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Racism and it’s new form!

If you’re mentally challenged enough to believe this country has done away with racism, you might want to start filing for disability from the government, because you may just be qualified for disability compensation, and you may have short changed yourself of compensation for years now. With the Dallas owner, Jerry Jones, the Miami Dolphins […]

The audacity of white privilege.

The audacity of white privilege! No one should be surprised that a white man was able to do what Paddock did in Vegas. If any of you have ever been to Vegas, you’d know they have enough cameras around Vegas to pinpoint if you pull a wedgie outta your ass. If any black man were […]

The Bottom Feeders Want To Take Over!

The Bottom feeders want to take over. Here’s a noble idea: Since white people like to control everything that black people do, but especially our experience and emotions as a marginalized group that is affected daily by their racist social, financial and educational system, these black athletes should make every effort to save their money […]

White people took over. It’s a wrap!

Game over! It’s a wrap! It’s in white people’s nature to be controlling, and try to take charge of shit that doesn’t even pertain to them. We can start by highlighting the fact that they are very intrusive, when it comes to meddling in other countries’ affairs. They want to force democracy down the throats […]

When the coons come rushing in!

It’s very difficult for black people to stand up and justify their fights for social justice to white people, when so many coons like Jason Whitlock, Barkley, Ray Lewis, James Harrison, Rodney Harrison, and many others who allow themselves to be used by white people as an affront that racism doesn’t exist. We could have […]

Let’s start effecting change through our economic power!

Let’s start effecting change through our economic power! Black women are very influential economically, so I’m gonna need y’all to start using that economic power to effect change in society. Unfortunately, it is your black sons and daughters that are in danger of being lynched by the police, the prison system, the justice system and […]

When the chickens come home to roost!

When the Chickens come home to roost! When it comes to white intent, black people are very stubborn. It doesn’t matter how many examples of destruction, humiliation, annihilation and contempt coming from white people against the black community, black folks continue to give white people the benefit of the doubt, which is our biggest downfall. […]

Religion is the downfall of black people.

One of the most important exercises conducive to growth and development, is the exercise of the mind. Most people tend to neglect their minds, while putting more effort into everything else. Too many black folks wake up every morning with the mindset that the things presented to them are good enough and acceptable for them. […]

Black folks and financial illiteracy.

Yesterday, I was at the T Mobile store trying to exchange my malfunctioned phone when I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation some of the employees and people in the store were having. First of all, they all either had a Samsung 8 or an IPhone7 that they were discussing like it was some kind of […]

The Evolution of the Black Mind.

The evolution of the black mind. In terms of progress and evolution, black people in America have surpassed the expectations that white people had set for them long ago. Many of us have managed to do things white people thought were impossible. Many innovations by black inventors have been stolen. Many patents have been denied […]