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The Evolution of the Black Mind.

In terms of progress and evolution, black people in America have surpassed the expectations that white people had set for them long ago. Many of us have managed to do things white people thought were impossible. Many innovations by black inventors have been stolen. Many patents have been denied to Black people and stolen by […]

Black people and the white muzzle.

Negroes are still confused about their position in society. Jemele Hill must’ve forgotten her position at ESPN comes with conditions. And those conditions include: Stay in your lane, talk about sports, don’t say shit about white people, your voice belongs to us, be a happy Negro in front of the camera, and you have no […]

Facebook is watching!

Facebook is now cooperating with the FBI, CIA and other law enforcement agencies to monitor people online. Lately, I’ve been writing a lot about white supremacy and white control. Let’s not allow them to control us as a people.

A Defining Moment In Our History.

We can use Ferguson as a defining moment in our history, in our community, and in this country. This is the time to take the steps to use this situation as a teaching moment for our children. Let’s teach them civil obedience, not civil disobedience. Let’s teach them how to be civil to themselves by […]

White People Need To Recognize They Are Despicable!

Some of the most heinous, inhumane and despicable acts against African Americans and other groups have been committed by white people. The media is caught up with the rioting and looting that’s going on in Ferguson and around the rest of the country, but those behaviors were adopted from white people. The white race is […]

The Reason for Rioting and Looting…

The psychology of looting is not often talked about in the media. The media will have you believe that black people are the only people who commit the act of looting, which is a completely inaccurate tale. I can’t believe I’m up at 1 o’clock in the  morning writing this blog. I’m pissed. I need […]

Celebrities and their public defenders

I believe celebrity is the worst weapon sometimes used to protect/defend deviant antisocial and criminal behavior. For some odd reason, the public often feel they know a celebrity intimately and personally, and for this reason, many celebrities used their status to victimize and silence their victims, not just with their money, but also with their […]

The significance of daddy

It’s fair to say that some men don’t really take the time to think about what it’s like for a child to grow up without a father, especially in the black community. Today’s a very special day to me because it’s my daughter’s 7th birthday. I have not written a blog in a while, but […]

Team light skinned VS team dark skinned

Here we are in 2014, and we’re still struggling with an issue that has kept the black community divided since the white man set foot in Africa. While embracing the fact that the black race offers so many different hues would be beneficial to our community as a group, instead, we choose to disband ourselves […]