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Hate is killing us!

It’s difficult to function in dysfunction. So many of us have grown up and gotten accustomed to dysfunction, we have no idea what functional means anymore. “To Err is human,” but too many of us have lived through the errors and failures of our parents and grandparents. Black folks hate to hear the word “failure,” […]

A superficial world!

The truth of the matter is that we are living in a superficial world, and people in general aspire to meet the superficial standards set by those who push that belief. First of all, attractive people tend to have a higher success rate at a better life just because they are attractive. It really starts […]

It takes all of us to break the cycle!

It takes all of us to break the cycle I’ve addressed this topic many times in the past, but this on-going phenomenon seems to be a problem that a lot of people can’t seem to resolve because of selfishness. If you were pissed as a little boy because your father was nowhere to be found […]

Why are black folks always forced to run?

Why are black folks always forced to run? On the surface, it’s easy to blame black leaders around the world for the poor economies in their communities and country, which makes it impossible for their people to survive independently. However, when we take a look at the grand scheme of things, we will learn that […]

Who’s destroying the black community?

Who’s destroying the Black community? White people have had control over the most influential weapon against our youth for the last 25+ years or so in Hip Hop. The most damaging influence of Black culture has been Hip Hop, and to a certain degree, R & B music as well. If you take a closer […]

Black people and financial freedom

Black people and financial freedom. For the most part, the black population have a huge problem when it comes to debt. We often complain about bills, but most of us do very little to combat the problem of piling on more debt. Back in the day, few black families cared about brand name. It was […]

Financing our own exploitation!

Financing our own exploitation! Black people’s demands for equality from white people is a waste of our breath and time in this new generation. We have too many ignorant black people around us for white people to even consider treating us equally, despite the effort of those who are intelligent enough to put forth the […]

Rape culture in America.

Rape culture in America. Sexual misconduct, rape, misogynistic behavior toward women, are all part of the makeup of most white men in America, and society often turn a blind eye or reward them for that behavior. Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen and many other men in position of power, have felt untouchable for years, because their […]

Plain old stupidity!

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this latest trend of stupidity by black drug dealers on social media. The zeal to show off to the world their ill-gotten riches, or lack thereof, seems to take precedence over their own freedom. We have this idiot from Milwaukee posting his drug deals online for […]