barbadians, Guadeloupeans, St. Marten, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, and other Caribbean countries under French, Dutch and British rules are no better off. All this humanitarian bullshit that white people have sold you on, is done because it benefits them. These former slave colonies provide money to these colonialists to this day. It’s been about dominance for white people from the onset. They even fought each other over the colonies. You know who we must respect in all this? the Asians. Other than the Philippines, Guam, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Vietnam that experienced colonization at the hands of white people, for the most part, they have stood strong. North Korea was colonized by Japan, but they never forgot about it.
The entire continent of Africa was colonized, except Ethiopia, but African leaders have done nothing to prevent that from happening again. There isn’t one super power nation in Africa that can defend the lives and rights of Africans against white aggression. White people have put Africans and black people around the world at their mercy to do whatever they want to do with them. We are too deaf, dumb and blind to learn from our history. We’re so caught up with the idea of being kings and queens, we never took the time to focus on building the military might to defend the fictitious thrones that we have created in our heads. No country in Africa is indestructible by white people’s military might. We learned absolutely nothing from the Haitian revolution. We haven’t caught up with technology or weapon technology. If we were ever to engage in battle with them, our only recourse would be to appeal to the somewhat human side of white liberals who will find ways to exploit us, while trying to act like they’re helping us. We’re not built to fight against anybody in the world. There isn’t one African country that can go to Libya and rescue the black people being auctioned as slaves. That alone should tell you why we were enslaved to begin with. That shit is sad!
The past has not taught black people anything. We have resigned to the idea that white people should be in charge of the world, until the Asians decide to take over.

It’s about time we create our own narrative.

The hilarity of people never cease to amaze me. So the world holds these beauty contests every year, where a woman plays the role of a representative for her country to be displayed on television for all to see. In other words, a bunch of women eager to be objectified are displayed on television for people to judge their objectification, and the world sees nothing wrong with that. Maybe I live under a rock, but I have yet to see a Mr. Universe pageant, unless it’s a body building competition. The body builders are expected to look like anything, except handsome. Only their physique is judged.
We have a bunch of moronic feminists fighting for equality, but most of them stay quiet about these beauty pageants where women are objectified and adored simply for their beauty. We all know those questions asked of them are asked as a measure of their stupidity, based on the fact that they are beautiful. We’re often stunned when a beautiful woman is able to express herself in front of a man like Trump who needs to take lessons of self-expression himself from a third grader. Most of the moronic judges shouldn’t even be on anybody’s panel.
Anyway, moving on. Beauty pageants are so complexed, but wrapped in its fiber is the definition of beauty imposed by white supremacy and racism. Ms. South Africa has won the Ms. Universe pageant this year. I don’t follow, nor do I watch beauty pageants, but looking at the picture of a white European become the face of a country where the population is 80% black, is bothersome to me. Well, it’s not just a South African issue. This problem exists all over the Caribbean, Africa, America and the rest of the world. The straight up and down white beauty with no tits and ass, and thin enough to hide behind a needle, and too small to swallow noodles white woman has been the standard of beauty for too long. Ms. Jamaica was fierce, stunning and beautiful as she rocked her natural Afro to display to the world the strength of her African beauty, but some ignorant, low self esteemed ass black people thought she had a better chance to win, if she wore a European weave.
A lot of people have issues with me being pro-black, because they’re so in love with being whitewashed. I do have my preferences. I love my black women natural and confident. I see no reason to embrace someone’s beauty who’s not comfortable embracing it herself. If you strive to be European with your looks, by adding contacts to your eyes, a European weave, and a lightening cream to your skin, because white people have convinced you that you’re not beautiful as a black woman, then I will not allow you to project your feelings of insecurity onto me as a man. I don’t want you and I don’t even see you. I’m tired of seeing damn near white-looking women representing countries all over Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados and other Caribbean islands at these “pageants” created by white men to put women on display. In addition, the underlying message is always that white women set the standard for beauty. We applauded Michelle Obama for wearing her hair natural after she left the white house, but she never once went public with her natural look while she was at the white house. What exactly are we telling the world? Black hair is not made for public appearances? White people have had over 400 years to construct the narrative for everything related to our daily lives, but when are we going to say enough is enough?

Whiting away our pains and dysfunctions!

There’s so much wrong with the black family, most people think they can right the wrongs by marrying white, as if white people didn’t create the dysfunctions for black people, and as if white people don’t have dysfunctions themselves.
White people’s divorce rate would be just as high as black people’s, if they were forced to deal with the obstacles that black people have to face on a daily basis. The resilience of black folks is the reason that the black race is even still around. White people and the rest of the world have done all they can to break the black race, but we’ve managed to glue the pieces of the broken puzzle that we have been dealt, and try to keep it all together.
Rich white folks jump off buildings and commit suicide daily over bullshit that black people could overcome with a 40 ounce. White people murder their entire family over bullshit that black people could overcome over a game of Dominoes with some random dudes in the neighborhood. White people murder indiscriminately and have an appetite for violence that no psychologist has dared to explore, because white supremacy trumps white dysfunction. You have a president in the white house currently who’s the poster child of white dysfunction, but some white people see absolutely nothing wrong with that.
What do you think happen when mixed babies are born? They also inherit those dysfunctional traits from white people, and they pass them on to many other generations of black people they may end up having children with. The nature of African people is communal. I don’t have to even choose a specific group of black people to highlight this point. Whether it’s an African American, Haitian, Jamaican, or Ghanaian family, black people in general feel a responsibility to their kin and community. The most successful person in every black family usually ends up helping the rest of the family members that are less fortunate. That is our nature. Every black NBA player, NFL player, singer, rapper, black mogul, lawyer, doctor have at some point in their lives look out for family members. Now, the selfish group that we have become came from the diluted blood of white people passed on to our forefathers against their will. White people like to take as much resources as possible from others, so that one family can become prominent. Have you paid attention to the Queen of England lately? What about the Rockefellers and many other rich white families? Why are they so rich, while so many people in their country live in poverty? Who started that selfish, greedy, rich trend? Look at most of the white billionaires in the world? They give back because of what they can gain! They live so lavishly, they don’t give a fuck about those living on the street. The villages in Africa used to be about all the people in the village, not some of the people. Our blocks used to be about all the black kids in the neighborhood, not some of them. We used to look out for each other. However, we are now becoming more white than ever, and community has an entire different meaning to us. White people didn’t invent block parties. They didn’t invent potluck. They didn’t invent many things that black people have now forgone and given credit to white people for having created them.

