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So you wanna get married, huh?

Since I’m a divorced father of a beautiful princess, I can only hope that one day I get the chance to walk her down the aisle, if that’s what she wants to do. However, before she even thinks about walking down the aisle, I have to get her prepared for that phase in her life. Most little […]

Why Men Cheat With Less Desirable Women

Today’s Freaky Friday and I would like to talk about some of the undercover freaks like Arnold Crush-a-maida and a few other men who have cheated on their wives with women that aren’t even worth the trouble. I’m finding most of the time when men cheat, they cheat with women that are either working for them or […]

Is beauty all you need to take it there?

As a man, I know how important aesthetics can be when most of us look at a woman. Beauty is usually the first thing that draw us to a woman. However, beauty doesn’t necessarily have to be a beautiful face. For some men, the body is more important than the face, but nonetheless, a beautiful body is […]

The Dominican Republic’s dirty secret

Since today is Flag day in Haiti, I decided to write this in our honor. Unlike most people who travel to the caribbean for vacation, I try to look into the fiber of the society which I’m visiting. As with any vacation, I was excited about my trip to Santo Domingo for the very first time. […]

When sex is the deciding factor…

Yay! Freaky Friday is here again! So you’re in a relationship and things are not going as well as you would like. Your mate is a little abusive, insensitive sometimes and can also be inconsiderate of your feelings. You get frustrated, and even on the verge of walking away to start anew when you feel that […]

The sex is good, but…

I can’t believe Freaky Friday is upon us so soon once again. While most of us enjoy sex with our partners, and sometimes strangers that we don’t really know, but are we really careful are we when it comes to taking inventory of our partner’s body? When was the last time you took your time […]

It’s about time Trump keeps his mouth shut!

Trump has been a media whore for the last few months, trying to build momentum for a political career that may not go anywhere. His racial undertone in undermining president Obama has been just as sick as those racist “birthers” that he has aligned himself with. First of all, Trump is not politically or globally […]

Can your dirty mind help your sex life?

TGIFF (Thank Goodness It’s Freaky Friday) again! The days of being a sexual conservative are not all gone, but those conservatives seem to have the dirtiest minds. Most men enjoy a woman who’s able to keep her freakiness inconspicuous to the public, but obviously-freaky looking women are not lacking any action either. They say those […]

The emasculation of the black man

While living life as a black man in America can be a daily struggle and difficult enough as it is, too many of us are displaying behaviors detriment to our treatment here by other people. It appears as if every other race seems to have a vendetta against black men because of society’s bad perception of us. It […]