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The great awakening will happen!

It’s no secret that many of us grew up in a household with single moms, Jesus, grandmothers who raised us, blended families, or families where an evil stepparent almost forced some of us to catch a case. Whether we see our situation as dysfunctional or normal, most people certainly weren’t too happy watching their single […]

The insignificance of black people and black lives

As the white imperialists battle for supreme power among them around the world, very little attention or acknowledgement is given to the existence of black people in Africa, the US, Brazil and the Caribbean. Africa is not even offered a seat at the table, because Africans decided long ago it wasn’t worth it to fight […]

White people are trying to pull a fast one on us again!

I noticed the Brits have taken a page out of America’s handbook. When America wanted to convince the world they are an inclusive society, they picked a mixed Negro out of nowhere, with less qualification to be president, and made him president. Having spent his lifetime around white people and a Harvard education, they pegged […]

White dominance and the role black people play in it.

Black people made the decision to allow white supremacy, white dominance, and white privilege to flourish around the world a long time ago. By Black people, I mean the African race.  However, black people today, continue to follow those same paths, by continuing to strengthen white supremacy daily. I will elaborate on this a little […]

Narcissism has become the norm in American society!

We live in a society that makes normal people with normal accomplishments feel like they’re nothing. Everybody wants to be front and center for attention for the most mind boggling nothingness they can display to the world. It all started with the Kardashians becoming famous for having done absolutely nothing in the world, and for […]

Ladies, be careful how you play the “sucker” game!

Recently I’ve been reading about the insane behaviors of many men in the black community here in America and abroad. A lot of women are being harmed because they think they can get away with abusing the kindness and goodness of certain men. Of course, there’s absolutely no reason why anybody should be murdered, especially […]

Delusions of expertise

It’s unfortunate that society created so many obvious double standards that white people refuse to acknowledge, and some black folks continuously deny. Lately, Kanye has been in the news for throwing his support behind Trump, and for not restricting his genius to music, while at the same time, offering opinions on subjects that he’s obviously […]

We need to start focusing on a solution for us!

The internet has become the place where everyone can now voice their displeasure, opinions, and their most painful issues on a daily and hourly basis. Lately, though, it’s been all about the injustice against black people. Everywhere I turn, I’m seeing black people posting cases of black men getting shot to death by white racist […]