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We need to wake up from our coma!

Black Panther became the most successful film ever made with a mostly black cast, because it’s the most nonthreatening black film against white supremacy ever made. Not once in Black Panther did they address the issues that black people face, because white people have put different racist systems in place to exploit them. If I’m […]

The falsification of white supremacy!

When will black people realize that white supremacy doesn’t give a fuck about our comparisons to their situations? The only thing that matters to white supremacy is racism and domination over other people at all cost. We’re forever comparing white situations to black situations to juxtapose how the justice system is unfair, and how white […]

At the end of the day, we always end up being their target!

So now Trump is advocating that teachers should carry guns in the classroom, huh? I guess they don’t want to turn the suburban schools into jungles, like they do the public schools in the inner city, by placing metal detectors and armed security at the schools. I worked at one of the “worse” so called […]

There are real black heroes in the world, you know?

One of the main reasons why Black people are in Love with Black Panther and the fictitious kingdom of Wakanda, is because most of us live on hope. We are not where we’re supposed to be, and we have not convinced ourselves that we have fought hard enough and stood up to white supremacy to […]

Black Panther and the propaganda continues…

First of all, Black Panther was needed as a film for the black community, because it shattered all the myths that the national and international communities are not ready to support an all-black cast film. Now, maybe they can seriously think about considering Idris Elba as the next James Bond? He’ll definitely be the coolest. […]

Be aware of their master plan.

I’m gonna make this as matter of fact, and as truthfully I possibly can. White people have made the world their oyster for the most part. They can backpack anywhere in the world; live a decent life anywhere in the world; create chaos anywhere in the world; establish peace anywhere in the world; steal properties, […]

Let’s do a better job interacting with one another.

Black folks, I’m gonna need y’all to do a better job greeting one another when you see each other on the street, at work, or anywhere that you come into close proximity with your brothers and sisters. Some of y’all are quick to greet white strangers or your white co-workers at work, but when you […]

It’s time to reconstruct our image!

I’m writing this to specifically address black people. This is my calling to you to help facilitate something that is very important to the treatment of black people worldwide, and that is our image. I really don’t care where you’re from, or your background, but as long as you are a black person, this pertains […]

They’re never gonna change!

I didn’t write this for debate. Fuck your love for white people! I was watching a segment of the news last night that did an investigation on whether or not millennials are less racist than their parents. The verdict….millennials are no less racist than the racists in the 50’s and 60’s. The only difference is, […]

We need to start embracing Africa.

The biggest problem among black people, is the fact they have all accepted the Caribbean islands, the United States, Brazil, and other drop-off locations around the world that white people enslaved them, over the entire African continent. We are weakened every time we detach ourselves from the African continent. All white people claim Europe as […]