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How far would you go to please your mate?

Keeping up with the Freaky Friday theme, I would like to talk about the limit or limitless ways that a person is willing to please a partner. With the emergence of a new sexual revolution fueled by music viedos and other films and television shows, people are becoming more open-minded when it comes to sex […]

Why are so many professional black women single?

The divorce rate in America has gone up in the last decade like the space shuttle shooting into space, but one group in particular has been affected by this problem more than any other, the African-American community. Personally, I have met so many successful black women that are single that if polygamy wasn’t illegal, I […]

Do women encourage deadbeat behavior?

It is my belief that a man can only get away with so much because women allow that to happen. If you have a child with a man, it is only fair that you make him contribute emotionally, spiritually and financially to that child’s life. Whether you get the court involved and you decide to […]