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When is it ever okay to be black anything?

Most black people talk about being white famous, white rich, white this and white that, because black famous, black rich and black anything is not good enough. There’s even a show called “White famous” on television now. Chris Rock talked about the difference between being black rich and white rich. That’s the problem, though, all […]

Understanding the black immigrant

I wrote a post yesterday out of anger about Trump, but in retrospect, it should’ve been about those buffoons in the Haitian government. I’m still saying, “Fuck Trump,” but I must also attack the catalysts for his venom. Most Americans have no idea what it’s like for a person to leave their homeland in search […]

When will we stand up?

It’s no longer a myth. It’s a fact that black people are cowards! When I look at the conditions of black people around the world, I wonder if white people would allow their leaders to force them to live like animals, as these black people have. In the United States, the ghettos have not changed […]

The complexities of love.

I haven’t written anything of substance that would require you to go beneath the surface of your brain to figure out certain things in your life. Sometimes I get in a zone where my psychoanalytical skills come into play, and something wonderful comes out. I was just thinking about humanity’s necessity for love and how […]

When the impalas of the jungle are preyed upon!

Black people seem to be the impalas of the of the jungle of the world. In the jungle, the impala is the most defenseless animal of them all. All the predators prey on the impalas, because they understand that the impalas will never stand strong as a unit to defend themselves against the predators. Whether […]

When are we going to be fed up with the bullshit?

Black folks need to end their selfish ways, or the black race will continue this cycle of poverty and suffering to no end. Too many of us don’t even give enough fucks to think about our own struggles before we decide to bring a child into this world. It’s bad enough that every black child […]

The reality of black folks around the world.

This is how the game works, in case you haven’t been paying attention: Saddam was a US, France and British ally chosen to run Iraq, until he ran amok of their guidelines of exploitation of his people and country, and it was time for him to go. That’s right, the US helped put him in […]

It’s about time we create our own narrative.

The hilarity of people never cease to amaze me. So the world holds these beauty contests every year, where a woman plays the role of a representative for her country to be displayed on television for all to see. In other words, a bunch of women eager to be objectified are displayed on television for […]

Whiting away our pains and dysfunctions!

There’s so much wrong with the black family, most people think they can right the wrongs by marrying white, as if white people didn’t create the dysfunctions for black people, and as if white people don’t have dysfunctions themselves. White people’s divorce rate would be just as high as black people’s, if they were forced […]