We have lost our way by becoming more white than we need to be. Even Africans are more white than ever. It is in white people’s nature to be greedy and want to control all the resources of the world. I won’t even talk about their appetite for illicit drugs. We inherited that bullshit from them as well. Heroin epidemic anyone? Black people were never like that, until we started mingling with white people. Communal is in our DNA!

Hate is killing us!

It’s difficult to function in dysfunction. So many of us have grown up and gotten accustomed to dysfunction, we have no idea what functional means anymore. “To Err is human,” but too many of us have lived through the errors and failures of our parents and grandparents. Black folks hate to hear the word “failure,” but without acknowledging our failures, we cannot succeed. Failure is often the road to success, because it gives us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. Hindsight is 20/20 and we can’t go back in time to correct our mistakes, so the best corrective action is acknowledgement. Some people still don’t get it, though, as millions of folks repeat the same mistakes over and over daily.
It’s easy for folks to address drug addiction and develop sympathy in their hearts for the victims, even when the victims have succumbed to drugs over and over again. “Relapse” is cautioned and it gives way to redemption in a way that most people have adhered to it as a way to forgive drug users. We’re even able to forgive murderers sometimes, but why is it so difficult for people to forgive love? Once our heart is wrapped up into that special person, we can become so possessive and so guarded, our love can turn to hate at the snap of a finger for the most minute incident.
In the black community, many people are suffering from hate addiction, and most of us don’t even know it. I’m not talking about the kind of hatred spewed by racist white people toward other groups for no reason. I’m talking about the hatred that we harbor toward one another in almost every aspect of our lives. Why do we hate each other so easily? Sometimes being head over heel for someone makes it that much easier to hate them when the flame of that love starts to flicker.
On a daily basis, I hear so many black men and women express their hatred for one another, I’m starting to wonder if the psychological scars of slavery are still playing a major role in the way we interact, treat, and love one another. I’ve seen hatred built from a simple act committed by one person against another in a relationship, after a couple has been together for many years. Something as simple as a missed phone call can drive some people over the edge, and destroy a perfectly loving relationship. Well, maybe not so perfect. I have seen couples who have been together for 20 years or more, grow to hate each other to the point where they can’t even be in the same room with each other. What can someone do to us that is so bad after 20 years of loving them that we can’t stand to be in the same room as them? Think about it, hate is way more powerful than love, because hate always trumps love so easily. No pun intended. A simple indiscretion can send a loving relationship into turmoil in a matter of seconds. It always seems like hate is always lurking, and we get so easily wrapped up in it, we can’t help our reaction to allow certain situations to become hateful.
I’m not gonna act all holier than thou and say I’ve never hated anybody because of what they’ve done to me, but I’m learning to suppress hate and give love a chance. Now, please understand from which perspective I’m coming from. I’m not advocating love toward those people who go out of their way to hate us for no goddamn reason, other than their prejudice and racism. Nah, that shit I will fight fire with fire! I’m talking about not allowing past relationships to affect the way our heart should function in current relationships. I’m talking about making up for those mistakes by becoming a better person to the next person we’re with. I’m talking about letting go of that dead weight that has held us down for no goddamn reason, and allowing ourselves to be the catalyst for anger toward a possible new love. Black folks are in need of healing, or atonement toward one another, if you will. We can no longer allow a past relationship with an ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, ex-husband or ex-boyfriend to determine how we’re going to love a current partner. No matter how painful we perceived a relationship to have been, we must heal ourselves enough in a way that will forgive those people, in order to start anew and give love another chance. We can’t cover hate with love, because hate will seep through and destroy our love again. If a relationship is not built on the foundation of love, hate will easily destroy it.
Even though I’ve written several books that highlight some of the best love stories, I’m usually not one to be talking about love personally and openly. I’m inspired by my daughters and the ability to allow myself to seek love and heal from my past. I have also been paying attention to my behavior and those around me, and I noticed that too many of us have allowed hate to win. We are harboring hatred toward people that we shouldn’t allow to have that much power over our lives. There are tons of people living rent free in our hurting hearts because of hatred. I have no idea what the recipe to overcome hatred is, but I know it feels a lot better to love than to hate. We should not allow white people to pass their inability to love everyone in the world on to us. We’ve seen so much hatred from them, we are subconsciously becoming a product of their influence. However, it is to our detriment that we’re allowing their inhumane habits to influence us.
We’ll never have a strong black community, if we are unable to forgive each other and look forward to love.